Anti-Pakistan SMS Campaign by Indian Cellular Firms

At a time when revolution in telecom is bringing the world together by providing instant communication access over long distances, Indian cellular companies are discouraging its subscribers from making calls to Pakistan.

Reportedly, since Jan 21, 2010 an SMS is being received on the Mobile Phones to exercise extra care while calling anyone in Pakistan.

Whenever a call is made to Pakistan, the caller receives an SMS;

“You just made a call to ISD Code 0092 (Pakistan’s international dialing code). We urge you to exercise caution while calling unknown number and sharing personal details as it can be misused”.

Launching of anti Pakistan campaign based on SMS technology is the latest ploy employed by the Indian spin-doctors to vitiate the public mindset.

With a massive anti-Pakistan propaganda campaign on print and electronic media in full swing, harnessing the sweep of cell phone technology will only serve to further pollute the Indian masses’ mind.


  • Next Indians will see a pop-up while browsing

    “You just visited a site with .pk domain suffix… Be cautious to post any comment … Bla.. Bla….”

    What will they do if some Pakistani site has .com extension and hosted in US?

    Indian Think Tanks should be worried about such situations and they should request US to bar Pakistanis using .com domains as India faces difficulty in identifying Pakistani sites

    Stupidity has no limits

    • thanx for the suggestions … but u ppl can think with in ur limits … thats y u are talking lik this …

  • Don’t be disapointed. Always expect things like these from them. They’ll never ever learn. The were , are and will be cheap

  • there is no doubt that indians are cheap………
    but they cant stop us from making revolutions in the field of IT and telecom………..

  • frns…. dats untrue and carries no weightage. I m from jammu not very far away from the border and own three diffrent connexn of various providers. Its a false propogenda as no one is really intrested in Pak.

  • do you know there our Telecom Industry is plagued with Frauds commited an a daily basis..
    how many of us have recieved sms and calls claiming “Rewards and Lucky prizes” wins :)

    now that pakistani consumers are finally aware of these tactics, these local frauds have become international… with new low idd rates, India with 10 times more population understanding URDU, is the next victim of Our International fraudiay…

    so guys, hold your horses, i hate many things done by Indian Media.. but this is a valid case of caution.. we have frauds from high ranking officail to cheap doodh wala..


  • Indians are already enjoying Mobile Phone Scams on regular basis for the last many years so I disagree with “Corporate Wars”

    As Govt of India is increasing defence budget up to 34 % so they have to beat the drum against Pakistan to fool their masses

    I just Googled and some links are:

    “Make money by Reading SMS fraud in India Rs. 250 Million Lost in SMS Fraud (Sharon Khare Dec 15, 2006)

    Nigerian SMS Scam in Mumbai, Lose 5 Lakh Rupees (by Sree Pillai on June 24th, 2009)


    Fraudulent activities are plague for every society and not a regional phenomenon.

    “New study finds 1 in 10 Americans are victims of credit card fraud”

  • I don’t find any thing anti Pakistan here.
    The irony is that we always blame others for being against us, while the truth is that our own people (govt + many law enforcement authorities) are treating our nation worst than any one could do.

    May Allah bless our country and keep it safe from internal & external propaganda.

    • Sir you are innocent citizen but also should consider about the deceptive tactics that create Delusional disorder

      Electronic Media and now Digital Revolution is empowering Governments to more brutally pollute the thinking of masses and tame them. Think about the last 10 years and you will see how this power is being misused world over especially in west and US.

      India is creating Hype against Pakistan to justify the increase of 34% defence budget. So they are creating atmosphere to justify this increase.

  • One Word for those specific Indians who are doing all this messy stuff and that is PATHETIC.
    They are getting CHEAPER and CHEAPER day by day.

  • I have no comments but i must say that why indians do like this we took a better stand for that….

  • India can’t win open war against Pakistan, so it is now playing proxy wars on different frong against Pakistan.

  • Well, I am an Indian and I make calls to Pakistan on a weekly basis. I have never received any such message. And even if its done I find it preposterous! Telecom companies should be fined for spreading such hysterical texts.

  • This is not true at all. People should be smart enough to differentiate what true and whats fake. This is a very false propaganda by somebody who wants to create more divide between us.

  • i m an indian n i hav a pakistani gf. i call her many times bt i havnt recieved any such msg till date. n also the indian government doesnt want the calls 2 pakistan 2 b cheaper same way the pakistani goverment is acting i dnt knw y?calls 2 usa are of re.1 n 2 pak r of more then re.9?????!!!!!!!!!!!

    • thats only thing we should thing atlast we all are from same subcontinent race……we are same……

      • Ya i am agreeing with George … as previously pakistan was the part of India thats why Indians should have to garce mercy to paki’s.

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