Azm-e-Alishan: Building towards a Better Pakistan

Azm-e-Alishan is a national awareness drive initiated by concerned Pakistanis to enlighten and inspire the people for a better and progressive Pakistan. It is to celebrate 70 years of the Lahore resolution and to re-create the spirit of nationhood for a positive future. As Pakistanis we need to come together once more, to dig deep and find that passion and determination that our elders found.

Azm-e-Alishan is an attempt to create hope and positivity among our fellow Pakistanis and an effort to reclaim our national identity. Azm-e -Alishan is indeed a chance for all Pakistanis to come together and make an azm for Pakistan’s future together.

There is this website dedicated for the Azm-e-Alishan, where you too can be a part of this journey; the journey towards a brighter tomorrow.

Register now, claim your own pixel and declare yourself a Nishan-e-Azm. Every pixel represents one more Pakistani determined to bring Pakistan back to its rightful glory.

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  • It seems a very good initiative but i felt very bad when i saw the flyers being distributed by the Azm-e-Alishan team thrown away by a lot of people… It seems that we are taking things for granted and are very individualists rather than nationalist…. For us Ourselves come first before out Nation and that is the reason for our downfall as a nation, we can’t see anyone grow and would be the first to stab them on the back. I wish for our Nationalist instinct to wake up to make this country a better place. Its us who can take the initiative, its the youth who can revolutionize the country.

    Youth of Pakistan, wake up… Wake up for the betterment of Pakistan….

    Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Paindabad

    • yes Nationalistic instincts must burn within, nothing comes before the country, WAKE UP YOUTH, if any one can turn the tide for the better, its our energetic youth, come forward and do your bit and be counted…..God bless pakistan and pakistanis, Pakistan Zindabad

  • A pray frm the core of my heart: May ALLAH give us thought to be combine as a nation & strength to compete with all traitors,who pose to be patriot.
    Pakistan Zinda bad

  • i love Pakistan and proud to b Pakistani… we r the youngsters we r the future of Pakistan… leave western live Eastern…

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    we request all Pakistanis to help us in Promotion and plantations of Jatropha plants throughout the country to make Pakistan Self reliant and self sufficient.



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