Cross-Border Telecom Signals Issue Soon to be Resolved

India is planning to seek meeting with Pakistan to resolve issue of cross-border telecom signals which are affecting the quality of cellular operators of both countries in Punjab border areas.

Indian cellular operators have complained that signals of Pakistani telecom providers are crossing into Indian territory in Punjab, leading to interference with Indian services. Pakistani mobile phone companies have also complained that interference in frequency bandwidth from Indian cellular operators affecting the quality of their services in border areas.

The Indian Department of Telecom and Ministry of External Affairs are holding consultations on this issue.

Media reports quoting official sources here said India has planned to seek a meeting between the Departments of Telecom of the two countries in June but nothing has been finalised as the process of consultations are still going on.

The reports said the interference is caused because service providers of both the countries are using the same frequency. While the Indian service providers have been allocated 824-844 MHz/869-889 MHz band, some Pakistani operators work on 890-915Mhz/935-960Mhz band. So between 889Mhz and 890 Mhz there are some interference, media reports quoting sources said.