Master Ayub, Teaching Poor Children for the Last 25 Years for Free

At individual level, we often think that a single person can’t do any good for society, particularly at large scale level – that too with no external moral and physical support, inspiration and funding. However, there are people in this world who achieve the glory that hundreds of others can’t reach together.

Master Ayub, one of those extraordinary examples, has been teaching un-privileged and poor children of Islamabad, Pakistan for last 25 years without receiving a single penny.

Converting a Public Park in Islamabad into a Night School, he has been able to teach these would be illetrate kids. All alone, Mr. Ayub is managing this school that is set under the sky and registers over 150 students.

After their morning duties, these children gather in this park every evening to learn, to get education. Master Ayub is doing this just for sheer happiness and for the peace of his mind that he’s at least giving something back to his community unless like some of us who just like to watch it happening.

Master Ayub has his own levels for grades. Syllabus of this school may not equalize the outer world’s standards, but graduates of his school can easily read, write, do complex calculations, even they can speak foreign languages (such as English).

Students are taught special courses, for instance Mathematics, Social Sciences to meet professional requirements and real life implications of studies.

Question arises, how much of money is being spent by UNESCO for education, let alone the individual governments around the globe. If they follow this example, no doubt each kid of this world will be able to read and write in a decade or so.

Via Uber Findings