Capitalizing the Interactive Media – Telenor Easy Paisa

Connectivity is the language of time. From workplaces to home dealings, one wants to enjoy absolute connectivity. But the connectivity we want to talk about is in terms of access and in terms of staying connected with the telecom operators of your choice!

How delightful it is to ask your service provider about which celebrity they are planning to sign in future, telling them that their service needs a service, asking about their whereabouts, recruitment and just about everything! That’s what these social networking websites have done to the traditional concepts of sales and marketing.

Telenor’s easypaisa is one service which has come to the ground level and helped change its customers’ life by providing him ease and freedom in life. The brand manifested itself through a common man in several of its ads which have been actively promoted on mediums such as Facebook and Youtube.

For easypaisa platforms on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and online competitions are sources of domestic and global connectivity. A further manifestation of easypaisa’s commitment to this revolutionary medium is its tradition of regular Events like ‘Bloggers Meet-up’ which have become a regular tradition in many cities of the country and Telenor stands as one of the biggest organizers of such events.

This all helps in giving users opportunities to stay bonded to a podium from where they can shout as loud as they want!

The usage and utilization of such podiums is yet to reach its pinnacle. Masses will get educated with time, and then only will we be able to feel what power these social networking websites hold in them.

So if you want to get interactive with easypaisa you can join them on the following social networks.

  • Nice to see these companies and Pakistani celebrities joining social networks to reach people specially youngsters where they are. good stuff by telenor.

  • Easy paisa will b great choice for me and others webmasters and in pakistan if they start international transiction service

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