Jazz Apna Hai, Par Model Indian Hai

In a recent campaign, Mobilink introduced new tagline ‘Jazz Apna Hai’ for its prepaid brand. Reportedly its TVC was shot in India, moreover it was directed, acted and produced by Indian crew.

It is not the first time that a Pakistani Telecom Company has used Indian production house for its media campaigns; but casting Indian models is considered somewhat a bold step by Mobilink.

We see the trend rising, as we witnessed Kareena on billboards and hoardings for Firdous Textile, Amitab Bachan for a Quiz Show and then Deepika Padukone in another advert for a textile firm – where would this end?

When we talk about business, signing an Indian model is entirely legal and clash less with any rules of the land, however, question arises if this practice by multinational companies is going to hurt the local industry? Answer is very straight forward and is YES.

When we spoke to an advertising expert, who requested anonymity, said that there is no doubt about talent in Pakistan, if we talk about technical facilities, we don’t lack there too.

He emphasized that Pakistan has world class producers who have produced high class music videos, even better than Indians, then why can’t we produce TVCs? He said that this ongoing trend of signing Indian models is going to hurt local industry at large, particularly in a scenario where Pakistani industry is already suffering.

He gave the example of Warid that recently signed film actress Saima for one of its campaign. He argued that Saima did better than of this Indian lady.

When asked about advantages of getting a TVC produced in India, he re-collected his words and said its only about professionalism that differentiates both the industries . A TVC is shot in minimum deadline in India, where processes are so smooth and sequel that it hardly takes 2/3 days for completion of a TVC.

He urged Pakistani companies should sign local talent and promote it, with good intent.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK