Mobi2Tweet Challenges Chopaal, Launches Group SMS

Mobi2Tweet, that offers free SMS notifications from your twitter and Facebook accounts added another feature today, which allow its registered users to create groups and send broadcast SMS to your friends who can join this group – all through SMS based commands.

Users’ created groups can be public or private, communication can be one way or two way broadcast, everything can be setup and configured through SMS.

All this looks so promising, however, customers’ reservations for quality of service (delivery time of SMSes) remains there.

For details and complete procedures, visit this link

  • Thanx Aaqil! We appreciate your timely udpates :)

    Abdullah, limitations of group members are as follows:

    2-way groups (public/ private): 50 members at max
    1-way broadcast groups: unlimited members
    Max. groups that can be created by a user: 30

    Do try out the service and check out the delivery timing … basically it depends on the number of members but for members within 10 in a group, you’ll get the message within a minute of it being posted on web.
    Extremely easy …fun to use! Give it a shot and we can guarantee, there’s no turning back :)

    Invite your friends to your groups, they’ll first be invited to join mobi2weet, if not already a member.
    Let us know if you come across any glitches, we’re here to help you out!
    For further queries, email us at [email protected]

  • How do I register? there is no signup form. I dont wanna give you my facebook or tweeter details. I just wanna use it for broatcast / group sms system (as a replacement for chopaal’s lousy service).

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