Mustafa Peracha in Talks to join wi-tribe

Mustafa Peracha is likely to take charge of witribe, as multiple sources from industry have confirmed us the on-going talks between witribe and Mr. Paracha.

Witribe is currently headed by Sami Heindi, acting CEO, who took over the position after Mohammad Sadiq competed his term and was sent back to Qtel.

Mustafa Peracha is currently Vice President at BCD Mobilink (earlier called BBU). He had replaced Naeem Zimadar who had resigned from the position due to differences with the management.

It is interesting to note all VPs who were assigned Broadband Unit (of Mobilink), happened to be the concluding destination before they left the company.

Our sources say that Tariq Rashid may head BBU, in case Parcha moves to witribe, while Tariq Rashid’s place may get refilled by Farid Ahmed, who is currently head of Business Analysis and Planning.

We have seen lots of VPs moving away from Mobilink after Zohair khaliq’s departure, except three pillars, which are expected to remain firm in the company (and are from old Paktel).

Mustafa Peracha will have to see some tough time at wi-tribe as well. Maybe company’s network is smoothly running, but there are other managerial issues that he may need to address once he is there.


Mustafa Peracha has resigned from Mobilink, and is likely to be announced as head of wi-tribe very soon.

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