Mustafa Peracha in Talks to join wi-tribe

Mustafa Peracha is likely to take charge of witribe, as multiple sources from industry have confirmed us the on-going talks between witribe and Mr. Paracha.

Witribe is currently headed by Sami Heindi, acting CEO, who took over the position after Mohammad Sadiq competed his term and was sent back to Qtel.

Mustafa Peracha is currently Vice President at BCD Mobilink (earlier called BBU). He had replaced Naeem Zimadar who had resigned from the position due to differences with the management.

It is interesting to note all VPs who were assigned Broadband Unit (of Mobilink), happened to be the concluding destination before they left the company.

Our sources say that Tariq Rashid may head BBU, in case Parcha moves to witribe, while Tariq Rashid’s place may get refilled by Farid Ahmed, who is currently head of Business Analysis and Planning.

We have seen lots of VPs moving away from Mobilink after Zohair khaliq’s departure, except three pillars, which are expected to remain firm in the company (and are from old Paktel).

Mustafa Peracha will have to see some tough time at wi-tribe as well. Maybe company’s network is smoothly running, but there are other managerial issues that he may need to address once he is there.


Mustafa Peracha has resigned from Mobilink, and is likely to be announced as head of wi-tribe very soon.

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  • Rashid Khan and his gang of 3 (bilal, tariq, irfan) will stay at Mobilink while other VPs are shown the door. New Mobilink’s management is just old Paktel management. Can’t expect any brilliant performance! Old wine in a new bottle :(
    Like you said, Witribe isn’t a great company either. Too much politics!

  • This is completely false report. The rumors are there in the market since long time about Mustafa Peracha’s joining Wi-tribe.

    Secondly Farid Ahmed Moving to Tariq Rasheed’s Position is the foolish thing i have ever heard. Farid is heading the most important department where he has a lot of authority and freedom. why would he go to Tariq Rasheed’s position.

  • I soo much hope this does not happen!! BCD might not be productive right now but IT IS on the right path. M.P has to make sure we reach the shore!
    Gradualy, external and internal challenges are being over come and this would just not be the right time for M.P to leave.

    Hoping to make this BCD wing and nightmare for the competition, for which M.P has to stay back!

  • acha hi hai BCD ko paktel wali lobby nay barbad karkay rakh diya hai, old soch kay malik hein sab aur dosri bari mistake bcd nay ki hai ldn ko lay kay jis nay sab kay futures ko dark path dikha di hai

  • This is correct information, i was in the panel who has selected Mr Peracha he is brilliant person. He will be heading Wirtibe in correct direction.

  • it is better for him to leave. Big politician, always try to divide and rule, not fare with any body.

  • Some time its rumor & some time its geniun,

    But i like to say Mr. Pracha move the BBU in good way, New market has been started, Old sales teams from lahore & Khi gone to other operators already. They are doing well. Till now I have seen a Stable Wimax from Mobilink at least in Karachi.

    I tried Wi-tribe in Isb but found low quality even then Edge or GPRS. So lets see how he make it well if he goes Wi-tribe. Politics is every where, even a firm who is just 7 employees.

    If you are Neutral you have to go or need to be a part of politics.

    Good Luck for all, Mobilink Wi-Tribe & Mr. Paracha too.

  • i think telecoms is struggling everywhere in the world due to insensible competition by all operators. All the operators are loosing huge revenue just because of illogical RA functions. Operators CEOs are needed to see the things and hire some competent Billing and Mediation gurus at top level who about the CDRs and all billing steps.

    Paktel remained at top while they have had good Billing professionals after loosing them Paktel went down. CEOs gave the priority to Admin, procurement HR, marketing etc but not give the attention to Operation and IT.

    All operators are informed that if they want to survive give the attention these two departments and hire good and old professional from Market.

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