Win a Laptop Daily: wi-tribe

wi-tribe Pakistan launched a customer reward campaign themed “Win big with wi-tribe”, enabling its customers to win one laptop daily for 30 days across Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

There are three ways customers are automatically eligible to enter the draw; connect, deposit or activate.

Potential wi-tribers can ‘connect’ to the wi-tribe. Existing customers can ‘deposit’ their outstanding bill or simply ‘activate’ their existing accounts by visiting the nearest wi-tribe outlet, through the Call Centre or by visiting the website (

By taking part in the campaign, the customers will be entitled to a lucky draw ticket, giving them an opportunity to win a laptop.

A raffle draw will be held daily at each of the wi-tribe regions. One lucky winner in each region will get the chance to take home a brand new state of the art Dell Netbook over the 30 day campaign period.

For further details on the campaign, interested customers can call UAN 111 187 423, or connect to or simply visit the nearest wi-tribe outlet.

  • This was expected…I know of many folks who have simply switched to better options. They are way too expensive especially when better options are available.

  • I just got my account refresh from Islamabad(near savor) office but they told me that Draw forms are finished. embarrassing :(

  • Wi-tribe is much expensive, as compared to all others internet service providers,

    Please forward request or either any concerning of Wi-tribe is reading please ask to your higher authorities for the checking of their rates, these are much higher rates for students for bonafide of the service.

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