PTCL Vfone Numbers, Operating Without Registrations

A number of Vphone connections are registered to no one or they are registered against fake ids, and PTA is supposed to be responsible for the situation, as said by “The Nation

Nation didn’t reveal any figures for number of un-registered VPtcl phone sets, however, quoting a survey’s finding, done by PTA for Wireless Local Loop operators, paper said that there are large numbers of Vptcl sets that are either not registered or they are registered against fake identities due to the non-availability of any registration criteria.

PTA was advised to provide a service like 789 to WLL sector for the registration of Vptcl sets, and must play its due role to curb this issue in its early stages.

The existing procedure for the registration of Vphones is that the franchises of those WLL service take Computerized National Identity Cards (CNIC) form customers and submit them with the PTCL’s One Stop Shop, but such practice was found annulled by the franchises during the survey.

Paper notes:

‘PTCL is the prime responsible for this and it shows the loophole in their system as they have no checks and balances over such practice which is increasing the insecurity among the users and other people of the country,’ sources maintained.

One interesting obstacle in the registration is the attitude of the people as they do not cooperate with the service providers and it is on record that some times customers slapped the staffers of the franchises on the demand of their CNIC for registration.

However, it is required that PTA should immediately devise a procedure to tackle with this issue on permanent basis and it would be better if PTA at least makes it mandatory to register the WLL services through its 789 service.

It has also been found that PTCL does not have call records as far as Vptcl data is concerned, and it is considered to be a serious loophole which PTCL needs to rectify as soon as possible.

  • My comment is that it is extremely wrong that this practice is going on but the problem is that PTA can’t take any action aginst PTCL because it is HELPLESS in this regard

  • missing registration documents + no call history records + Wireless… Seems an excellent choice for obnoxious calling and misusage.. :)

    Should be taken care of on urgent basis.

  • Aslam-o-alikum!

    Wireless loop par DSL kab tak available hoga?
    any have information about this.

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