Mobilink’s Model Uploaded an Upcoming TVC on Youtube by Mistake

On Mobilink’s request, The content of this post has been deleted.

We apologize from ProPakistani readers for this very rare instance – we assure you that we won’t leave any stone un-turned to bring you the latest happenings from Pakistan’s Telecom and IT industry. However, this particular story had caused very unpleasant results for some individuals; hence removed as a special case.

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  • hahaha this is what they go to india for?

    huge blunder, i am sure agency will be fired tomorrow, and maybe couple of marketing ppl too

  • mere khayal main mobilink ko sabak sekhana chaheya main tu ab mobilink kabhi use nahe karo ga

  • let be very clear with one thing, orascom telecom has the right to use their earned money in every way they like. & its not that they dont care about Pakistan, Mobilink is changing lives all over the country. Mobilink is builiding schools, providing school bags, computers and other facilities. Mobilink Torchbearers are humanity workers. They help the needy and the poor. Also mobilink will be celebrating earth day by cleaning some markets of faisalabad & lahore. Mobilink has organised such events on regular basis. Its easy to criticise but we should appreciate the efforts done by Mobilink to improve our country.

  • Mobilink totally deeserved it. We have a well developed modeling industry to cater for telecom ad needs. I was wondering if Airtel or Tata hired any Pakistani model lately? :)

  • @ Ali Amjad

    Very well said Dude. We should look at both the sites, & then only present our views.

  • Mobilink’s director bought 25k equipment (that had to be installed on every tower site some time ago) for 2.5 laks, there were 200 sites in total you do the math.
    Mobilink or SUNAO!

  • @ Leo situation was different till Feb. May be it changed in March..

    Net additions Mobilink Feb 2010: 236,991
    Net additions Telenor Feb 2010: 310,798

    Net port Mobilink Feb 2010: -48,491
    Net Port Telenor Feb 2010: 18,995

    Net port Mobilink Mar 2010: -75,128
    Net Port Telenor Mar 2010: 13,622

    • If this was the case, one would had completely removed the post, and wouldn’t had allowed this comment. But i do understand your annoyance and protest on situation, and it is being recorded.

  • Is this what we call, “Jazz-APna Hai” by hiring rival models.
    Look the tough time their nation is giving to our Malik by again having a case against him.
    And thanks Zee for that link, watched that vid.
    Thankfully I am not a Mobilinker!

  • Recently Pro Pakistani just revelaed the latest mistake my Mobilink Indian Model Kanchi Khol who mistakenly uploaded the Mobilink upcoming Products UnReleased TVC. After watching this it is only know that the product name is “Mobilink Waseela”.

    TVC was latter deleted as Kanchi Koul realized the blunder she had made. (But don’t worry one of my friend manage to get downloaded before its deleted).

    Apparently its a lesson for Mobilink for signing again an Indian Model and shifting all the production work to india for its TVC. The point of concern is that they have again used Indian artist in a Pakistani ad. The question still remains un-answered that why the money earned from Pakistani public is distributed amongst the Indian models?

    Pakistani ad agencies have won laurels across the world due to their creativity and novelty.Why mobilink showed utter distrust on Pakistani actors, actresses, and ad agencies is an open secret now. Talking of patriotism in an ad made by Indians is ironical to say the least. Mobilink must realize that Pakistanis especially urban ones are quite well informed and literate and they cannot digest these glaring contradictions so easily.Being a Pakistani I would like to see actors and actresses from my own country projecting a product/service.We must realize that we do not lag behind Indians in this field either.

    And this is what indian’s did with Mobilink …

  • Mobilink should be ashamed of themselves. They are promoting themselves as a patriotic comapny and hiring models and shooting their ads in India.

    I will make sure none of family and friends use Mobilink from now on. If they are earning from us, they should give it back to the pakistani nation and not to Indians.

    Acha hai Indian model nay inn kay saath yeh kiya. Marketing team should get fired..

  • India blocked our water. India occupied our Kashmir. India leaves no stone unturned to weaken Pakistan.
    Despite all, Mobilink supports and strengthens India by producing its TV commercials in India. I’m not objecting shoot in another country as it’s a common practice to achieve professional excellence. The reason behind my concern is ‘India’. It’s the same India who, just a few weeks ago, disgraced our cricket heroes by hitting them below the belts in IPL episode.
    Any way, nature doesn’t leave any one scot free. Mobilink has learned a bitter lesson for loving India. Mobilink’s Indian model Kanchi Koul uploaded Mobilink upcoming TVC on Youtube before its formal launch by Mobilink. The TVC was about Mobilink Waseela. Though the TVC was latter deleted as Kanchi Koul realized the blunder she had made yet it was one of the greatest blunders in the history of Mobilink.

  • Mobilink should stop giving business to India.
    Because the revenue goes to Indian economy to build dams to block our water, to boost the production of nukes to be used against Pakistan.
    The authorities in power must investigate the matter and tell to the nation that why this multinational bluffs to be patriotic using various tricks while strengthening the economy of India.
    The nation must also realize the intensity of the matter and protest against the conspiracy of Mobilink.

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