IST Students Successfully Tested Pakistan’s 1st Circular Planform Airplane

Students at Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics of Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad, successfully tested Pakistan’s first circular Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV.

This unique in design, circular UAV is actually world’s only second UAV that was successfully tested; first one was tested by Japanese students but was different in design and mechanics.

Fully prepared and mastered by students of IST, though they sought help at some levels from their teachers, made this flying object in 4 weeks, and was successfully tested on April 13th, 2010.

An IST professor while speaking with ProPakistani termed this test a significant achievement – as this is in-house design, circular in making, and unique in achievement.

He said that this particular circular UAV is fuel efficient as it consumes less fuel by taking advantage of its circular wings and propeller at the front.

As communicated to us, due to its fuel efficient behavior, this design can be commercially used for UAVs; however, scaling it up for passenger and cargo lifting won’t be a possible for now.

Watch following video of successful test of this circular place

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  • I dont want to disappoint and I really dont know… what so significant abt this..

    There are 10s of different model flying clubs in Pakistan who have been doing things like this for ages….

    • Circular planform give lots of structural advantages as it is a low aspect ration wing. Plus it is providing vortex lift on it. didn’t you see how short was its take off distance.

  • Dear Students,

    V.V. Good. We proud you. Please keep it up. Do more for your nation.

    Regards. M Sohail

  • I agree with ProPakistani. Is this a bigger deal, as other people already trying flying models?

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