TeleCON-2010 Concludes in Lahore

Telecom specialists and distinguished speakers at the 3rd Global TeleCON-2010 presented some truly worthy ideas for deployment of Next-Generation technologies in the Telecom sector of Pakistan to enable swift economic growth and consumer satisfaction.

The Theme of the conference was “Taking Pakistan to the Next Level of Technology Frontiers”.

Dr. Muhammad Yaseen, Chairman, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) delivered the Keynote address, expressing his views for a paradigm shift in service excellence and technology options. The highlight of the conference was a high-level panel discussion on “Technology Choices and Infrastructure Challenges”.

In an exhilarating discussion on ‘3G or 4G – In which direction do we take Pakistan’ in which some of Pakistan’s leading services providers and manufacturers participated, the common consensus was that, despite the advantages and disadvantages of newer technologies, it was the market forces that would determine pricing and deployment of emerging technologies.

In his keynote address, Dr. Mohammad Yaseen highlighted the stimulus in the Telecom Policy, from which the proactive telecom operators could derive the viability of introducing new technologies. Emerging technologies feature the next-level of Voice and Data communications that enable revolutionary advancements.

Dr. Yaseen provided insight on the expected challenges during such a broad-based transformation and invited the specialists to devise solutions for streamlining the current infra-structure with the advancements in global telecom. On behalf of PTA, he assured the telecom sector about timely responses on all necessary revisions in the regulatory framework.

Earlier, the President & CEO, SHAMROCK Communications (Private) Limited, Mr. Menin Rodrigues, the Chairman of TeleCON-2010, shared his opening remarks and welcomed the participants from all over Pakistan. He thanked the delegates from all leading telecom companies, for enriching TeleCON as a widely recognized annual forum for the progress of telecommunications in Pakistan. He also spoke about his high expectations from the capable telecom experts, to speedup economic growth through innovative telecom facilities.

The conference featured numerous prominent personalities as chairpersons including Mr. Naguibullah Malik, Secretary IT & Telecom, Ministry of IT & Telecom, GOP, Dr. Mansoor Sarwar, Dr. Naveed A. Malik, Rector of Virtual University Pakistan.

The speakers in the first session “Investments in Telecom Sector and Today’s Business Models included; Mr. Humayun Khan Sikandari, Executive Director General of Board of Investments, who spoke on the subject “Opportunities for Investments”. Dr. Khawar Siddique Khokhar-Member Technical at PTA, presented his paper on “Technology Decisions for Better Business Models”. Professor Dr. Arshad Ali, Director General of NUST, gave an overview of the topic “Taking the Next step forward for Telecom”. At the end of the first session, Mr. Faisal Khaliq-Chief Information Officer at UFONE, talked about “Investing in today’s Business Environment”.

The second session covered the subject of “Corporate Social Responsibility and Good Governance Practices” which began with Ms. Asma Ezdi, CSR Specialist at Mobilink, presenting her paper on “Mobilink Foundation – Reaching out to the Poor”. Ms. Faiza Nasir-Manager Marketing at Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance was the next speaker who gave an overview on “Making people the Real stakeholders”. The second session concluded with a paper on “Corporate Governance in Public Entities” presented by Mr. Sohail N. Minhas, Chief Marketing Officer of Computer Research Ltd.

During the third session a highly informative panel discussion was held with focus on “Technology choices and Infrastructure challenges”. Numerous technical specialists from leading telecom enterprises presented novel ideas for swift deployment of 3G or 4G technologies in Pakistan. This panel of experts comprised of Mr. Raheel Shakeel, Manager Business Development of Alcatel Lucent Pakistan; Mr. Saad M. Waraich, Country Director of Nokia-Siemens-Networks Pakistan and Afghanistan; Mr. Mohsin Tavakol, President of Ericsson Pakistan; Dr. Tanveer-ul-Haq, Chief Technical Officer at WiTribe; Mr. Xu Haiyong, Chief Technical Officer of Zong China Mobile and Mr. Mohammad Saqib, Head of BSS Strategy at Warid Telecom.

Over the years, TeleCON has become a highly recognized and successful forum of the Telecommunications sector in Pakistan, which is held annually, with enthusiastic participation from regulatory bodies, proactive industry professionals, the academia and stakeholders of relevant commercial sectors. This forum has played a vital role in bringing the industry together and enabling progressive deliberations.

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