Easypaisa Gets Competition: UBL Omni

UBL comes with up with a different from conventional banking service, similar in nature to “Telenor EasyPaisa” but all mobile networks are supported with UBL Omni service.

UBL Omni is branchless banking service by UBL, which means user does not have to go to UBL bank branch to avail banking services.

It does not mean that UBL Omni comes with limited service, all regular banking services are available for UBL Omni account holders like money withdraw, deposit, transfer, mobile cards and bill payments, electricity gas telephone bill payments, Web-portal access, SMS services, Wap services, UBL branch support, Visa card, ATM etc.

All above services of UBL Omni account holders are available, and everyone with CNIC, Mobile Phone (Number) can become UBL Omni account holder with Rs. 500 of cash deposit.

UBL Omni account holders can visit UBL Dukaan to avail their services.

What is UBL Dukaan

UBL Dukaans are just like easypaisa outlets, and they offer following services:

  • Account Opening
  • Cash Deposit
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Utility Bill Payments*: Customers can visit UBL OMNI Dukaans to pay their utility bills.
  • Prepaid mobile Airtime purchase
  • Postpaid mobile bill payment
  • Domestic Remittance

*Bills of the following utility companies can be paid at OMNI Dukaans:


(Remaining companies will be added shortly.)

Where you can find a UBL Dukaan?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a list of UBL Dukaans, neither we have any figure about number of total UBL Dukaans in the country. With branch-less banking, number of outlets/UBL Dukaans is going to be crucial – in terms of easy access for customers.

How to Open UBL Omni Account?

To get a UBL Omni account, visit any UBL Dukaan with your Mobile, CNIC and deposit money – that’s it.

You will receive confirmation SMS in real time with details of your account – along with you will be given a copy of recipient.

Within one business day your account will be activated and upon account account activation you will receive another confirmation SMS from number 8257. Than you can start using your UBL Omni account.

Start using your UBL Omni account with UBL Wap, Web or SMS banking.

  • UBL Web portal https://www.ubl.com.pk/ebank
  • For SMS banking details visit https://www.ubl.com.pk/omni/ServicesSMS.aspx

Note: You must maintain minimum of Rs. 500 balance in your account, and 25Rs are monthly charges + services usage charges.

Omni customers can also get Omni Visa card with following additional charges

Like Telenor’s easypaisa servcie, non UBL Omni account holders can also send, receive money by visiting UBL Omni Dukaan

Money sending and receiving process for UBL Omni account holders is as following;

Sending Process

1. Visit any UBL Omni Dukaan with original and a copy of your CNIC to initiate the money transfer.

2. Provide the following details to the UBL Omni Dukaandar which is required for sending money:

a. Your CNIC number
b. Your mobile number
c. Your name
d. City where you are sending money
e. Receiver CNIC number
f. Amount

3. You can also provide the following but these are not necessary requirement for sending money:

a. Receiver name
b. Receiver mobile number

4. UBL Omni Dukaandar will enter the details on his mobile and ask you to submit a copy of your CNIC which he will         keep for submission to UBL

5. On successful transaction you will receive an SMS on the mobile number you provided which will contain a 16 digit       reference number for this transaction. It is VERY important that you provide your own mobile number as:

a. This reference number will be required by the beneficiary to collect the funds
b. This reference number will only be sent on the mobile number

6. UBL Omni Dukandaar will also handover a printed transaction receipt containing all the transaction details. Please       keep this slip safe until the beneficiary has successfully collected the funds.

7. Communicate the 16 digit reference number you received on your mobile to the beneficiary.

Receiving Process

1. Beneficiary can visit any UBL Omni Dukaan to collect funds by presenting the following:

a. Own CNIC number
b. 16 digit reference number
c. Copy of own CNIC

2. UBL Omni Dukaandar will verify the availability of original CNIC with the beneficiary and initiate the transaction.

3. On successful execution of the transaction, a confirmation SMS is sent to initiator and beneficiary mobile number       (if provide initially)

4. UBL Omni Dukaandar will hand over the transaction slip and cash to the beneficiary

Sending/Receiving Charges

  • Utility Bill Payment: Free
  • Mobile Voucher Purchase: Free
  • Mobile postpaid Bill Payment: Free
  • Omni money Transfer: 3.35% of the transaction amount (Min. transfer amount Rs. 500)
  • Cash Withdrawal: 1.5% of the withdrawal amount

Fore more details of charges: https://www.ubl.com.pk/omni/charges.aspx

Easypaisa Vs UBL Omni: Before we compare both the service (in next post), we would like to hear from our readers, what  they have to say about both the services, even if they are comparable or not?

  • Isn’t it a rebranding of UBL’s existing service Orion? With the addition of more outlets (Dukans) while Orion was limited to UBL’s own branches.

  • I think it is better then Telenor Service because its Service Charge is less than Telenor’s Easy Paisa, and also common man’s thinking is “Banks Transactions are Trustable”

  • I think it is a good service, but as we know that many of the people cheated in Nadra Kiosks, people are not comfortable to use easy paisa as well now, and many of the easy paisa outlets were not providing the said services, so whats the guarantee that the shop keeper will all the time provide the said services of UBL, as they always select the shops which are basically general stores and mostly the general store shop keeper is very busy dealing his regular customers. what then?

    • solutions r always there for if shop keeper is busy he can take the money n bill from customer n when get time he will paid it frm his Omni system.

  • Salam
    Its very good idea and it will definitely speedup the process and save the valuable time. i have just one query. if anybody have already UBL account, either he has to open new account for UBL omni or he can make transaction on existing bank account.

      • the services r offered on Omni account if u want to avail these services open ur own Omni account or visit your nearst UBL Omni dukaan.

  • I think we should look at the positives. Pakistan is stepping into the next phase of technology. It requires support from all of us. Be it Telenor, UBL or anyother bank/telco. It is important that we bring out the positives and highlights the errors in a helping, rather than resenting way.


  • I would like to confirm that whether a user can use real time branch less banking services through its mobile phone or not?
    1. Can a user pay its utility bill just by typing an sms with required credentials (like phone no. for which the bill is to be paid and amount etc)?

    2. Can a user transfer an amount to other Omni user just by sending an sms with required credentials (recipient’s account no. with desired amount)?

    Kindly reply…

    • Yes you can pay bills and can send money to other UBL Omni, UBL account holder, NON UBL customer using UBL Omni SMS, WAP, Web services.

      !! I am not sure but that what their official website says.

    • 1. Yes, user can pay utility bills just by sending a SMS. UBL Omni account holders can also purchase mobile vouchers. You need to mention the consumer number of your bill in SMS and system will fetch the amount itself.

      2. User can send real money to any other Omni Account holder through SMS.

  • UBL is worse than telco ,after 2 month from getting my wiz card it was told that it might took 15 days to be activated as they are experiencing some problem,though it took another month to get my pay order but I thank every one in UBL for letting me know about their services .I am Not going to use any UBL service

  • pricing is better than telenor’s easypaisa……but still 3.35% cash transfer rates and 1.5% cash withdrawal rates are so high…..anyway let’s welcome to branchless banking in Pakistan.

  • Telenor has made the first move the banking industry in PK cant even run their ATM network – how can the run customer service through mobile – telenors service is end to end – therefore you only have to complain to one person
    Banks here are crooks anyway – dont use this service

  • i like to congratulate UBL for launching such an amazing product. after going thru the information available on the web site i can safely say this product is far more comprehensive and customer friendly than Easy Paisa. The service charges are also very low, there are no fee on Account Opening, Air Time Purchases and Bills Payment, whereas Easy Paisa is charging heavily on all of these.

    I like to clarify the charges of Money Transfer as i have personally done a money transfer from Karachi to Buner, the charges are for sending side only, there are no charges on recieving end.

    The 1.5% Charges mentioned are for regular Cash With transaction through Omni dukaan.

    i appreciate if the folks at UBL make the service charges more clear on the website.

  • Sending & receiving rates are too high, it makes total of 4.85% which means if I send someone Rs.10,000 additional Rs. 485 will have to be paid excluding what you pay to reach such a “UBL Dukaan”.

    How much Pakistan Post will charge for the same amount if we are not in hurry ?

  • Attn: Atta bhai plz remove my last comment (not 2nd last plz) which has some mistakes.

    We must all thank Gen. Pervez Musharraf during his regime after his directives to State Bank of Pakistan, State Bank directed all banks to allow ONLY those Pakistanis who are either businessmen, having a job, house-wife or student to open a bank account. Does everyone falls in this category ? If you are a jobless professional, and have some bucks you should put them in your cupboard or under the pillow.

    This is a delima that you can open a USA account online when you have never been there, while you can’t open an account in your own country.

    By the way, UBL Wiz card are made up of cheap 3rd grade material & VISA card number will vanish after a few months of use (even if you keep it in a wallet) & bears no name on it.

  • I dont think that UBL Omini is a challenge for easypaisa by any means, both services are not comparable due to the following reasons.

    – model is not scalable as it requires dukandar to have computer and internet access

    – To transact using your mobile you have to use either SMS which is insecure and error prone, or WAP which is not commonly used and not very convenient or handy for everyone

    – It do not deliver the key strength of branchless banking as its limited scalability doesnt bring unbanked customer into banking domain, small far off rural areas can’t be penetrated due to its technical limitations

    – It’s just new channel in conventional banking offerings.

    – Banking in general is slow moving industry so new ideas, new products, innovative means of introducing services are rare in banking domain

    – Comparison on basis of just service charges is not realistic, it’s the service quality, integrity, outreach which matters most

    – Orion was a big time failure as turn around time for registeration, service offering, staff knowhow, customer education/awareness was nowhere to be seen, i dont see dramatic improvement in this model as well.

    The list is endless but in true spirit it’s nice to see competition of whatever sort for the betterment and improvement.

  • I am glad mostly coz of such a nice service is given by a Pakistani bank, chalo hor kuch na sai ye to kiya na :P

  • Guess this is all about a ‘Hunch’ with no marketing insight & research behind.



  • Great, good comments by some fellows, surely this is a new channel and still in development phase,lot more needs to be done, and surely in pipeline.
    We are rigorously working on this product and making it much better and customer friendly. all service level issues are being taken care off. Let me clarify we are in a sizable number and have covered more than 100 cities of Pakistan. we are available in every nook & corner of some of the remotest areas of Pakistan like Buner. We carried out the World 1st ever project of IDPS Disbursement WFP/IDP project via Omni Dukaaans in Buner successfuly and launching more such projects nationwide in near future.
    let me clarify about money transfer rates, its applicable only to sending party at the rate of 3.35% only. 1.5% is charged on cash withdrawal from a Branchless Banking A/C via omni dukaan, and there are no withdrawal charges from ATM and UBL branches.

  • Dear Saeed,

    Thanks for clarifications on some points, however as far as outreach is concerned the example you gave is relevant and specific to IDPS program and to support disbursement process specific to that, i am sure UBL has invested in setting up infrastructure there to support this, however my point was in general relating to scalability of this model, i doubt that infrastructure investment all across country for all dukaan’s is a possible and viable solution. without this infrastructure (System’s, GPRS/WAP enabled handsets) it is not possible to register a customer.

    Also from customer perspective how efficient, convenient and handy it will be to transact using GPRS or WAP? How many people even know how to use GPRS or WAP?

    I’ll appreciate if some views can be shared on the above, also some stats on products like bill payment or money transfer would also support the outreach and scalability points from your side.

  • Dear all

    The business model is viable,feasible and worth investment.Omni Dukaandar can avail the service through mobile and PC using WAP/GPRS or DSL.
    The customer, who opens an Omni A/C from an Omni Dukaan can choose from multiple channels like ATM card,SMS Channel, Online, IVR etc.ATM and SMS channels are very easy to use. SMS channel can be activated through Omni Call Center (111 825 777) on normal handsets, but for online transactions WAP/GPRS supported handset or internet connectivity and know how is necessary.
    Cash deposit & withdrawal facility from Omni A/Cs is also avaialbe at all UBL online branches.

    Last but not the least Pakistan is included in the highest mobile dense and internet/broadband growing countries of the world, which makes Pakistan a better market for branchless/online Banking.

    For all service related or agent related quaries do contact Omni Call center at 111 825 777 from landline and 021 111 825 777 from cellular number.

  • I dont think SMS is a very safe mode of carrying out financial transactions, also what i have read of branchless banking regulations i dont think its permitted yet to be used for executing financial transactions. GPRS/WAP as i have already said cuts down big chunk of target customers.

      • Dear Habib,

        I think you misunderstood my response, i was not contesting if Branchless banking is permitted or not, my point was on use of SMS under branchless banking model, as if you read branchless banking guidelines you will see that USSD, Internet and STK are allowed channels for carrying out branchless banking transactions, SMS is not allowed anywhere as its unsecure and prone to errors, it is one of the channels used by OMNI which is not a very smart thing to do. Hope you understand.

        I think entities are interpretting branchless banking in their own ways not all definitions are correct, my unbiased view is that only easypaisa has achieved near to what the key potential of branchless banking has to offer as that works on all handsets and offer services at ease to all.


          • Telenor/Tameer easypaisa service has over the counter services as well for non-telenor customers, you can make bill payments, do money transfers, receive international remittance from your loved one’s from abroad, make donations to different entities etc.

            Mobile wallet gives you convenience to pay wherever you are, whenever you want too. USSD based menu gives you the ease of executing transaction with comfort, security and ease using well designed menu’s. It’s not SMS driven insecure, uneasy, difficult to transact model.

            Not to forget, easypaisa has over 10000 retailers all across Pakistan.

            You can see it has no comparison with UBL OMNI or ORION. I can predict that OMNI will diminish like ORION soon because of it’s non-scalable, constrained model.

            Last but not the least, its mobile banking and only a duo like Telenor/Tameer can offer it best :)

            Please check http://www.easypaisa.com.pk for further details.


  • its great but you should have mentioned the places where ubl omni dukaans must be opened for the convenience of people.but over all its great service that ubl is offerring people…….!!!!

  • Dear Ahmer,

    No one can interprett Banking Regulations except SBP, and all Banks and DFIs abide by the regulations chartered by the Centeral Bank.
    As far as Branchless Banking is concerned, we are surely leading this industry, and donot consider anyone as competitor or of any match. You have a general idea, its not always the media campaign that makes an idea or project successful. rather it is the constant innovation, renovation & ground work that makes the mere go.
    Any how we have our own strategy and others have definetly their own.

    As far as sms Channel is concerned, each of our financial transaction executed via sms is followed by an IVR recording, which needs T Pin verification, if you enter the right pin, transcation is successful other wise declined.
    UBL Omni can be accessed on broad band,Wap and all telco networks.
    Telecom companies are limited to their own subscribers and cannot be opertaed on other networks, thats why they are limited in scope and applicablity.

    UBL Omni Dukaan details are availabe at our website i.e. http://www.ubl.com.pk/omni and you can locate a dukaan using dukaan locater.

  • Dear Saeed,

    Its good to be confident of your product but i dont agree that you dont consider anyother as competitor as firstly i think easypaisa is offering much superior platform as oppose to omni as its offering USSD and web both with efficient and comprehensive notification SMS delivery.

    easypaisa’s offering is equally good for both retailers and subscribers as compared to omni which is currently for retailers only. Hence easypaisa is delivering the true essence of branchless banking whereas omni is just extension of conventional banking. I am a subscriber and it gives me enormous strength and supreme convinience to be able to pay bill whenever i need to or to send money whenever i want to, this is missing from omni. so i think it would be easypaisa to consider if omni is in competition with easypaisa or not.

    Also on your comments that interpretation can be done only by SBP, I am surprised as SBP issues regulations to be interpreted and understand by banks so they can implement solutions accordingly, will you go to SBP everytime after devising a product if its in compliance or not?

    On coverage for own subscribers, please dont give wrong picture to readers of this blog as easypaisa is offering over the counter service to subscribers of all telecoms, regardless of which SIM you are carrying you can use bill payment and money transfer services and i tell you that really is amazing i used that service first prior to getting my own subscriber account.

    Lastly i disagree that media campaigns are less important as other factors, those are equally if not more important, as such media campaigns increases customer awareness and education and helps them know the processes.

    Also i believe that as far as scope and scalability is concerned easypaisa will outclass omni by quite a margin soon but its good to have such competition as it allows users to see the difference.

    BTW if you dont consider easypaisa as competitor why i can see flyers or marketing material where there is omni board shown on top of easypaisa banner? ;) why is omni targetting specificly easypaisa retailers? ;) i hope you have good answer for this.

    i am just a proud subscriber of easypaisa with strength and power to pay my own bill while being at home or to send money to anyone anywhere by being in my home why should i go through all this hassle of finding an omni shop ;) this is where easypaisa outclasses omni again.

    Readers, i would urge you to use easypaisa, and to achieve the optimum get telenor sim and easypaisa account and pay bills or buy airtime or send money anytime anywhere by being at home relaxing on your sofa or while having breakfast, lunch or dinner :)

    do visit http://www.easypaisa.com.pk it has presentations on products, features, shops etc.

  • Dear Ahmer,

    Surely, UBL Omni is a reliable and trusted product and upto the expectaions of customers and Dukaandars & thats the main reason that we are growing leaps and bounds.

    We cannot stop unsatisfied customers or agents of any financial service provider to join our network, thats why you see our boards/marketing material near other service providers, which proves our claim being leader and best service provider in the industry.

    Let me clarify that UBL Omni is equally good for dukaandars & account holders. Walking customers, who do not have a UBL omni account or any other online/e transaction account can avail the services from Omni Dukaan enjoying SMS notification in addition to a printed receipt, while account holders can avail these services from UBL Branch,ATM, Mobile, WAP or internet.

    Let me clarify that over the counter financial services are available to all people in telco led model of branchless banking while account opening is only limited to their own subscribers and that too from franchises, service centers and bank branches which are very limited in number.

    Compared to that Any body using any telco network can open an Omni A/C by presenting his CNIC at any Omni Dukaan with out any hasstle of changing his network or buying new sims of a specific telco & can deposit/withdraw cash from Omni Dukaan, UBL branch and ATM.

    Last but not the least, all that glitters is not gold, so you must comprehend complete information about all players & their offerings in the industry and then suggest to others.

    For further information about Omni please feel free to visit an Omni Dukaan, visit our website i.e. http://www.ubl.com.pk/omni, our contact at our call Center at 111 825 777.


  • My Dear Saeed,

    First of all retailers having co-branding of omni with easypaisa are not “un-satisfied” retailers, instead that’s the way it works a retailer is not exclusive with any business so it’s fine that have 2 products to sell, as long as he gets more benefits and better service from one business which will eventually outclass other service. but my question was why UBL don’t have their own and better strategy or marketing/sales pitch whereby they can create their own network, instead of taking easy route of poaching other service providers existing retail base :)

    Further, please share numbers of your retailers and subscribers to help us understand your “leaps and bounds” growth.

    And yes for easypaisa you need to have Telenor SIM which is obvious as the service is launched by Telenor and Tameer and is exclusive for their customer base, but Over the counter services are open for all customers.

    I am sure you understand that essence of branchless banking is to extend convinience to the customer which can only come if you empower subscriber to be able to do much of it by himself without going to any shop or dukaan etc and that is something that easypaisa offers, this is the cutting edge that easypaisa carries.

    Lets see 3-6 months down the road which model sustains and scales up and which subsides, i am sure UBL learned bitter lession from the big time failure of Orion, i still remember when one fine day i received a call from Orion asking me to authorized my account, interestingly i registered almost 2 months back for that account :) if that is the quality of service people will face on OMni as well, i am sure this service wont sustain for long.

    Sales and distribution will be big time challenges UBL has to overcome not by riding or poaching from other services network but to have its own network.


    • Hi Jaweria,

      It is more feasible and sustainable from growth, opportunity, profit, ease, security perspective to become easypaisa retailer.

      Please visit http://www.easypaisa.com.pk. You can also visit nearest Telenor Franchise or Sales and Service Center or Tameer Bank branch.


      • Hi Ahmer Hamza, U r advertising Easy Paisa service. Miss Jaweria asked about how to be a UBL Omni dukaandar and u replied about Easy Paisa retailer :-)

  • Hi Jawaria,

    Joining UBL Omni Network is very easy and simple for a Dukandar, Just call at Omni Call Center and they will forward your request to the concerned sales Team in your area, Please contact at 021-111825777. Omni too is implementing Benazir Income suppoet Program Disbursment in Malakand Division, & BISP General nationwide.
    A day earlier we have inked agreement with PESCO for their Utility bills collection, mean to say, we are expanding leaps and bounds in every respect, and easy paisa is just limited to Telenor Franchises.
    Welcome to UBL Omni family.

  • Hi Jaweria,

    I would urge you to check easypaisa website first prior to making any decision. You will know by yourself which is feasible and sustainable model and which has better return on investment.

    Let me know if you want further details.



  • interesting show of interest :) even than registration uptake for omni subscribers is not getting off the ground :), one has to be realistic, come on :), would love to hear subscriber base for omni if it has crossed 10000 figure even for registered subscribers.

    Guys, please do take stock of the situation and check out stats of easypaisa against other small players like omni etc in terms of transactional volume, retailer locations etc. Customer care of easypaisa is also extremely impressive, try it yourself.


  • i want to be omni dukandar but did not know
    about omni dukandar Commission plz any body
    guide me.

    0333 590 4550

  • What are the incentives or commissions for Omni Dukaandar on money transfer and utility bills collections

  • Dear All,

    Telenor proudly announced some time back that they have crossed 1 billion transactional value at Easy Paisa, and spent another half a billion on airing this that they have crossed One billion value. what a wisdom?

    Let me clear here and then that only one project of UBL Omni is multiple of what Easy Paisa have achieved in 1 year time.

    The services lost of Omni is constantly growing and we have successfully added Bahria Schools fees to our list at Karachi.

    For all who want to be Omni dukaandars or wana inquire about commission they should contact UBL Omni Call Center, wich wll guide them and help them in every respect.

    Last but not the least, one should understand that action speaks louder than words.

    Saeed Ahmad

  • Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it? Let me ask few questions;

    – why is OMNI off the air for sometime now?? any ideas??
    – The one big project beyond overall easypaisa success you are mentioning, care to name that project?? or should i reveal some facts about that project, which is turning out to be a big failure??
    – increasing “services” everyday, care to name list of services
    – Care to give us count of your distribution network excluding UBL branches? i.e. dukandars only in comparison with over 10500 easypaisa retailers nationwide
    – What number of transactions have OMNI processed so far? bill payments, domestic money transfers?

    Ironically OMNI is another big in fact gigantic failure after big time failure of ORION.

    Come on, lets speak facts instead of just sounding wordy success.

    For those who want to know reality with facts, please visit both OMNI and easypaisa(www.easypaisa.com.pk) websites and see what facts are presented there, i am yet to see any numbers from OMNI.


  • a very informative argument between Mr saeed and Ahmer.i personally believe that telenor easypaisa has real big time advantage over UBL omni.first of all due to its first mover advantage over UBL omni.secondly as ahmer mentioned because of stable and enhanced model and usage of USSD network.and most importantly telenor’s own network,infrastructure and its outreach to the customers in the form of a wide spread easypaisa retail centers.moreover, unlike UBL,easypaisa is not dependent on the network of other mobile companies to carry out the transactions for itself neither easypaisa is dependent on someone else’s distribution network

    ahmer gave clear and loud arguments where as Mr saeed was not able to defend the status and position of UBL omni but instead he was beating about the bush all the time and portrayed sky high image of omni as it is still in its beginning phase.so it is too early to brag about yourself and that even without solid proofs..it sounded like counting ones chicken before they hatch.

  • Let me clear Ahmer & his friends like Haider Once for all, UBL Omni is not off the Air, We are using all print & electronic media as a promotional tool. recently we used Geo TV, Aaj TV, Express News, ATV, Khyber etc. We advertised in Daily News, Mashriq, Express, Wahdat & Local print media as well, All leading FM stations like FM 99, FM 101, FM 106.3 also aired our commercials.
    The projects to our credit are, 1st Project of UBL Omni was WFP Project in Bunir, 2nd is BISP IDP Project in KPK, 3rd is BISP General in Sindh & Punjab, 4th Project is Watan Cards project nation wide,5th project is WFP account opening & disbursment in Hyderabad, 5th is WFP project in Nowshera, 6th Project is Cash Collection of Engro Foods, 7th Project is Loan Collection facility of Kashf Micro Finanace via our agents in different cities. 8th Project is Pakistan Navy School Fee Collection in Karachi.

    Many more projects & services of diverse nature are in pipeline like U fone Top Up.

    We donot convert only Telenor easy load sellers to agents by just activating the services on Easy Load Sim, with out training agent about branchless Banking, its services & Utilization, We have a proper system, after completing all SBP regulations & making a complete legal agreement we sign an agent, train him on our services & provide him on ground support all the time via all means. Unlike telenor unrealistic claims of 10000+ agents we have more than 2000 agents, fully trained & transacting. The base of Telenor transacting agents is not more than 3000 by any means. Nadra e sahulat have around 4500 sahulat centers so far, which is the oldest one in the industry.
    NADRA E Sahulat is offering only vouchers & Utility Bills facility & donot offer accounts Opening & Domestic Remmitance, while telenor A/c opening is limited to franchises & CS center only.
    Let me Ask Ahmer, why Telenor waived Extra Charges on Utilty Bills after Omni launch, How many Utility companies are added in their list, the fact is tha Telenor Easy Paisa was a question Mark, is a question mark & will remain a question mark, if they continued with the same pace & policies.

    The trust on UBL Omni is not only exhibited by natioanl institutions & regulatory bodies, the international community & agencies too exhibit the same spirit & consider UBL Omni a viable & feasible model,This is crystal clear to all after UBL Omni agreement with Bill & Milanda Gates Foundation(BGF) & Shore Bank International(SBI).

    Come on Easy Paisa, lets have a positive competation, groom the industry & facilitate the general customer.

  • I am an employee of UBL and currently obtained an Omni Dukan ID as there is no UBL branch in our area. I have read almost every comment by both advocates of OMNI & EziPesa , The main thing that has been ignored by both of you is the customer service…the real value…the essence that is the spirit of services industry, Even a well planed and advertised Project can turn into a total failure if a superior value of customer service is missing in it. A continuous support and followups are the life blood for these kind of projects.
    No offense, but I personally think that UBL Omni will offer much better customer service and true value in all of its products, Its not a common man thinking to trust on a Banking network, indeed its a universal fact that a banking company can offer more trusted service than that of a mobile company.
    However, UBL Omni has to do a lot of hard work to make it available at every location and expand the network if it has to be successful. This project can see a great achievement with constant customer support and dedication.
    Wish You All the Best- Branch Less Banking !

  • hi,
    i am only tall you all that the UBL OMNI is the best of all go at omni dukaan & ask that what is omni for a busy person

  • An extremely poor and crap service by UBL. their untrained staff at branches is non cooperative and verification and submittal is nuisance. the service charges are also too much high. I got my account opened, deposited money which was one of my biggest fault, they did not activate my internet service, so i went through a troublesome process, and at last i got the message “your account has been blocked”. since than i have submitted more than 30 requests but in vain. my money is still trapped in UBL. I will suggest you to get a regular account from any bank but not that fraud of UBL to snatch money, moreover their charges are too much high as compared to mobile or internet service of other banks…

    I regret the time when i visited UBL branch to open the account…

  • yes UBL service is much better then telenor easypaisa service, bcoz easypaisa service is very very expensive or not affordable then UBL omni service.

  • may ne ubl omni k lye feb 2010 ko application k sath fee b deposit kya hay.ab tk mjy sirf 1 link provide ki hay baqi printer aur koi advertisng k lye sign board ya koi banner b nhi dya.. ab mjy kahan se rabta kar k apna kaam shroo karna chahye

  • i am zeeshan from lahore and i am satisfied the services of ubl(omni).i am happy the branchless banking system starts in pakistan this time ubl omni and easypaisa are two players in market.that other banks starts branchless banking untill all people can take usage of time and provide facility to home i appeal to the state bank that issue license to other bank untill they starts branchless banking

  • I have read all the aurguments for UBL OMNI & TELENOR EASYPAISA.
    I want to share my personal experience. I am using a telenor connection and easypaisa too, so I have some comaprisons between these services.

    1- Withdrawal and sending charges are higher at easypaisa end, but difference too rare to be felt, so I give them equal in this catagory.

    2-USSD code string command (*786#) for telenor customers is very nice edge which easypaisa has over UBL OMNI. otherwise, both have general services for all mobile users.

    3- UBL Omni dukaandar is more sensible and resposive than easypaisa dukandaar. Because Omni dukandar has to have a computer and internet connection while easypaisa retailers are mostly not so sensible as they take it “easy” like easyload. So, i felt Omni retailers much better.

    4- UBL Omni is backed by a well known bank and it gives it edge over easypaisa owned by a mobile operator. By now, we can give points to Omni in terms of trustability but not for long, as Mobilink, Zong and Ufone also ready to join the game. So i think telenor easypaisa will be a winner in all these, being the first mover.

    5- Easypaisa USSD string (*786#) doesn’t work on windows phone. So, the utility comes with a problem too. Bieng easypaisa A/C holder I have no other way to use it so after giving lot of complaints abt the issue and all the time getting back the solution “please change ur handset”.. I closed my easypaisa A/C finally.

    6- Easypaisa retailers are so irresponsible that they always welcome to transfer money to other person. But if we want to refill our easypaisa account with some balance, they will just refuse to do so. Beacuse they prefer a transaction from their end, not to facilitatr the easypaisa A/C holder. They see us as their competitor. Omni does not have this kind of setup so they are much easier.

  • pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • UBL OMNI is shit, total chit, i just wasted my 3 hours going from one markaz to another and i found 5 6 retailers and none of them had money, they were like you must go to that branch , easypaisa is way better than this crap

  • hi its me saqib frm matli main nr account khulwaya ubl omni pr 3 weeks se account activat nhi hoa aur na ho raha hai kiya yeh farad hai omni

  • Any Body Will Tell Me that How Can I Get UBL OMNI BRANCH …
    I dont Know that what r the Terms and Conditions for getting Branch, and How Many Profet For Shopkeeper/propriter….
    Plz Guide Me

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