Load-Shedding is a Direct hit on Computer Industry: PCA

Pakistan Computer Association (PCA) expressed serious concern over power load-shedding across the country, which resulted in decline in purchase of computer and related equipment during recent months. The association has also urged the government to take the business community into confidence to effectively deal with the issue of power crisis.

During a meeting of the association, Arshad Janjua, the acting president of the PCA said that load-shedding has not only affected business activities but it has also created serious problems for the students using computer frequently. He said the IT professionals are facing the same messy situation and emphasized on a long-term solution of the problem instead of eyewash measures and early closer of the markets.

He said the power crisis is badly hampering the computer industry and destroying the future of the students. He informed the participants that load-shedding and unfavorable business conditions have forced 66 percent of computer industry to close down its business and rest is struggling for its survival.

The office bearers of PCA said that a proper strategy should have been evolved to reduce power load shedding and to provide relief to students as well as industry but ironically nothing has happened in this regard.

The other participants of the meeting also expressed their concern that the students, especially who rely on IT related technologies are suffering a lot as they are unable to timely complete their studies and courses. The participants said that significant decline of the purchase of computer and related equipment have been recorded recently and load shedding of electricity is one of the key reasons of this unprecedented decline. They urged the government to correct the affairs on priority basis and take immediate step to reduce the time of load shedding.

via Business Recorder

  • Load-Shedding, has also made people to think that they should go for laptops instead of a Desktop Computers because in such crises of electricity one need to have a UPS also for their PC.

    So, laptop seems cheaper solution in current situation.


  • what good is a laptop when there is unscheduled load shedding(blunder with Pakistani awam) over 5-6 hours continuously each day.
    Pakistan has great potential in IT and the world knows that. But our govt and their policies are constantly struggling to work against that.
    This so called “Load shedding” is not only hitting the IT software industry but rapidly destroying the repute for Pakistani IT professionals in MONTHS which took us years to build.
    Govt can get cheap power from Iran and China, but our leader are buying prepaid power from their US masters because of they pay more bribe. And the awam suffers.
    May God have mercy on us. Amen

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