Pakistan IT industry Looks to India for Partnership

Pakistan’s information technology (IT) sector is taking a different route from the bigger Indian counterpart but is still looking for help in making a leap forward.


“The IT industry is small and very different. It has small and medium companies with say 30 employees, generating $30 million, unlike Indian companies with 70,000 employees and billions of dollars of turnover,” president of Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES Jehan Ara told reporters here.

She said the Pakistani IT industry was not trying to “mimic” the Indian industry, as it was far bigger.

“Mostly, we are into knowledge processing. Our BPOs are only doing KPOs,” she said.

Jehan Ara has been coming to India for the last seven years and trying to work out projects with Indian companies.

“We have tried to work, sometimes it has worked out. There is already some work happening through some other third entity,” she said.


According to the head of IBM Pakistan, Humayun Bashir, Indian IT companies could look at Pakistan as another place to ramp up their global growth.

“In line with India’s plan vision 2020, which aims to increase the software growth from $50 billion to $200 billion, they (Indian IT companies) have been setting up centres in Egypt, Bangladesh. Maybe, they should look at Pakistan. We are certainly eager to work with them,” he said.

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  • Wish it could happen, but its only possible in a fairy-tale world. Jehan Ara and company are only wasting time in India. If they put their efforts in educating our nation to look beyond its strict “Doctor or Engineer” psyche to more promising IT industry, they will achieve better results.

  • hmmm thats really awesome… only Viper is the only Pakistani company which i know working on IT, there must be something to promote IT in this region now. Indian cell phones should also come to Pakistan, their computer should also come, it will be cheap as well and i guess government should take some action to promote IT in Pakistan.

  • Hi

    It is just wastage of time my dear, India will ever never support Pakistan (it is done & done,
    And Madam Jehan Aara here in Pakistan we have a lot of talent but unfortunatly in our
    Pakistan who have talent they dont have enough resources to prove themselves & contribute
    for their country and who have resources they are just wasting it in parties, tours,
    in the making of dramas and movies and songs which never ever produce any productive output
    in the growth of our country, so madam jehan Aara don’t saw too much dreams to be with
    Indian IT, be remmember they will never ever gave you people any lift, Indian thinks that
    we Pakistanis are just BULLSHIT and by what we are doing in our country those all shitt
    things proving that we are bullshitts my dear Jehan Aara, like pur great involment in
    terrorism, fashion, bad habbits, we are that king of nation who has enough and enough
    time to make the policies that how we collect the cash for enjoyment of our govt and other
    big families, we have enough time to change the name of our provinces because our bloody
    shitt nation really thinks that it will bring a solid change in the the growth of our country,
    today in 21st century we still trapped in Shiya Sunni Ahl-e-hadith activities and we didn’t
    ever got any benefit from this BULLSHIT activities, we still don’t have a good Education quality
    in our country, we don’t have good trained teachers who will polish out youth skills and
    we are talking about doing business with india, oho so sad, first change your attitude
    my dear then talk about the International business so far.
    In our country our masses doesnt know well what a computer is what internet is and we are
    tallking about international business in IT,wah wah wah,madam jehan Aara 9is talking about
    that india have 70000 employees who generated billions of ruppees, but we didn’t ever think
    that how they manged that, they have dream and they really work hard much for that and they got
    its output but unfortunatly we are still living in dreams madam jehan aaara,WAKE UP my dear
    its just a dream of you people,
    but i dont know you people will think about it.

  • I have worked very closely with the Indian IT Industry and without a doubt I can bet on the fact that our IT breed is a much better class than the Indian’s lot, may it be technical knowledge, analytical skills or communication skills, we ace our neighbors in all sets. But the kind of problems we are dealing with are much larger than the IT demand and supply issues, it’s the other national issues that’s hurdling Pakistan to make a mark in IT exports.

    I am big advocator of intra region trade; but then again honestly speaking I don’t see why India might be interested in our services, if you ask for manpower they have billions out there, HR is that nation’s key strength. On a counter argument to setting up centers in Egypt, Bangladesh, that’s more to do with Indian IT companies stamping themselves as Multinationals.
    It will be interesting to know what kind of ventures Jehan Ara is looking at….

  • yes we can see dreams of good days but i think we need to work much much harder to buildup our skilled workforce, because we are still in developing stage,first we need to make a quality of ground, which will become a solid foundation for our country’s IT industry, then we can see dreams of affiliations with international markets, because no Pakistan have much more tallent, but that tallent needs trained faculty who will polish them and take benefit from them, so i just say that plz first make your foundation strong then proceed toward your dreams

  • Pakistani youth, in all walks of life, should stop beleiving in overnight success and shortcuts.

    Hard-work and intelligent planning is the ultimate recipe that will do miracles for this nation.

  • When would we ever understand that we r capable and open enough to beat INDIA, Co-operation must be on mutual consensus ! India would NEVER support his rivals it is just another lame steps. Why dont we go to fix our elite and getting up on our own feet. Telecom industry is an example, beside few controversies isnt Internet and towers were the only development. BUT ppl were employed and getting jobs. SELF help and facilitating to open up the markets, dear beloved elite !

  • To lead the digital revolution or support any industry, basic infrastructure desperately needs to improve, when electricity supply is as poor as it in pak, with frequent bans over various IT services , expecting small startups to survive is cruel

  • It is good to know that Pakistan is getting AHEAD of the India country in IT industry. As author points it is clear that Pakistans strong roots in the silicon valley have made it ideal place for international IT world. This good news means that pakistan is NOW ahead of India in IT field. As author points to important STATISTICS which means that India can hope to achieve 200 billion ONLY if it also looks at Pakistan. Otherwise this is not POSSIBLE. Author also says pakistan KPOs are better than the india IPOs with IBM (an Pakistan company) leading way. Congratulations to pakistan IT engineers. We are best!!!

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