Facebook Page was Hacked by a Pakistani, is Back Online [Update]

The Facebook page that led the Pakistan government to ban the entire site was back online Saturday, at least for some users, after it was inaccessible for about two days.

The page was removed Thursday after one of the moderators had his e-mail and Skype account hacked into, and his personal data revealed, according to a post on the page on Saturday. The moderator then got scared and deleted the page, a blog, and e-mails, according to the post.

In an interview with Radio Free Europe Liberty, one of page administrators confirmed that page was hacked and was successfully logged in by someone in Karachi, Pakistan. However, with facebook’s intervention they got the page back with all the date.

I think it was because… our earlier moderators’ accounts got hacked and they had to verify, because suddenly one of the guys, instead of logging in from Madrid, was logging in from Karachi, Pakistan. And you don’t move 5,000 miles in an hour.

So, it wasn’t facebook who had removed the page. In same interview, admin teasingly said:

I know the group’s been reported like 100,000 times, but Facebook did not block the entire thing, like Google would have done, or whoever else cares more about money than civil rights….

There were also a large number of protests on the streets of Pakistan on Wednesday and Thursday, objecting to the page.

“Facebook has not taken any action on this page,” a spokeswoman for the company said earlier on Saturday. The company had said on Thursday that it would not rule out making the content that Pakistan objected to inaccessible to users in Pakistan.

The PTA has said it would welcome contact from Facebook and YouTube to resolve the issue.

via PCWorld with additional input from Jabran Rafique

    • no it’s baned!! but can anyone tell me the detail that y it’s baned… i knw about facebook but dnt knw abt youtube..

      • It was banned because the blasphemous material somehow creeped up on youtube and some say it was showing up on the home page of youtube.

        But now, youtube is unblocked.

        • hmm they’ll never give up from doing such childish things..
          yeah you are right now it’s unblocked.
          Thanks for the reply!

  • The thing is its all about ego of the Admin of the page, His pants is all wet all time and he can be ____ at any minute despite hacking into page its easy to find the dumb***

    [Comment Edited]

  • Permanent ban! Boycott stays on!! These guys are talking about liberty and freedom of speech and bloody afraid to come in front to represent the true freedom of speech passion!! :D

  • I’m having a different sort of experience with the ban on YouTube. I can’t access YouTube on any laptop/pc – but, I’ve successfully accessed YouTube and streamed videos on my iPhone(3GS) and my iPod touch(3rd gen’).

  • Ye Karachi Wala Hacker kya sow raha tha ? Jo aaj id hack kar k page delete mara ? Chalo us din na sahi aaj sahi, jis ne b kiya hay acha kiya hay or Jannat Me Jhaga Hasil karli hay :)

  • But the facebook must down till eternity i say.
    Coz its not us , but the honour of our Great Prophet s.l.a.w.w.
    I hope you all would agree with me.

    • yea man i like that……..paki’s gonna rock the world…………bless u all.

  • Where the f*** their freedom of speech go when they talk about F***ing Jew lobby and holocast which is more like A** hole cast to me. MF Stupid English PPL

  • Thats Amazing Paki Hackerz Rocks. !!!!

    Majority of Pakistanis want this banned stays on then why the whole world make propaganda against pakistan.

  • and our government should appeal to all other muslim states to permanently ban facebook!

  • thank God facebook is ban for those who ate up all time chating & posting idiotic videos, coments, posts, useless topics for no reasons
    a stupidity marked on their work
    sukoon hai band hai

  • Face book is just a stupid site and for those who don’t have any other job to do, its toooooooo good that it is banned, 2 days before I just surprised and laughed that much users are coming back to yahoo, where they were already when Facebook was not invented, just amazing,

  • The thing is , how can facebook be hacked? i really wanna know because i have heard it is impossible.
    How did this guy do it?

    • it is a rumor that fb can not be hacked, even ProPakistani can be hacked, we just have to find a way ;)

  • Yeah facebook should be blocked forever. Pakistan is the 31st most traffic generating country for facebook. They must have bear great losses. If you check out Alexa’s info, you will find that the Muslim countries (if they all ban facebook), would have brought it to its knees. Its actually very shameful that not all Muslim countries specially Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia, have not blocked it. :(

    • only Pakistan has blocked it followed by UAE, I havn’t heard of any other 50 Muslim states applying a temporary or permanent ban over the site …

  • All banned website and links properly running by proxy servers. in Pakistan.

    I have complained to PTA but still not take a action on it.

    http://www.ultrareach.com u can download from there aswell.

    Browsing would be occuring from the port of 9666 instead of 80.

  • I have a suggestion, Lets open the ban and start a page on Facebook, with name of “The Truth of Holocaust” and lets see what Facebook will do about it.

  • Well am not sure that if the page/admin account was really hacked, or if it really was, I must say that the guy who hacked it is good, but not too good, coz perhaps he didn’t knew the technical structure of the application (which by the way more than 98% facebook users don’t know, even the other 2% can only make some smart guess based on their expertise , but can’t say what exact structure the application might be having) ….

    But the main thing that was pinching me was that in any web application environment, if one content administrator deletes the contents, the other administrator can not put it back on,, this can only be done by application administrator or system administrator ….

    For non-technical guys, I am trying to say that if a common user or group of users who created that page (having content-administrator rights) on that page, one of them deletes that page, the other users (who are just the page administrator) CAN NEVER un-delete that page. But only if someone is application administrator or system administrator,, and I want every one to know that only people who are employed to facebook organization would be having the application administrator rights … so you can have the idea what the bloody hell is actually happening around …

  • Asalam u alaikum,
    You all Muslims are right that non-Muslim are against the Islam from the begging.
    We should have to boycott against them.
    face book should not be open ever again in Pakistan and all Muslim Countries…
    We People are Muslim and we can make 10000000 time better sites.
    we all people have to make our own Muslim Book community where we have a right of Freedom…
    we don’t need this type of bulshit FREEDOM…
    Please all muslims come on one plateform and make our own social community sites,,,
    We are leaking our data to non-muslims,, please save your personal data and do something 100000000000000000000 time better than facebook and youtube…
    I am offering my all services to do whatever I can do in this project…
    Sohail Ahmad
    And I am a Muslim and I Proud to be a Muslim..

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