NA body on IT Recommended Legal Action Against Facebook

National Assembly Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunications has passed a resolution against blasphemous activities of Facebook and recommended to take international legal action against the responsible parties.

The committee meeting chaired by MNA Chaudhry Muhammad Barjees Tahir, in the very onset drew the attention of the members towards blasphemous activities on face book and desired to have discussion on it first followed by the Ministry and concerned organizations’ explanation about their performance against such blasphemous activities.

The Advisor to the Prime Minister on Information Technology and Telecommunication, Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Technology and the Chairman Pakistan Telecom Authority informed the Committee that blasphemous URL was blocked by the PTA, one day before the High Court ruling.

They also informed the Committee that no country has done any specific activity in this regard, except in Turkey where students have hacked the blasphemous websites.

The Adviser told the Committee that the whole nation wanted to take measures against blasphemous activities and we blocked, not only the face book itself, but other websites also which were linking towards such blasphemous materials.

“We shall be doing this for all times to come. Though in Christianity they create movies and pictures of their Prophet but we would not tolerate caricature of our Prophet,” he said.

The Chairman Standing Committee expressed the heart burning of Committee members on such hateful mater and put before the Committee to resolve that the Committee reject all times of blasphemous activities.

The Committee had on its agenda; to further probe into the privatization of PTCL in the light of previous meeting held on April 20, 2010; comprehensive briefing by NTC, on its performance during last two years and other items.

But, the agenda about the privatization of the PTCL was deferred for the next meeting as the Advisor to the Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh could not make it convenient to attend the meeting because of his heavy engagement for National budget.

The National telecom Corporation gave the presentation about their performance during last two years. After presentation few questions from members were also replied by the Adviser to the Prime Minister on Information Technology, Secretary Ministry of Information Technology and Chairman National Telecom Corporation.



    except in Turkey where students have BACKED the blasphemous websites

    should be like this:

    except in Turkey where students have HACKED the blasphemous websites

  • except in Turkey where students have backed the blasphemous websites” <<< backed?! You surely mean hacked, right?

  • Good, they are going to take international legal action.

    This is good to hear!

    We stand behind NA Committee in this decision!

  • hmmm.. btw i now thinks that Facebook shouldn’t be banned for life time.. it will be ok to ban the specific URL but banning whole website is not good.. banning youtube was also not a good decesion.. i use to take online Economics classes from youtube and use to discuss the daily lecture with my friends on facebook but now i cant do this… i just ask my friends on yahoo that what was today’s lecture about but cant take it online on youtube, its seriously hurting me a lot.. and not only me there are many other people who were using facebook and youtube for other important things but as it has been banned they are suffering hard. btw i have send an article to propakistani at [email protected] so i just wanna say to administration of propakistani to check that please..

    • Aayan U just think aboput Ur-self not For Our Prophet (PBUH) Respect Strange… i dont wanna say nothing to say u just think about that!

    • So it means FaceBook and Youtube is right. We have to bear whatever they got to through at us since their website is useful… :-) They can humiliate us, they can abuse our religion but since they own this website, we have to bear everyting… :-)

      or Fvck Facebook and Youtube. its not end of world…

      • @ Hashi.. Well its not like that, look u know the background of that page, when that satanic page was made, after 8 days of its creation there were only 8 members, we Muslims are the ones responsible for recruiting 100s of thousands members at that page because we were actually indirectly marketing their page by posting banners of boycott and all that.. Also what we are doing.. we have blocked the sites and no one can visit them, now what we are trying to show them by boycotting the site that we are Muslims and we cant tolerate these things only this.. if u just want to show this then it was also possible if you would have blocked the one page only…Look we have now given it so hype that where there only 100 people were watching that page now more than 100s of thousand are going there.. just because of our media hype. Also if you think you are hurting them financially my friend then you are absolutely wrong, we are not even the 1% of their total traffic and also the lost is so minimal that they are not even caring about this they recovering their losses from this bloody media hype… So friend look i am talking about myself because i am facing it.. this is one of the hardest time i am facing as i am doing my O-3 privately so i use to take online classes on Economics, Business and Accounting for reference and for help.. but i cant do this now.. its like Government have put a ban on me on going to college.. man i have to give exams in October/November.. Now just try to understand my situation.

        @ Adam Ali.. look man i have never said, they are right. i know what they did it was all wrong.. but this is not the way to record your protest.. look one thing should be in your mind that we are not causing them huge losses with this ban infact many small and large businesses were using Facebook as their marketing source and as both the sites are banned they loosing their money.. so we are affecting our selves, our own industry is suffering. our own people are made redundant and unemployed so what we are doing… we just causing loss to ourselves and thinking that we ahaa we are so intelligent and it was all right.. look only one ban or bans on all that type of pages in Pakistan was enough to record our protest but banning the whole site is madness people are just thinking emotionally not sensibly. look man i am suffering a lot.. as i said to “Hashi”, that it like government have put a ban on me or on the whole population that they cant go to their universities, colleges and schools. If we want to record our protest or we want to give our answer then answer it in their language in comuputer or technical language.. hack their page like what turkish students did.. but banning the site shows the Cowardness not braveness my friend…. you dont know what kind of time i am facing…

    • The money you’re giving to your lecturers at certain university; you can save it and go to some other country which would not be banning FB and YT… BTW millions of other students are studying economics without any help from FB and YT… I have also done my first class masters in economics without these ridiculous websites… in fact, if you really want to study, go and conduct your own research in REAL WORLD… I don’t know when we would stop depending upon others… we are slaves and would always remain slaves by our such mind slavery… You could backup all your FB contacts and start communicating with them using any other website or messenger… the fault is all yours

      • Nops i am not giving even a rupee to any university.. i was taking those lectures for free… there was a Muslim teacher who use to give online free lectures by making videos and uploading them on Youtube on different subjects. I am not a slave of anyone infact i was taking advantage of these websites for free. I know Economics dosen’t ends for me youtube but the fact is that i was studying it in a rhythm and was taking those classes on daily basis, so i was running on a set pattern but as they have been blocked i can’t do it anymore. And that teacher is also not available on any other site. I m going to appear privately in these papers which means i am based on self studies without any tutor and Teacher so he was the only teacher of me from which i was taking classes on daily basis. This government by banning those sites have hurt me a lot…

  • Many other Muslim countries haven’t taken a stand against facebook. Why? Because Pakistani population is one of the most extremist and Jahal of all the nations, even among Muslim countries. I love my land but I am ashamed of people living here. You are so dumb and brainwashed that nothing seems to cure you from highly inhuman behavior. Your brainwashing has reduced you to less developed human beings or sub humans.

    You have put your brains and logic aside and all you do is what you are told by your mullahs or other extremists. But there is hope, it needs courage to break the shackles of blindfolded belief. See, what this man Tawfiq Ahmad has done. He had spoken with his heart and has seen the ground realities of this era rather than still lurking in the 6th century traditions.

    Read this article.

    • i would agree with what u saying.. Those who are protesting on roads in different parts of Pakistan.. i can bet 95% dont use Facebook and Youtube.. they just doing what they are taught.. i just wanna ask that chief justice who put a ban on the whole sites that have he ever been using these websites.. banning a single page was enough to record protest.. All these Mullahs are using the less knowledgeable people of Pakistan just to market themselves their political parties so that thy can get votes in next election… This matter has been politicized and seems like different political parties are using it for themselves….
      Think with open mind…. I am not saying what they did was right and ethical but this is not the way to record our protest..

      • It gives me true hope that people of your likes are present in this country. You got it right. All they needed was just one page to block.

        Our courts are not making decisions which are ethical and moral but are with the expectations of Jahal population. Its a logical fallacy that majority is always right.

    • The disregard and contempt of your fellow nationals that is pouring out of your writing has diluted your argument, that is already pretty weak, so much as to render it insignificant…

      • If I said that most of the population of our country is Jahal and extremist, then this is the truth. I am not calling false names. Truth does not make any argument weak. Speaking the truth is important rather than give undue respect to your folks.

        How come you conclude that my argument was weak. Come on, elaborate.

  • Tawfik Hamid: A Muslim Scholar Rightfully Opposes Islam


    What do you think will happen to this brave man.??

    Will he be condemned to death like Salman Rushdi.?

    Where is he hiding and who is protecting his life.?

    Thought you might like to read this message.

    “I am a Muslim by faith…. a Christian by spirit….a Jew by heart….and above all I am a human being,” says this honorable man. Dr. Hamid is an Egyptian scholar and an author opposed to Islamic fundamentalism.

    From the heart of a Muslim – by Tawfik Hamid:

    was born a Muslim and lived all my life as a follower of Islam.

    After the barbaric terrorist attacks done by the hands of my fellow Muslims everywhere on this globe, and after the too many violent acts by Islamists in many parts of the world, I feel responsible as a Muslim and as a human being, to speak out and tell the truth to protect the world and Muslims as well from a coming catastrophe and war of civilizations.

    I have to admit that our current Islamic teaching creates violence and hatred toward Non-Muslims. We Muslims are the ones who need to change. Until now we have accepted polygamy, the beating of women by men, and killing those who convert from Islam to other religions.

    We have never had a clear and strong stand against the concept of slavery or wars, to spread our religion and to subjugate others to Islam and force them to pay a humiliating tax called Jizia. We ask others to respect our religion while all the time we curse non-Muslims loudly (in Arabic) in our Friday prayers in the Mosques.

    What message do we convey to our children when we call the Jews “Descendants of the pigs and monkeys”.. Is this a message of love and peace, or a message of hate?

    I have been into churches and synagogues where they were praying for Muslims. While all the time we curse them, and teach our generations to call them infidels, and to hate them.

    We immediately jump in a ‘knee jerk reflex’ to defend Prophet Mohammed when someone accuses him of being a pedophile while, at the same time, we are proud with the story in our Islamic books, that he married a young girl seven years old (Aisha) when he was above 50 years old.

    I am sad to say that many, if not most of us, rejoiced in happiness after September 11th and after many other terror attacks.

    Muslims denounce these attacks to look good in front of the media, but we condone the Islamic terrorists and sympathize with their cause. Till now, our ‘reputable’ top religious authorities have never issued a Fatwa or religious statement to proclaim Bin Laden as an apostate, while an author, like Rushdie, was declared an apostate who should be killed according to Islamic Sharia law just for writing a book criticizing Islam.

    Muslims demonstrated to get more religious rights as we did in France to stop the ban on the Hejab (Head Scarf), while we did not demonstrate with such passion and in such numbers against the terrorist murders.

    It is our absolute silence against the terrorists that gives the energy to these terrorists to continue doing their evil acts. We Muslims need to stop blaming our problems on others or on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. As a matter of honesty, Israel is the only light of democracy, civilization, and human rights in the whole Middle East .

    We kicked out the Jews with no compensation or mercy from most of the Arab countries to make them “Jews-Free countries” while Israel accepted more than a million Arabs to live there, have its nationality, and enjoy their rights as human beings. In Israel , women can not be beaten legally by men, and any person can change his/her belief system with no fear of being killed by the Islamic law of ‘Apostasy,’ while in our Islamic world people do not enjoy any of these rights. I agree that the ‘Palestinians’ suffer, but they suffer because of their corrupt leaders and not because of Israel .

    It is not common to see Arabs who live in Israel leaving to live in the Arab world. On the other hand, we used to see thousands of Palestinians going to work with happiness in Israel , its ‘enemy’. If Israel treats Arabs badly as some people claim, surely we would have seen the opposite happening.

    We Muslims need to admit our problems and face them. Only then we can treat them and start a new era to live in harmony with human mankind. Our religious leaders have to show a clear and very strong stand against polygamy, pedophilia, slavery, killing those who convert from Islam to other religions, beating of women by men, and declaring wars on non-Muslims to spread Islam.

    Then, and only then, do we have the right to ask others to respect our religion. The time has come to stop our hypocrisy and say it openly: ‘We Muslims have to Change’.

    Tawfik Hamid

    • man where are you coming from…

      this guy tawfik has the right to his opinions…but what you must understand is that the religion is complete..

      issues like polygamy, killing of apostates and those who defame the Prophet sallalohoalihewasalam are matters that have been crytal clear to the population..

      there is no doubt that muslims need to change..they need to change to follow the way of the Prophet sallalohoalihewasalam…

      Islam is Islam it cannot change…

      and instead of dissing something constructive..

      • Its funny you said that Tawfik has the right to his opinion while at the same time you agree upon the matter of killing of apostates etc. What about the opinion of the person who want to convert to other faiths. Shouldn’t you respect him or your ethics are corrupt in this matter. How much more brainwashed can you be.

        You see its the matter with you extremists. You demand rights for yourself while at the same time you swallow others rights, as rightly pointed by Tawfik. You people have really a wicked sense of morality.

    • After reading this artical which is written by Mr Tawfik Hamid and sported by Mr Freedom, i came to conclusion to suggest both of you to read the Holy QURAN again and with translation…………i am sure you will get the proper answers of your baseless allegations……….May GOD show you the right path and give you sense to respect your religion and his Prophets.

    • Islam is not cause of our social and regional problems but in fact we created them by not following Islam in its true sense… the disappointment about today’s Muslims is that we can’t interpret some of the aspects of Islam and we ultimately follow our regional traditions rather than that of true religion. Our major mistake is that we follow selective Islam… We have derived many things by our own and unfortunately not practicing the true Islamic teachings…

      Islam is the oldest religion; covering the modern era and depicting the future. Its the religion which had been taught to Adam and Eve. Before hating any Jew or Christian, we Muslims must think that approximately 124,000 prophets of Allah taught the same religion that is “the religion of Allah” which teaches humanity the first. So many Prophets were sent on earth to correct the contents of this very religion which had always been repeatedly altered by its followers. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W. has corrected it the greatest way and it can never be altered now (as confirmed in Quran itself). You can give as many good names to Islam as much you want, without altering its contents. What we do exactly is that we mix the Jews and Christians with the Zionists, Illuminaties, and Freemasons. This is exactly like many Non-Muslims mix terrorists, Mirzais & Ahmedis(who claim themselves Better Muslims) with Muslims. Zionists are not Jews but they’re against Jews, Christians, and especially Muslims, but they claim themselves as Jews in order to confuse our upcoming generations, about the Anti-Christ and the True Christ. We need to create love, harmony and peace all round the world by behaving logically and by seeking the true knowledge, which is carefully kept in secret by those who have already learnt it. In my view there’re only two religions in the whole, almost 11 dimensional meta-galactic, universes; the religion of Allah and the religion of Iblees(Lucifer)… This is not always significant what NAME of religion you’re following but the thing which matters the most is whether your intentions, actions, and reactions are submitted and inclined towards Allah or towards the Lucifer.

      Islam in the Indo-Pak Subcontinent wasn’t, initially, spread through force but through influence. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W. did what exactly Allah instructed Him to do… The people who criticize Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W. must read His whole lifestyle… The life of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W. and the teachings of Quran are ultimate, the most perfect, and complete in all aspects. We really need to understand Quran’s TRUE teachings the very way which its Author Allah wants us to understand. Its surely not very difficult to understand Quran but today’s issue is that we don’t bother to consult it for our everyday lifestyle. The people like Freedom, Tawfik, and Rushdi are the products of today’s Muslims. We have successfully failed to communicate to them their misunderstandings about Islam. My request to these three would be not to mix the true teachings of Islam with today’s many hypocrite and weak Muslims. Islam strongly condemns terrorism and every kind of injustice. May Allah guide us all the right way, in this age of awesome deception. Ameen

      • @Umar Bin Zahid
        If what you say that Islam is not the root cause of our misery as we are not practicing it in true spirit then how come the non muslims who don’t even practice Islam at all are in a way better situation than us. We are following Islam better than non-muslims, hence we should be in better situation. How much more ignorant we can be. You people are extremists in following religion.

        Do you know a term called Ijtiihad. Do you know that in Islam picture is not allowed but its not a sin to use it for ID card. Its the new era with new requirements. We need serious amendments (Ijtihad) to survive and live peacefully in this era. We need to love all human beings to prosper in true spirits. We need to change our paradigms towards Christians, Jews etc. We need to see them through the same lenses we see our Muslim brothers. We need to stop blaming others and look at ourselves. We need to believe that violence is not the solution except in self defense. We need to stop digging Quran for scientific miracles after they have been found by westerns, and start to focus on our own discoveries. We need to believe that there is no better prayer than making the world a better place by living peacefully and advancing in science and technology. It makes no difference to God if you pray 5 times or not. It will not increase thy strength neither decrease it, but thy has send us here to explore and utilize what is created for us. We need to believe that God does not punish good people falling in any religion. How can God punish Mother Teressa.

        Being good human beings is the only essence of our existence. God will not weigh you by your prayers but by your fruits.

        • I have figured you out :) May Allah guide you! Ameen… you explained everything about YOU and your agenda (backed by million dollars support to you) by yourself… waste your own time not others…. get your dollars in consideration to indoctrinate others not me… your mission won’t work upon me… you’re the same like the recent blasphemers who initiated EBDMD group on Facebook… I won’t publicize you by answering you again and again as you’re a serious sorta infection for those who’re living their lives perfectly healthy and in a peaceful manner. You’d have your results but its only the matter of time. Go and do whatever you can potentially do against Islam. You’d successfully be ruined with your short sightedness. If not in this world then surely in the afterlife coming to you in no time. Everyone is responsible for one’s own deeds, in one’s grave and in the afterlife. If you believe it, stop poking your nose among others’ matters, as you surely don’t want others to.

          • BTW your every new Fitna oriented quest has been answered in my previous message about Islam. You only need an eye of heart and an open mind to understand it otherwise everybody would laugh at you not only here but in the hereafter. We Muslims are in far better situation than the westerns who’re so called civilized and modernized. The only thing which matters is what exactly is your perception about the “better situation” that whether you believe materialism and technological advancement to be the “better situation” or anything else… You have your choice and you’d get its fruit. I am confident in my own stance. You must be confidant in your stance if you believe it to be the right thing. Don’t impose your poisonous perceptual horizons upon other innocents; on the other hand, we are not doing so…

  • Yeah Facebook shud be opened but that link which is against our holy prophet shud be blocked.. Facebook and youtube are the Life of Cyberworld of Pakistan.

    • Hey you another extremist.

      What you think you can control the mind and freedom of every human being. People like you are miserable creature. You act like zombies and robots whenever someone tries to run a new script in your programming language. Shame on you and your existence. What use is of being a human if you ban your thoughts, the very essence of intelligent species.

      • idiot u must have watched the television …!!

        Normaly Facebk removes a group or page after few complains against it and if it goes against there terms of services ..!!
        But in this case there came 100,000 complains agnst the group “Draw Muhammad Day” and the group also go against many points in their T.O.S like hateful for a community etc ….
        But still thy didnt removed that page , , and when people tried to counter the nonmuslims by making a group against jews believes , ,it was removed in 20mins …!!

        Still now that page is available and to support it many more groups have been created against our blessed Prophet ..!!

        [These are pure facts , ,do u get it,why fb shld banned ??]

        • u aint a muslim right ?? cause u r trying to help facebk which is supporting those who are making fun of our Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H) …!!

          And there are many ways for people to interact with each othe ..!! What the hell is the use of emailzz and progrmz like skype and sites like photoshack rapidshare etc ..??

          Reply u F**** idiot ..!!

          • I am not supporting facebook. All I am saying is that its no use block major sites. Its giving cheap publicity to such issues, and people who know the power of media know that its damaging to Islam to publicize such issues. Why other Muslim countries haven’t taken such stance. Because, they have got better brains than people like you.

            What if these things starts to occur in your so called sites providing other ways of interaction. Ultimately, you have to ban the internet. Will you be happy then.

            Oh my gosh, I am amazed at the level of brainwashing and poisoning you people have been infected with.

            [Comment Edited]

          • @ Tahoo: Freedom is also running his campaign criticizing the Holy lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W. You just read his every word on this page especially his fire throwing words against other Muslims. He’s condemnable about how he has criticized Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W.

        • What you think will happen after you ban many major sites. Will they stop doing that, neh. Did protesting and riots against Denish cartoonist ever helped, neh. This is a rubber game. The more you pinch it, the more it will stretch, as you have rightly claimed that many more pages and sites have been created. The fact is that no one can control cyberworld. Its not just possible, unless you ban the internet in this country.

          And by the way, why you want to control what they do. You have your consent not to visit any blasphemous page as the case with porn sites. Why your govt. didn’t block all porn sites. Is porn not a sin in Islam? Prophet (PBUH) killed only those who belonged to the land occupied by Muslims, or as soon as He got into power. So, your laws apply to your country only. Don’t try to impose it on the whole world.

          [Comment Edited]

          • 1) Who told u other countriez havent blocked the big sites … China have blocked whole google and facebk .. turkey have also blocked some !! in this way local sites sprang up and economy betters ..!! its people like u who uses products of pepsi.c , if u use local resources then our country would prosper and the internatinal image too ..!!

            2) when u help the locals and stop using forgien websites then who carez wat the other sites do ..!! They also wont do acts agnst muslims when they would see that no muslims use their sites ..!!

            3)U want no action to be taken against these eveil acts ?? On the authority of Abu Sa`id (radhiallahu `anhu) that the Prophet sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam said, “Whoever sees something evil should change it with his hand. If he cannot, then with his tongue; and if he cannot do even that, then in his heart. That is the weakest degree of faith.”

            4)Yaa u r rite abt porn ! But just try to search Prophet Muhammad on google and u will see the sketches ..!! And its just a matter of time when FB would start advertising those groups .. Also its like u standing on a needle cause the blasphemous page is spreading and FB aint taking any action agnst it ..!!

            • Got anything in ur mind ..?? Try to grasp otherz points as well !!

              And stop wasting mine and ur own time over fighting ..!!

            • 1 – Give me proof. How many other countries have blocked big sites, for how long and for what reason.
              2- You see this is the kind of hatred you have for civilized rich countries. Its the psyche of losers like you to hate those who got better guts than you. Success comes when you utilize new ideas with quality. First of all, you copy westerns products by maintaining low quality and then you start to shout that people don’t use your products. Customers have the right to chose the best thing with consideration to price. You have get none.
              3- You seem to never understand my post because of your programming and repeat the same copy stuff to me. Condemn it, ban it, do whatever you want with that page but why the whole websites. Why don’t you ask to block google as it is giving cached and live results of caricatures. What will you do with internet when google is blocked. shhhhh….Why don’t you start such scale protests against terrorism, injustice, violence, human rights. Are these not evil things? Why double standards for this particular case.
              4 – Its people like you giving free publicity to such issues and cutting your feet with your own axe. A shameful fact you know in your heart is that you can’t compete with those giants with such mentality.

              2nd post –

              I usually don’t waste my time with people like you but as I said its for the greater good.

              [Comment Edited]

              • @ your reply for his 2nd post: Freedom, Come on, waste your time ’cause you are getting a huge amount of dollars for it… come on!!! You have not even a single reason against whats going to happen in potentially soon future… can you protect your father Anti-Christ???? If you’re not on his side then you don’t even have any courage to do anything significant to drop him for you have already dropped your identity by dropping your religion. You ain’t anything in this universe… You have no mission but darkness

                  • you’re making me laugh to even more volume…. you laugh and keep laughing… it suits your kind of persons… I think you were born without eyes, ears, and for sure an open heart… Sharraddoaab

              • Man u r just trying to make a person confuse ..!! I gave direct answers to ur questions but u are just saying bla bla bla in reply to my answers ..!! i have already given u the answer to the 3rd point but u r again saying the same thing !! i m just saying to ban the whole facebk(othr resnz alrdy given + its useless+timewaste of students) ..!!
                while google must be asked to delete those materials and url ban shld be done on youtube(contains many lectures) ..!!
                While all the other bans are alright ..!!

                [not replying more cause u may have a heart harder then a stone as stated in quran]

                • Freedom no need to reply , i thought u were a misguided muslim whom i could guide a little ..!! But u r a hypocrite …. u dnt even know that this life is a test given to us by Almighty Allah , everybody is given a unique problem ..!! Bot muslim and nonmuslim have to give it, and Allah give wealth and prosperity to the ones he willed ..!! We are his slaves , cant say why we are not given this and that ..!!

                  • In reply to your post accusing me hypocrite –

                    You see why I called you ignorant. You are damn sure about yourself that all your thoughts are perfect and you can guide me. This kind of thinking only stops personal development. Einstein said “If you have never made a mistake, you have never learned anything new”. Another one said that stupid people are always sure about things but wise people are many a ways doubtfull.

                • While. I somehow may agree on your comments about banning certain links in certain sites, but why ban facebook completely. Your argument about facebook “its useless+timewaste of students” is completely baseless. How come you conclude that facebook is useless for everyone. There are businesses growing on facebook, a lot of study groups are there. Its selfish to say that just because facebook is useless for you, it must be banned.

                  Second thing about timewaste of students, this again is equally absurd. Potentially many major sites are a waste of time if you use it to spare time. Its just the will of the person to get what he wants. Further, why all 1st world countries haven’t put a ban on facebook if it was to be considered just a waste of time. What damage facebook has done on the students of those countries.

                  Curiosity is human nature. When you ban something, people get more curious and the news start to spread like jungle fire. Same thing happened with this issue. I remember a funny email saying don’t open me. While, no one I know has followed the instructions ever.

                  So, I would say stop banning things and send them a virtual message that we don’t F.U.C.King care. As soon as they will realize that they are not being noticed, they will feel ashamed and stop doing all this stuff. I remember from school that whenever a boy tried to tease the other guy, if the guy gets angry (or chirchira) the others would make it a habit to tease him.

                  I have a lot to say on this topic but bulky will only make you incurious to read at all.

                  So, decide for yourself. Is it worth doing.

                  • i also gave another reason for banning the facebk … ie its SUPPORTS the jews n bad christans who are making fun of our BLESSED Prophet ..!!

                    And u r just trying to ignore other things that i said.(wat abt that hadis , it aint says ti ignore the evil , u like eistine more then Prophet?? n dont ask me the reasons behind that hadis cause i m not that qualified !! Its a sahih hadith so u follow it)

                    • You extremists have given your brains to Mullahs. You take one hadis and apply it to all situation as you are told by Mullahs. What about all the other hadis talking about other situations. Don’t you have hard disk to read them as well or your Mullahs just didn’t tell you about.

                      Don’t ask me to start another debate with you because you all seem to come from the same breed, and I have got enough.

                      [Comment Edited]

                  • Freedom pretends to be an acute intellectual but in fact he really seems, he’s been nurtured in jungle.

                    • I used such words because he’s suppressing the truth. Islam is complete n perfect and it doesn’t back any injustice anywhere in the world.

                    • I am not acting any acute intellectual as you said. I find a lot of people intelligent than me. But, it doesn’t matter. All I am trying to do here is to tell the truth as I feel it. But you seem to come to cheap tactics when someone really kick you by accusing him doing this and that.

                      Now, how the hell am I suppressing the truth. When I said Islam is incomplete and injust in the world. All I am trying to say is that you people follow your mullahs who are misguiding you for different personal and political reasons. Have you ever read bukhari and muslim yourself. Did your mind has an ability to question different issues? NO NO NO. Because, you are programmed to do what you are told.

                    • You seem either so very naive or otherwise mulish as your both eyes might have perished completely. Mr. Freedom, the ersatz truth you’re trying to tell here is damn wrong ’cause your’re observing everything being exorbitantly biased. You’re putting each n every blame on only Muslims despite the reality is totally different because when somebody does unjust with others, he/she doesn’t follow or represent any religion. If you talked about “beating of women by men”, for instance, then why do you close your eyes in favour of those who even kill their women, beating them n chewing their hearts, despite not being Muslims. I am talking about extremist and caste maniac Hindus. Slavery, child abuse, beating of women, and the likes, are not only and only done by SOME of the Muslims but they’re also done by the people whom you’re adoring to be the angels. In my view not only Islam but almost NO religion allows such brutality. And of course, in west, the women are being abused far more than the east. If you have any doubt you can spend your money to travel around the world in REAL and find the real truth rather than being injected by every stream from TV & media. Mr. freedom, you’re suppressing the truth about other religions and propagating the self derived blames about Muslims. If you’re advocating for the equality of rights for all religions then why’re you chalking out only Muslims(of today)? Mr. Freedom, I would suggest you to get your ass out of the TV box placed in the corner of your home. The way you’re adopting to foster your insanity about Muslims, won’t really work because first of all you used abusive language to call your Muslim fellows In-humans and Sub-humans…. Your’re not the one who created all of us but its Allah… And please be a watchdog upon yourself too, since, in the very first place its YOU who has started hatred speech calling everyone except you, the “dumbs, in-humans, and sub-humans”… This is not the only way to grasp attention of others. You could adopted a polite and influencing way of speech… But I am sorry, the persons you’re blindly following, themselves never knew about politeness and influence. You really have to change the way you speak to the people for you’re not the boss of anyone and no one would even tolerate you if you would be throwing fire upon all others… For sure, I read Bukhari, Sahi Muslim, and Quran with translation Alhumdulillah… You said, “Did your mind has an ability to question different issues? NO NO NO. Because, you are programmed to do what you are told”. I ween you can’t ever have any nerve to measure the mental power of others. A zillion tons of my brainwave force hits the tangent of my entelechy broaching corporeal, every nanosecond, but I opt to extenuate its impetus to sculpt it digestible for puny n doopleeyay nodes like you. Your all other arguments don’t need to be answered as you don’t have the very art of polemics; P.S. your kinda people merit to be utterly ignored.

  • me think, Facebook / youtube should be banned forever. some says this, some says that. So far i have seen this Bold step from our Govt and Courts leads our country among the Top respondents, comparing other so-called Muslim Nations. Least we respond and condemned this action.

    • Thanx… in my view we’re nothing without Islamic values… Islam comes even before our breaths… The people like Rushdi, Hamid, and Freedom have no identity… they’re dead people

      • When I called you dumbs and in human or sub humans, it wasn’t a false accusation. Truth does not cause hatred and only the truth can set you free.

        You are a victim of many logical fallacies. Your post wasn’t concrete and to the point. You were jumping from one topic to the other without concluding anything. Your very effort to introduce jargon at the end with an intention to make the post more intellectual was actually laughable. Here, I will try to uncover your silly so called polemics, which are mainly a couple.

        1 – You talked about being polite. Now, what the heck do you care about what you are being called. If someone calls me bad names, I will not go bang bang like you. I know myself and what others think about me doesn’t matter.

        2 – Your second logical fallacy was comparing religions. When did I praise other religions? If others are barbaric even then your barbarism cannot be justified. You talked about beating women, slavery and child abuse. Tell me what, don’t you people do that. Is it justified just because you read it in Quran and Hadiths. If others do it, does it make you any better. When did Prophet PBUH banned slavery and beating women. These are uncivilized things and must be banned. Did your mind ever questioned such issues and thought about challenging these. Nope.

        Listen, I condemn all kind of violence (except for self defense) no matter who does that. There are good and bad people in every society and religion but difference is that it is an exception to find good people in fanatics Muslims like you.

        • u just keep on repeating same old words and trying to just make the reader confused …!! BAKA BAKA

  • Everybody must ignore comments from “freedom” as his skull doesn’t accommodate a brain but ____ of all Israeli and Anti-Islamic people

    [Comment Edited]

    • I am ignoring him already but you please mind your language… We should respect everyone on earth

      • Yeah, respect by killing in the name of God. If you have to respect everyone on earth, why don’t you respect facebook guys or creators of the draw Muhammad day page. You are hypocrites. You speak against violence but at the same time support it and do it.

        I have met around ten people asking them about their view on the incident with ahmadies couple of days ago. They all supported that its a right thing to kill those kafirs. But when inquired who did that they all put their finger on India, America etc. You see the level of manipulations these people have in their mind. They lie proudly and freely to save the image of their religious beliefs.

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