Qubee is Ready for Official Launch in Pakistan

Qubee, a UK-based Augere company is told as ready to launch its services officially in Pakistan. Since its soft launch in October 2009, Qubee has secured 1,500 WiMAX customers in Karachi.

In an interview with Daily Times, Mubashir Naqvi, Chief Executive Officer Qubee announced that company is going to officially launch its services in Pakistan – starting with Karachi this month while expanding its coverage to other major cities such as Islamabad, Lahore and Rawalpindi in next two to three months.

Mr. Naqvi said that Qubee has invested about $70 million in last calendar year and planned to invest another $25 million to $50 million next year, depending on its capital and operating expenses. The company has rolled out its infrastructure network in all major cities of the country. Its network support partners are internationally recognized for the provision of best wireless Internet services called WiMAX.

In the faster-than-expected competition among broadband operators, he added, only those companies will survive who are financially sound and equipped with latest technology. “The service charges also matter a lot, therefore, we do a lot of care about it and offer our services from Rs. 750 per month.”

Mubashir Naqvi, who is former CEO of Ufone said that Qubee’s strategy is to share network with different telephony companies and penetrate in maximum parts of the country step by step with the shortest possible time. He intended to stretch coverage to all corners of the country.

He said the marketing model of the company is unique because we approach our targeted customers for saving their precious time instead them coming to us.

Qubee sales agent will offer door-to-door service in the potential and literate areas of the city. Besides, four sales and service centre, the service promotion is also done through telesales and four to five thousands phone calls are made every day.

Mr. Naqvi’s proven track record in sales is for sure going to help Qubee in achieving its targets. However, it may not beat Wateen when it comes to unlimited bandwidth per month.

Qubee Coverage Map: http://www.qubee.com.pk/wheres-qubee/coverage
Qubee Service Centers: http://www.qubee.com.pk/wheres-qubee/qubee-stores
Qubee Helpline: 111-0-78233

Tariff For Business Users: http://www.qubee.com.pk/get-qubee/tariff-planner

Tariff for home users:

  • qubee officials confirmed that they disconnect you every 3 hours or so for collecting/recording your bandwidth comsumptions:(

    • That’s odd! That’s even more worse than the fact that there is no unlimited package available in Qubee!

      I hate it when the electricity goes and my modem restarts, but qubee’ modem will restart on purpose after every 3 hours? How long does it take to sync? My ptcl modem takes around 40 secs to sync.

      IMO, if Wateen reduces their price to Rs.1200 for 1MB Unlimited, then Qubee will not be able to beat Wateen, and Wateen’s share will rise.

  • Humein jo week mein 10 dafa call ker k pareshan kardia wo sirf hum hi samajh sakte hain… lol

  • Another flop company, this will again be for corporates and offices. And there is already saturation in service providers with wateen and witribe and they arent still selling good wimax.
    And another one. with this bandwidth issue they cannot overcome PTCL and worldcall who have the major market share.

    • Yeah I agree with you on the unlimited point.

      But except Wateen, no WiMax service provider is offering unlimited.

      While, the problem with ptcl is that, if your line/SNR/pairs/line profile is perfect/good, then nothing beats ptcl (in terms of price, unlimited package), BUT, if your line has issues, then hell hath no fury! then there is nothing more worse than PTCL! (their CS is pathetic, they don’t know much, you can easily out smart them).

      What we really need to penetrate internet access in Pakistan, is a good WiMax service, that has absolutely NO signal issues, is UNLIMITED, and the package cost should be comparable to PTCL (Rs.1200 for 1MB Unlimited).

      Mark my words, a company which offers this will beat all and capture the major share of the market.

      • No
        Doubt , ptcl customer care is very pathetic ,

        the reason only being that the customer care depot has been out sourced to those people who have no know how of ptcl entirely.

        the people who have been made responsible for running the Call centers are the most notorious and rude people of the society who get the money from ptcl on the pretext of running the call center but what they do they spent it upon thier extravaganza and enjoyment ,

        so these owners of ptcl call centers have recruited the girls accordly who have niether moral charactar nor do they hessiate to go to any lenght to make their owners happy by ful filling thier evil desires and sins.

        so in the name of call centers , very evil practices are being carried out among the owners of the outsourced call centers and the employeed female staff.

        These call centers people are not direct employees of ptcl. Hence they are running thier insane buisiness under the cover name of ptcl call centers.

        The culprit like mateen mughal who has been kicked out of the number of jobs already in the past , has been handling the ptcl call centers.
        Due to his indecent behavior and acts , Mateen Mughal and other such people who were removed from the jobs in the previous companies is enjoying very respectable position in ptcl because of his personal relations with the Arab management , And the Arabs , very body knows that the beauty and youth especially un married female is the main weakness , So the person like Mateen Mughal will have a high prestigious status among the Arabs of Etisalat.

        In short , the work of CS which is supoosed to happen in the Call centers is not going on . It is a very poor and evil practice which is in need happening under the cover of the call center.

  • Qubee is one of the funniest WiMax provider ever known to anyone.

    They have Quetta hotel chai wala system for billing.

    The CPE will DC every 2:58min and remain DC for 2min and then connects again

    A typical WiMax billing system cost around USD $150,000.00

    A typical chai wala cost Rs.3000/- per month.

    • What do you mean by ‘Quetta hotel chai wala system for billing’?

      • Quetta hotal chai wala have a small note book and he notes how many chai he serve you today means its totally manual work.

        Qubee also doing the same thing they cut the RF path then they have chai wala with note book who notes the total UL/DL data.

        This is 2010 and Qubee do not have a proper real time billing system is this a UK based Qubee or Quetta Hotal chai wala?

        Pakistan is no more for volume based service provider – we only need unlimited service

        1Mb speed its normal that you can utilize 8Gb with in a week time.

        I know many Qubee customers are facing bills of Rs.2000 and 3000 just because of this.

  • Qubee is offering good services with Wi-Fi…. I had installed it 3 weeks before. It is great and it is better than wi-tribe. I was using wi-tribe before…..

  • I feel it good .

    the british firms will have at least a good sense of human behavior .

    Chinese and Arabs have no regard for the man power .

    they treat their manpower in a very worst way

  • Well ! As far as other operator are concerned, Launching of Qubee is bettre. Look people! without doing any marketing, QUBEE is on the 3rd position in karachi.
    You can expect much bigger than that ! :)

  • “Since its soft launch in October 2009, Qubee has secured 1,500 WiMAX customers in Karachi.”

    So how is Qubee on the 3rd position with only 1500 Customers?

  • I too read this on same forum that in 8 months Qubee secured 1500 connections
    While Worlcall having 25k, PTCL 118K,Wateen have 22k and Link dot net 11k connections
    Please share the true picture ,
    dont mis lead people at Propaksitani forum where realiy shared 99%

  • They have secured 16000 connections in karachi as per the press statment made by there CEO Mubashir Naqvi………..seems they have done quite good without Marketing! yet to c?

  • Dont buy qubee..Signals gone to one or two and service become dead after one two weeks after signup..Shit devices they are providing.. Qubee is like STREAM LIKE A BAD DREAM.. Hahahaha…

    • whats wrong with you.where are you residing.back here in clifton the signals are 5bars.what else do u desire

  • Hey guys qubee is the best.i live in clifton block 5 and im gettin 5bars.My transfer rate is 122KBPS which remains constant at 1MBPS bandwidth.Not even wateen or witribe or worldcall can beat qubee

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