Reactivate Jazz to get Rs. 30, 300 Mins and 1500 SMS

Jazz once again says Welcome back to its customers, who have not used their Jazz connection since 10th of April, 2010 can get free balance of Rs. 30 instantly by putting their SIM back.

In addition these subscribers can send an SMS to 550 and also get upto 300 more free minutes and 1500 free SMS which means upto 100 free minutes on first recharge of every month for next 3 months


  • All subscribers who have not used their SIMs since 10th of April are eligible for this offer
  • All eligible subscribers will get unconditional balance of Rs 30 on reactivation (without subscription)
  • On subscribing through SMS to 550, subscribers also become eligible for bonus on recharge of up to 300 free minutes and 1500 SMS in three installments as per following:
    1. Each bonus installment will consist of free minutes (equal to value of 1st recharge transaction in the previous month) and 500 SMS
    2. For example:
      1. July (1st installment of free minutes equal to 1st recharge during June + 500 SMS)
      2. August (2nd installment of free minutes equal to 1st recharge during July + 500 SMS)
      3. September (3rd installment of free minutes equal to 1st recharge during August + 500 SMS)
  • Validity of free minutes is five days for On-net calls only
  • Validity of free SMS is 30 days for all local networks
  • 300 free minutes will be given over next three months and maximum of 100 minutes will be given during one month based on first recharge of the previous month
  • 1500 SMS will be given over 3 months, 500 each month on any amount of recharge in the previous month
  • A subscriber who doesn’t recharge in a month will not be given free minutes or SMS in the next month.
  • Bonus Free minutes and SMS will be given after 10th of next month
  • Amount transferred via Jazz share will not be included in bonus free minutes calculation
  • This is a limited time offer

  • The new Jazz TV Ad is really very well made but very confusing. Please anyone help me out, a Mobilink customer will now have to be repentant in order to reconnect to their network?

  • Jazz walay total dramay baaz. I was jazz user since 2003 and in 2009 I just move to another service leaving jazz behind. Don’t remember exactly the time but it was some kind of offer “jitnay minutes use kero utnay minute free hasil karo” something like that. I load new card and use it as per instructions and didn’t got any single free minute from jazz, and when I call them that CR girl simply said “sir you got 17 minutes in return which you have used during last two days” and when I tried to complain she just dropped the call and after that I tried to complain but no body listen to me. I took revenge by all means and chew my sim, never want to use jazz again. and further more it happend 2 times with me dont know about other victems :)

  • taliyaan…………. Mobilink walay itnay baray ho gaye hain ke ab SIM laganay ke liye mafi bhi mangni parhe ge?????

  • Exactly yaar mughay bhi iss ad ke kuch samajh nai ayee, buhat he confusing hai…..

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