Court Orders PTA to Ensure Veraciousness of YouTube’s Videos

Sindh High Court has ordered the Pakistan Telecom Authority to take necessary measures to delete all obscene content on YouTube and to ensure that no obscene material is uploaded on YouTube.

Court further said that failure to implement these orders will directly hold Chairman PTA responsible for this.

The order was issued by a Division Bench of the High Court of Sindh comprising Justice Amir Hani Muslim and Justice Syed Zakir Hussain on a constitution petition filed by Sikander Shah who prayed the court to order the relevant police officials to register a FIR for necessary police action and investigation of an illegal act, against respondent Faheem Mughal for uploading altered obscene photographs of his daughter on YouTube.

According to petitioner, who is a resident of Mirpur Khas, respondent Fahim who was a class fellow of her daughter took her photographs from his daughter’s camera phone and also managed to acquire some of her other photographs, altered and uploaded them on YouTube leaving them for viewing for millions of users of the website worldwide.

He pleads the court that Fahim has committed a criminal act that has brought undeserved disgrace and shame to his daughter, him and his family and thus should be adequately punished as per the law.

The court also ordered the Town Police Officer of Mirpur Khas to register the FIR against Fahim Mughal and to have the case investigated by a police officer no lower than the level of a DSP. The Court also ordered respondent Fahim Mughal to deposit a personal surety bond in the sum of Rs 100,000.

It merits mentioning here that there are established businesses based on such leaked pictures and videos or even altered ones. These websites/individuals invade pictures of girls from their camera phones, facebook, orkut, Flickr, Photobucket profiles and then make them available to million of internet users to earn money. In some other cases individuals do such activities just for fun.

Via AllVoices and BBC Urdu

  • Not that I’m defending the suspect or even supporting his actions, but isn’t the verdict kind of crazy?

    I mean how is it YouTube’s or PTA’s fault if they guy uploaded the photos?

    The Guy is the culprit here who invaded the girls privacy, though the girl also should have shown more responsibility by keeping her personal stuff secure.

  • I think its more of a cyber crime, hence FIA should step in. PTA regulates the internet, but doesn’t look for criminals…

  • My point was that no one can prevent this from happening… the best anyone can do is to catch these sick people as fast as they can and take down the content in question so it doesn’t circulate much.

  • There is a contempt of court that can apply if you differ with court’s decision. We can’t challenge it!

  • Google was fined about a million dollar in Italy because a student uploaded his fellow naked drunk video on

    Even though the Google helped police to catch cluprit both were hugely finned.

    Its youtube responsibility not to allow people upload such videos.

    • Remember, there’s no black and white line separating videos that can be shown and can’t. Something that is blasphemous in Thailand (insulting the King) is not blasphemous anywhere else in the world.

    • You should also remember that media outlets on the web criticized Italy for taking such a decision. YouTube cannot influence the minds of individuals who share what they want to share.

      And a company where tons and tons of videos are upload online – do you think it’s humanly possible to filter out any offensive material? I’m sure those guys have a life too!

  • i agree with with AIZAZ and totally disagree with UZEE. well this is 21st century . every thing can b done if govt. wants . there are hundreds of ways to block such contents

  • I am sure something positive will come out of this case……we must salute the petitioner who mustered up the courage to bring this matter before the courts, knowing how difficult this is in Pakistan to guard against “media hawks” who can exploit this story and beam it out day and night to make a quick buck….

    We need to strike a balance somewhere……true it is impossible for companies like Google and YouTube to filter content and its rather harsh to put the entire blame on their shoulders and fine them…..I think its a good opportunity for the courts to bring this “pervert” to justice and give him an exemplary punishment, which should be publicized so that others are deterred from repeating this act….Let’s see how it goes…

    • dear I am the petitioner who filed constitutional petition 1288/2010 in Sindh High Court Karachi on 02 June 2010 through Advocate Fayyaz Ahmed Samor, on the matter of cyber crime. It is painful to say that no action is taken by the law enforcing agencies against the accused, nor they have been sent to jail on judicial remand nor the I.P addresses & connection numbers of culpirits have been traced by PTCL or other investigating agencies. The domestic pix of my family were exhibited on YOUTUBE. Now the culpirits are harrasing and warning me of dire consequences and demanding a huge amount through various means.I am finding no corner to get help against them. The culpirits are approachful and one of these culprits belongs to a Government Secret Agency. I am still in search of JUSTICE which is no-where being looked. What should I do? Now I understand why people prefer to solve their proplems in JIRGA system (Trible System of Justice) in Pakistan. Can anyone help me to solve my problem and take me out of deprivation. Please help me Al-might Aallah(God) will bless you and your family. A HELPLESS FATHER, SIKANDAR SHAH

  • In acoordance with article-2-A ,31, 227 OF THE CONSTITUTION and section 13 cyber crime ordinance section 219 telegraphy act , up loading obscene video is criminal offence and along with suspect the PTA YOUTUBE PERSONALLS also come under trial by virtue of section 109 pakistan Penal Code. and the uploader can also be easily catched by tracking ip adress, i files this petion for the victum girl , but since cyber crime ordinace is lapsed on 30th april 2010 she still waiting for justice and petion is pending but justice will be done —- ANY VICTUM OF CYBER STALKING AND BLACK MAILNG MAY APROACH FOR FRE LEGAL HELP AT MY DESK


  • Didn’t read the whole article but the word is ‘Veracity’ not veraciousness in the headline.

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