'Pakistani Girls' is Topping Apple Store for the Most Downloaded Paid Application


Here we came across another vendor that is selling publicly available pictures of Pakistani girls, this time on Apple iTunes App Store.

Application named as ‘Pakistani Girls’ is actually topping the charts for the most downloaded paid application in the Apple iTunes App Store. Developed by iHustle Apps, ‘Pakistani Girls’ will get you pictures of those innocents who unknowingly left their snaps on public profiles of social media or image hosting websites.

iHustle is US based company that specialized in apple pictorial software, once downloaded your apple devices will synchronize thousands of pictures available on iHustle servers. We couldn’t find their location – as company is registered against fake address. They have a number given on their website, which is apparently not a landline, maybe its skype in number – its 001-347-948-7853.

iHustle’s domain whois says their contact number is: 001-631-871-9755. They are hosted at http://www.bluedomino.com/

There are two Objectives behind this post

1 – Report this application as Abuse, so that it is taken down
2 – Please don’t share your photographs on public profiles, or image hosting websites. Please be informed that people can copy your pictures from Flicker, PhotoBucket and other similar websites. Also another source of leak is stolen mobile phones, so don’t keep private pictures/videos in cell phones for long, rather delete them after copying them to hard disks.

Moreover, one can sue iHustle as well, for using pictures without the consent of those appearing in them. iHustle can be in big trouble for this – which they defiantly deserve.

Thanks to Saad Hamid for notifying us about this application.

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