‘Pakistani Girls’ is Topping Apple Store for the Most Downloaded Paid Application


Here we came across another vendor that is selling publicly available pictures of Pakistani girls, this time on Apple iTunes App Store.

Application named as ‘Pakistani Girls’ is actually topping the charts for the most downloaded paid application in the Apple iTunes App Store. Developed by iHustle Apps, ‘Pakistani Girls’ will get you pictures of those innocents who unknowingly left their snaps on public profiles of social media or image hosting websites.

iHustle is US based company that specialized in apple pictorial software, once downloaded your apple devices will synchronize thousands of pictures available on iHustle servers. We couldn’t find their location – as company is registered against fake address. They have a number given on their website, which is apparently not a landline, maybe its skype in number – its 001-347-948-7853.

iHustle’s domain whois says their contact number is: 001-631-871-9755. They are hosted at http://www.bluedomino.com/

There are two Objectives behind this post

1 – Report this application as Abuse, so that it is taken down
2 – Please don’t share your photographs on public profiles, or image hosting websites. Please be informed that people can copy your pictures from Flicker, PhotoBucket and other similar websites. Also another source of leak is stolen mobile phones, so don’t keep private pictures/videos in cell phones for long, rather delete them after copying them to hard disks.

Moreover, one can sue iHustle as well, for using pictures without the consent of those appearing in them. iHustle can be in big trouble for this – which they defiantly deserve.

Thanks to Saad Hamid for notifying us about this application.

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Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Amir bhai, I would suggest you to write another post about,”How to sue” ;) as most peoples are unaware of action to be taken after something like this has happened.

  • Keep in mind that When you post online ,every single person in this universe can access that.Be very precise while posting your information ,Images or some cell no’s online.

  • I wonder why this app is in the top ten list…. because of Pakistanis most likely? and who is going to sue them when everyone is busy downloading it? :(

  • Amir bhai, really very nice info u shared for the good of ppl. Allah apko iska ajar atta farmaye Amin.

  • Get life man!! girls who are uploading their pics they should be worried about this matter not you :)

    • Not girls every time, mostly SOBs are involved in this who misuse pictures of girls of their own country. I am sure some Indian or fed up Pakistani or a some Pakistan hater will be behind this, this for sure isn’t for business purpose.

  • Very sad!

    Our govt should also take some notice of such acts of others so that other countries know that we care about our integrity.

  • u must mention any other alternate method to report abuse because to report abuse i guess a person must have installed itunes on his her system

  • Its sad that people are inocent and that they use such communities for what they are, but there are bunch of bad chaps get some thing to bother every body. please guyz stay careful, cyber crimes are really in these days. So becare and try not to leave your pictures on such unsecure places.

  • Hello,

    Good morning.

    There seems to be some misunderstanding. There is no such application in the Apple Store.

    Can someone double check?

  • dear as a Privacy Policy Social Network site already told that This is Public Social Network any one who is in your friend list can see your data
    so dear i think plz who using social network are responsible when thy singup thy don’t read Site Policy, Rules….So Stop Blaming Other :) make your profile more secure

  • This is the developer of Pakistani Girls and I would like to comment on your article. You are completely wrong with your post. I have gotten permission to use the cover picture in the app. Furthermore as with all my apps they consist of pictures which are uploaded BY THE PEOPLE WHO DOWNLOAD THE APP. They are ‘photo sharing apps’ and anyone who uploads has agreed to have the rights to the picture or have taken the picture themselves. Furthermore I have included features inside the app to REPORT AN IMAGE if one is inappropriate or doesn’t have proper permission. I did not make this app with bad intentions and I am very upset with your slanderous accusations. Please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] if you would further like to discuss this.

  • after explanation fromm ihustleapps, above, there should have been a clarification from the blog. but i guess our islam ends at photos of paki girls.

  • I truly agree with the comments have been posted so far. I also suffer because of this site, as a working and married lady it was a horrible experience for me. It was very difficult for me to switch off my cell all the time or change the number easily and I can’t ignore every unknown number because of my job. I used the ufone “block numbers” feature, the built in function in the cell “reject number” also use the option available on the site “remove the number” and of course the last option for any lady I handed over my cell to my husband now you can understand how painful and irritating exercise was this for me so I do my best as a responsible citizen and wrote an email to the PTA chairman and officials. I didn’t get any reply of my email but at last they ban the site what ever the source was this was what I all want. also pasting the email details

  • Dear,

    I think girl’s are equally responsible for this because they know very well that their shared picture are always at stake of get abused.

    and proPakistani.com doing good work by aware girl’s and other ‘s.

    so from onward don’t share your picture on social networking site’s and other site’s as well.

    Thank you
    Best Regard
    M.Waqas( BraveWiki )

  • I have to say that for the last few of hours i have been hooked by the amazing posts on this blog. Keep up the great work.

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