Even a Deleted Mobile Video Can Take Someone’s Life

Before reading this article – I would like you to watch above given video from the TV Show “Hasb-e-Haal”, of Dunya TV, aired on February 25th, 2010.

It talks about an objectionable video of a girl taken by a boy, which he had actually deleted, got leaked out. We won’t discuss their relation or if he should have shot the video or not – even we won’t discuss on how brutal is to upload someone’s video on internet – but we want to alarm everyone about a very serious issue.

Videos that you shoot on Mobile Phone and then delete –  may remain in memory. It’s similar to data stored on computer hard disk, if deleted – is recoverable through software.

No further words on this inhumane incident.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Aamir, this is perhaps the most alarming thing that you have pointed out via this forum, I appreciate the responsible post& hope youth of Pakistan learns the lesson (but not the hard way).

  • Aamir,

    Please write down an exclusive article on best practices to inform people, how to remove data from mobile phones, laptops, computers, i-phones, etc.

    TV report has shocked me.


  • I think we should teach new generation to avoid such things,not to teach them how to delete the video. Its really stupid to let some one ruin ur life, why dont we follow the right path ?

  • I’m normally not the one who tends to get very emotional.
    But I was touched deep within and felt for this girl..
    I believe the journalist who broke the news to the mass by having it printed in the press should be prosecuted holding him partly responsible for the build up to the murder of the gullible girl.

    I’m no law expert but since in Pakistan it seems you may sue for anything and at times get away with anything.
    So why not for once give this journalist a lesson by dragging this filthy shameless person to the court!

  • shameful.. the only solution is to go get closer to religion.. ek ek kr ky sb bimariyan khatm ho jen gi.. hamary deen k bas hr problem ka solution h.

  • I dont know what to say. Its so sad.
    Make me wonder if we are really living in “Islami Jamhoria e Pakistan” .. :(

    I totally agree with you. The “right” thing is not to do any stupidity like that at all.

    And for ProPakistani readers, whenever you delete anything from memory (let it be Mobile, Camera, USB, HD) there are ways to recover that data if the only thing you did was “Right Click and Delete”.

  • @Aamir Attaa; Bro i’ll highly appreciate if you consider writing an article “How/Why to use internet positively and wisely” and adding *orn addiction.
    i didn’t used proper word b’coz it might be against the rules of this portal. but i think you can understand what i wanted to say.
    sorry for being off topic and for double posting.

      • Dear Admin,

        1) = ProPakistani Months Ago Started It’s Service To Keep Us Update Through Mobile SMS. That Was Really Informative Service. Why ProPakistani Stopped That ?

        2) = I Also Subscribed To Some News Channels SMS Updates. And They In The End Also Mention The Time Of Sending SMS. But Sometimes I Receive Them So Late Even After Hours ( Sometimes It Happen Even For Personal SMS ). Do ProPakistani Have An Idea Why Such Thing Happen ?

        Thank You.

  • To make the content like videos and pictures un-recoverable try to delete file through computer by connecting with data cable and use software for secure deletion

  • These days it is not so difficult to get access to girls pictures and we can see there are so many pictures uploaded on the internet without even knowledge of the these girls.Many of them never did anything wrong.This can be disastrous for such girls.please guys stop playing with lives.Dont be so cruel.

  • If we do format our memory card through mobile fone twice, can the data be recovered ? i am asking cuz i am goin to sell my fone today so dont want anything like that… !

    • you should use a some software to erase data permanently – search on google for such software that ensures permanent deletion of data. We will post about these software on ProPakistani soon.

    • Formatting the card does not guarantee 100% that the information becomes unrecoverable, though its highly likely that data is erased. Low level formatting is the best.
      Best way is to use specialized software available freely.

  • un married girlant be killed because of zana. Maternal uncle will be hanged because of murder

  • She didn’t have parents and as she was student of class 10th, her age was maximum 16 years. So according to Pakistani law, she hadn’t reached age of consent. The entire blame goes to journalists who highlighted this story. Those newspapers should be shut down and those journalists should do suicide in shame because their lust for money and fame resulted in loss of a life.

  • i have heard that videos kept in cell phone could be hacked through GPRS by cell phone operating companies. Is that so?

  • i just wanna say one thing.

    If you hide others’ sins now (in world), Allah will hide your sins then (at doomsday).

    so even if he/she had sinned, just hide it. Who knows he/she will seek forgiveness afterwards!

  • what the hell was that? m i look like ignorant? tr to not post this kind of articles again GET A LIFE

  • to delete pictures or video permanently do the following steps:

    1) Delete the photos or videos from the mobile phone.

    2) Then if you have deleted a picture shoot dummy pictures to fill up your memory and then you can delete those dummy pictures as well. What this will do is that it will permanently overwrite the sectors of the older pictures with dummy pictures you have taken so even if a software tries to recover it will get the dummy pictures.

    3) Same steps for the video as above in point 2 … after deletion take dummy video to fill up the memory.

    I hope that helped…

  • This is alarming situation; We all Pakistanis must convey our concerns on this sensitive issue to Pakistan Government. FOR GOD SAKE please make a law and implement it with immediate effect to eliminate fraudulent people from the society

  • i have liked this program by Geo News Channel And these kind of program should be shown to leader that what are you say about it?
    then it will be nice and good

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