Get Wateen’s Student Package, Country Wide [Trick]

We recently covered Wateen’s discount package for selected cities, also known as Wateen’s Student Package.

Problem is that the offer is limited to those customers only who live in Okara, Sargodha, Abbottabad, Gujrat, Sialkot, Sheikhupura or Sahiwal.

Now if you live in Lahore, Karachi or maybe in Islamabad (or in any city with Wateen’s coverage) and you want to get this discounted offer then here is a trick:

Ask someone who lives in up-mentioned cities to get you a Wateen connection on his/her ID card from his/her city and that’s it.

As Wateen is a wireless service, along with, it supports inter-city roaming for broadband service; hence you are good to use services in any region of Pakistan.

So, this way you can enjoy wireless internet services at discounted price.

Important to Note:

  • You may need to check Wateen’s inter-city service usage policy
  • For discount Student Package, Wateen people will ask for ID card with permanent address of any of up-mentioned cities on it – so make sure your friend / cousin (or whoever is buying you Wateen’s device) has permanent address of any up-given cities on his/her ID card.
  • Most important thing is to make sure that this discount is for longer duration, currently we don’t know its expiry date, however, deal gonna be feasible only if it continues for more than 6 months. Or you will have to pay full charges for the services.
  • Even more important is that this practice can result into a permanent suspension of your account
  • So try it at your own risk

By the way, Discounted Rates for Wateen Student Package are as following:

  • 256 Kbps – Unlimited Volume for Rs. 839
  • 512 Kbps – Unlimited Volume for Rs. 909
  • 1 Mbps – 1 GB Limit for Rs. 299
  • 1 Mbps – Unlimited Volume for Rs. 979

All these packages come with

  • Upfront cost: Zero
  • Security: Zero
  • Monthly Device Rental: Zero

Note: This trick was shared by Jony in comments, which definitely deserved a separate post.

Disclaimer: ProPakistani is not responsible in any case for any kind of legal implications of using above mentioned approach.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • haha cool. Wateen bypassed! :)

  • Asad

    By bringing this on the front, you have alerted Wateen as well. They may now re-consider their policies.

  • K.A.

    if from now on..Wateen will not allow roaming on Student packages then… ? trick will die

  • the truth

    Why do people feel so good when the think they are cheating someone. No wonder we stay is the chaos we are in, you are thieves who complain when you are robbed. Live by the sword – die by the sword! !

    • Ali

      it is no cheating, this trick is exactly by wateen’s laws. Now if flaw is in the policy and someone is using it then you cant call it cheating

      propakistani has done this before, it helps companies figure out their defecencies

      • ahsan

        lol dont “cheat” if you dont like it . your’e no one to tell anyone not to do something :P

    • s019d

      This is because we are betrayed by our own people. Here people do not have enough what they want.

  • faisal aslam

    simply a cheating work

  • geohotz

    guys check this out, i just googled mobilink jazz’ website but google wont let me open it, the page has been reported as “attacker page”, i tried using other internet services, but it still displays the same message. u guys check it out…
    july 5, 11:51 am

    • ahsan

      The website at appears to host malware – software that can hurt your computer or otherwise operate without your consent. Just visiting a site that hosts malware can infect your computer.

      its true LOL mobilink sucks anyway :P rock on ufone ;)

  • This is not a trick its Cheating.

    Abusing facilities in such a way is unethical……

    Instead of wasting time in saving money by cheating etc one should consider increasing his/her income level in an honest way

  • Aamir Attaa

    I find it necessary to comment on feedback we are getting, I would say, this is not the first time we have shared such tricks with our readers.

    For instance we had covered how to use LinkDotNet and wateen with same username/password. This helped both the companies by taking steps to restrict such multiple login issues.

    Above mentioned post can also serve as a warning for the company, if it wants to setup counter checks on the trick.

    I am hoping this post reaches to the people concerned at Wateen (I’d rather make sure they read it

  • M.Fahad

    Karachi nay kyea begara hay wateen waloo ka

  • host

    karachi is rich city my dear.

  • Wateen Blocks Shared Links/Devices

    Ya :( it is true…. wateen has blocked shared devices… they are saying to do sms at some number with following details.
    MAC address

    :( wateen is creating problems for himself because of high rates and blockage of shared LOGINS.

  • Kashif Mukhtar

    Oh Well, well hold on you guys. This promo is on for the last of 1.5 year. Once you buy it from one city and use it in other one following problems occur.

    1) WATEEN Never provide any phone support to it’s roaming users. So once you stuck means end of game.
    2) No physical support guy’s visit will be made except registered address of the customer which was provided at the time of registration.
    3) if your device got a problem and working no longer normally WATEEN replace it immediately without any charges. But you need to visit same dealer/seller from where you actually bought or at least you have to visit WATEEN business center with in your purchased city along with Buyer’s CNIC copy.
    4) WATEEN is also binding the Macs now (Means no username and password will be required further)

    So keep these all points in mind before making decision.

    Let me provide you a solid legal way from where you can save your money without involving these kind of risks. Here you can save Rs.700 to 900 on any package of your choice and more importantly it’s RISK FREE.

    For example 256Kbps/10GB Wateen original Price is Rs. 1998 and you can Buy it @ Rs. 1298 + FREE Ship (You saved Rs.200 here as well) anywhere in Pakistan. brought this combine offer with a collaboration of an authorized WATEEN WiMAX distributor in Pakistan. Visit for details.

    Keep smiling!

  • Talha Ashraf

    Ptcl student package is still useful then Wateen

  • Wateen is the best internet service provider in town

  • usman javed

    kashif mukhtar u r a ______,
    wateen can be use anywhere , i m using it.
    i bought it from islamabad bt i m using it in lahore, infact time to time they r providing me support, and also mentiontioning i hv changed my device 2 times in lahore with same isl address.
    u just want to spread ur business with lies
    [comment edited]

  • Dr.omer

    Aamir wateen has reduced its student package charges from 980 to 849rs kicdly update news,i got their sms today

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    Thanks For Information

  • Shahab

    Wateen is best

  • Umar

    I want to use wateen in muzaffarabad so any one tell me is it possible cz muzzaffarabad is not mentiones in above cities….

  • SAlam avery body….

  • every body welcome with a best conection wateen


    wateen limit unlimitted student package after 25Gb data, speed becomes 256Kbps!!!! That is UnInformed and so Fraud!!!

  • Umar

    mr sadiq u just sent me a site and didnt answer my above question………

  • Tanveer

    Is it still available or not???

  • ArtistDigital

    I got a Wateen connection, in Abbottabad, and inquired about the student package, where I was told that it isn’t available any longer, however, I believe that I was lied to, because one of my cousins is still using the student package.
    I’m using 1MB unlimited package for Rs. 1500!! Well, Wateen sucks! Ptcl Rocks! No Ptcl DP is available where I live now, however, as soon as I get the opportunity, Wateen = Dumped!

  • munib

    after using 25gb which is consumed from allocated the speed will be 256kb which is totally disapointment for all