ICT R&D Fund Directors Fired for Rejecting Khosa’s Brother-In-Law

Ongoing difference between ICT R&D Fund directors and Mr. Latif Khan Khosa reached its highest level when six out of 12 directors were shown the door for not complying with Minister’s urge of appointing Mr. Azhar Manzoor as the ICT R&D Fund Chairman, reported Sama TV.

Mr. Manzoor is the brother-in-law of Prime Minister’s Adviser on Information Technology Latif Khosa.

According to a notification issued by the Information Technology Ministry 6 were terminated with immediate effect. Named include:

  • Sikandar Taqi,
  • Wahaj al Saraj,
  • Zafar Usmani,
  • Dr Amir Mateen,
  • Dr Suhail Naqvi
  • Prof Dr. Mansoor Sarwar

Sources say the slot of the chairman of ICTR&D Fund was lying vacant, which Latif Khosa tried to fill, recommending his brother in-law for this position.

HRGC (Human Resource Governance Committee) received applications from multiple candidates including the brother-in-law of Mr. Khosa, as reported by sources in fund.

Mr. Manzoor had presented his MBA degree without mentioning the institute. On inquiry, it was found that he had graduated from some “Canadian Management Institute”, which actually was a fake and non-existent university, as HEC has said that it does not recognize this institute; in fact it does not exist at all, told us sources familiar with situation.

On this, out of 12, six directors refused to approve Azhar Manzoor’s name as the Chairman of ICTR&DF, after which they were fired with immediate effect.

We were unable to collect Minister’s viewpoint on the issue.

It merits mentioning here that ICT R&D Fund is run by a set amount of revenue share offered by telecom companies. It offers funding to local universities and firms for research and development projects.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • It is alarming that the ppp activists and parliamentarians have becomes lethal and poisonaous for our national institutes.

    No institution is safe from the loot spree and napotism of the ppp. In every place they are trying to insert thier favourite person.

    May Allah be merciful on our country and may get rid us from the cruel govt.

    • because people are piece of _____ and unable to cast vote for educated person

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  • _____ _____ … I wonder why can’t CJ take Suo moto action against this…

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    • The CJ doesn’t have to take suo motos on everything!

      What are the people for? We should go to the streets to rid our people of this miserable government!!

  • It’s a shame Pro Pakistan does not let it’s users freedom of speech and omit comments that seem to go against Government.

  • hahaha…what else can we expect from illiterate parliamentarians..
    after all…
    parchi khappay khappay khappay…

  • “Jamhuriyat Behtreen Intiqaam Hae” (President of Pakistan)….. And they are taking revenge from the education and R&D sector of this country. I am working in one of ICTR&D funded project. We are near to close our research project only due to this conflict.
    What we can expect in the country where a CHIEF MINISTER says “Degree Asli Ho Ya Naqli, Degree Degree Hoti Hae”…… I am shameful being part of this society……

  • This is very important place, as the fund spent on research could bring multiple benefits, I wonder if these people are afraid of someone sitting above all?

  • Dear Mr. Aamir Atta,

    This is Ahzar Manzoor or AZFAR MANZOOR? HEAD OF MOBILINK BCD?

    This is the same story happenned in past days with USF & same with this ICT R&D Fund.

    When PPPP goverment is collecting peoples of Old Musharaf time like Finanace Minister etc than why Not They pick One person Dr. Atta ur Rehman is Minister of IT & TELECOM.

    I think you all will agree that he can drive more better than a political party minister. This is era of Telecom & IT & Honorable Mr. Khosa cant run it as he know legal affairs, it will be enough if he run his own Lap top windows, IT & Telecom is a Complex & Technical work.

    We only can pray for Better Pakistan. Good atitude shown by all 6 directors who opposed this. Good Luck you 6 poeples for future assigments.

    Love Pakistan.

  • A govt which is built on non-ethical grounds, cannot return any good to it’s people!

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