Voice Services in DHA Suffer as Monopoly of Wateen go Un-checked

Wateen Telecom, as a result of some ‘exclusive deal’ enjoys the monopoly of voice services for DHA Lahore Phase 5.

The monopoly came to fore following an agreement which Wateen struck with DHA Lahore. As per agreement DHA Lahore will prevent other land-line voice service providers such as PTCL to offer its services in DHA Phase 5.

It is worthy to mention here that DHA Phase 5 covered by Wateen makes up 25 percent of DHA Lahore.

People however question the uselessness of the agreement because as per its record, the services offered by Wateen have not always been very reliable.

Locals of the area cite example of a recent incident in which Wateen’s server is down since Tuesday – July 6, 2010 and therefore all voice line subscribers in Phase 5, DHA Lahore are unable to avail the facility.

A large number of people are coming forward to register its protest over the decision and cancel the agreement with Wateen. They are of the view that instead of Wateen, PTCL should be invited to do the job and provide landline phone services.

Wateen maintains through its helpline it is trying to fix the problem as soon as possible. DHA Lahore said it cannot do anything because of this exclusive agreement.

CCP when approached elaborated it was the explicit violation of CCP laws, however, as per CCP laws some consumer will have to initiate the process by registering a complaint and then a legal action may be followed.

Local residents have repeatedly complained to PTA but it looks as if its officials have turned deaf ears to the genuine complaints of the victims.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK