Voice Services in DHA Suffer as Monopoly of Wateen go Un-checked

Wateen Telecom, as a result of some ‘exclusive deal’ enjoys the monopoly of voice services for DHA Lahore Phase 5.

The monopoly came to fore following an agreement which Wateen struck with DHA Lahore. As per agreement DHA Lahore will prevent other land-line voice service providers such as PTCL to offer its services in DHA Phase 5.

It is worthy to mention here that DHA Phase 5 covered by Wateen makes up 25 percent of DHA Lahore.

People however question the uselessness of the agreement because as per its record, the services offered by Wateen have not always been very reliable.

Locals of the area cite example of a recent incident in which Wateen’s server is down since Tuesday – July 6, 2010 and therefore all voice line subscribers in Phase 5, DHA Lahore are unable to avail the facility.

A large number of people are coming forward to register its protest over the decision and cancel the agreement with Wateen. They are of the view that instead of Wateen, PTCL should be invited to do the job and provide landline phone services.

Wateen maintains through its helpline it is trying to fix the problem as soon as possible. DHA Lahore said it cannot do anything because of this exclusive agreement.

CCP when approached elaborated it was the explicit violation of CCP laws, however, as per CCP laws some consumer will have to initiate the process by registering a complaint and then a legal action may be followed.

Local residents have repeatedly complained to PTA but it looks as if its officials have turned deaf ears to the genuine complaints of the victims.

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  • What a shame. This is another dilema in this country that a few people who have decision powers take such decisions in favor of someone fo r very small benefits. Like I give you forever free Wimax service with a few free CPEs, and you favor me with something extra ordinary and rest suffer coz of me.

  • i just called Wateen’s helpline and they confirmed that their voice services are now working in the entire city. Wateen’s representative also said that they cannot give any timeline of restoring the voice services which are down for the last 5-6 days.

  • Wateen is a horrible service provider all services are awefull people of DHA phase 5 are forced to use wateen as their is no other options.

    I just want to question if for what is wateen taking money if it can provide proper services???

    i cant understand this fact why is wateen troubling customers i am awre of this fact that wateen is out of assests and funds thats why it became public limited but this dosent mean that to trouble a customer in such a way if wateen can not provide proper services then it must leave it.I am sure that wateen custody of phase 5 wont be good for them in long run as when phase 5 dha Lahore get populated people will be forced to take action against it.

  • hi…. am also user of wateen , basically problem,s are due to some upgradation for better services eventually.

    this is really one time problem and we really sorry for that .. but am sure after that all wateen user’s will enjoy good services, and this is very Evident that problm’s can happend any time…. so inshallah at month end you will categorically enjoy better services…

    • @brother Fahad saeed okay i agree with u for sake of argument u that wateen is upgrading system okay no problem.But before upgradation problems did existed people did complain about same issuse eariler what they are facing now.what about that is wateen a small milk drinking kid that u have to complain that they will react they?Wateen is so confused they arent themselves aware about the problem + i complained about internet they had their team sent 2 me twice the 1st team didnt update the status about reapairing completed and second team was on.

      As wateen is the only service provide it must provide quality services what it cant do upgradation started last month before last month wateen were giving issuses wateen is starting to decline its 1st to decline is it became public limited as its running out of assest.CCP pakistan can surly help and even finish its contract with DHA if that dosent happen we all can then just pray k wateen float ho jayee like GM motors.

  • @Shaheryar i know your issue that disturbing you.. if you cant beign helped by wateen , it’s doesnt mean we are not catring anyone..

    you basically think that other ISP are doing better , let me share the damn no’s with you all.

    we have 12000 thousand houses in DHA. and in which 7000 customer are using wateen (also in those Phases where PTCL & others available)we dont have a monoply in those phases, including internet, TV and Voice. there are lot of ISP’s in DHA.
    it’s mean you know 58% of customers are using wateen and remaning 42% are different.

    there are lot of ISP’s in DHA except Phase 5. but people are satisfied in other Phases, but now a days i know we facing tempraroy issues, and we are about to solve it..

  • @Brother Fahad i apericate your effort in giving this topic and replying back.okay for the sake of Arguement i agree people in other phases are using wateen but most of them will be using voice services of PTCL where avilable.PTCL has justed launched its 8mb dsl effective from 15 june what i beleive people will upgrade or shift to ptcl in islamabad.Lets keep upgradtion and internet at one side.Before upgraditon wateen wasnt able to provide 24/7 365 days voice service with helpline wateen voice work on concept of modem if battery is out u can replace it but that means u have monitor telephone always and wait for that time to replace back up battery decling all other important work and being watchmen of telephone at time when power is out for hours. its 12am u need to make an important call power is on modem is out helpine is off (no one attend wateen helpline after 10pm) its office is closed what to do then can u explain.The main purpose of telephone is to avoid the use of mobile whats the use of telephone when u cant use it in time.

    Could wateen provide a 24/7 365 telephone like PTCL if yes then than i am more than happy to use wateen.

    Secondly internet is not that big issuse even its goes off as it works on concept of modem if is off night time u cant help it out as helpline is off no 1 picks it after 10pm.

    If wateen has taken responsibility to provide services it must do so non-stop.

    whats happening is happenig its front of every1 eyes DHA head himself said we are looking forward to introduce more voice services in phase 5 if he is helpless i am sure CCP pakistan will interfear and allow other companies to come as its govrnemnt u cant stop it or reject it.

  • @Shaheryar offering is not a matter, we can offer 10MB , would you like to purchase it?
    offering 4MB in DHA. and we have very low majority that using 4mb including you .. and you are talking about 8MB… people dont have purchasing power of 8mb price is 7000rp.

    2nd tell me one company in pakistan who can give his srvices at night, PTCL,and all others cant help after 9 and we providing till 12am.(still you not satisfied) and office must close at 10. if you have any example of any office (ISP;s) which is opend till 10.(do u have?) but we didn’s shut our office before 10.(still you not satisfied).

    let me talk about bettery if you have really such kind of problem, you can replace it. ican help you in this matter.
    ya we have problem with our help line, but i told you that we are about to resolve it.

    and you cant being helped by any other company at 2am. how will you respond if your light goes out late nite let say at 3am. would you request to DHA head that please manage some subtitute against wapda…

    so understand the situation and be ready for evergreen solution…….

    thanks ……

    • I just wanted to express my feeling about wateen i didnt want to get in to a deep debate whats happening is happening and its happening it front of the whole world every1 is aware about that.for your kind information PTCL is the only company in pakistan providing 24 hours HELPLINE.

      Secondly my battery is good if u r talking about a super battery which will after inserting it modem will make my telephone work 24/7 and eliminate mode outage making my wateen telephone similar to PTCLS then i am more than happy to take it.

      thirdly i dont want to waste my time debating wateen was providing faulty services before upgradition people were complaining for some reason.I dont want to get into deep into debate so you can better can explain all these theroies to PTA or CCP when they will come with complains of various customers for inspections.

      Thirdly as war as Wapda issuse is conserned thats a govrnmental issuse wateen issuse on other hand is a civil issuse.Civil issuse can be solved by public but they cant change or interfear in govrnmental issuses.

      hope you got the point this is my last post here after this i wont be visiting this site to futhur reply so u can reply or not its upto but i will not be replying here anymore

      bye take care.

  • Wateen is the best service provider in town I am also using Wateen I never faced a problem (except there is outage)I am very happy with Wateen

  • Well i must say, its unfair from the consumer end to be stuck with a monopoly…Those coaxial cables are terrible and belong to the 90s. I need an internet connection besides Wateen and i am stuck. No PTCL means no DSL related ISPs and since i have a basement those EVDO solutions are no good. (Even on the rooftop they suck! ~60KB max download)…
    Wi-tribe/Qubee your expansion strategy is flawed, going after high density areas where ALL ISPs are offering their services. Come to Phase V and beyond, people are desperate here for more options and are willing to pay!

    A DHA Phase V resident,
    P.S. I wish Satellite internet was a feasible option =(

    • Aoa dilshah, can you be more specific about the performance of ptcl nitro in dha phase 5 because im using wateen for almost 2 years and im sick of its performance. What speeds you get on max & average? Help will be great thanks!

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