Pakistan May Launch New Satellite Next Year

Pakistan is planning to replace PAKSAT-1 with a new communication satellite PAKSAT-1R and hopefully it will be launched on August 14, 2011. The satellite will support all conventional and modern Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) applications, will use the geostationary orbit, and acquire a constant height of 36,000km above the surface of earth crust.

Manager PAKSAT (SUPARCO) Waseem-ul Hassan in an interview with APP said that the satellite will have a total of up to 30 transponders and life time of the satellite would be 15 years. Giving some more details about the satellite, he said it would carry the communication pay-load that consists of internet broadband, TV channels distributions, tele-medicine and tele-education.

He mentioned that work on the project is started with full bloom, and the measurements are taken to make it perfect and a long-term loans are also made for this project. Manager PAKSAT said, as per the technology achievements in the region, Pakistan has to make fast and competitive progress in the technology of space sciences. Some more satellites would also be launched in the next years by Pakistan, he added.

“It is a right time for Pakistan to make such progresses while the eyes of world are on us”. In future such contributions, that make the Pakistan in every field a proud one, will be made and always be made for not only to assist Pakistani nation but to give a big helping hand to whole humanity, he maintained.

  • This satellite build in China with china corporation.SUPARCO just waste a time and money.They have not any one significect Research.

  • Kaz, you are right!
    I did my M.SC Space Science from PU in 2008.
    From that time we are listening that Pakistan is going to launch Satellite. But it never launched.
    It was Mussaraf, who launched PAKSat 1, to occupy our slot in Geostationary orbit else India will take that.
    So, let’s seen what happen in 2011 and you may now batter what NASA, JAXA, ESA are doing and what we doing.

  • Can we ask engineers and scientisits in NESCOM, SUPARCO which projects they are working on (not all can be covered under official secret act) how much they spend on their projects and what are the outcomes ?

    Certainly NOT.

  • its just a fake game and nothing wastage of resources only while working with china

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