PTA is Holding a Seminar on 3G Mobile Phone Technology

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is holding a seminar with the alliance of HUAWEI on 2nd August, 2010 in Karachi to inculcate the stakeholders on importance of 3G mobile phone technology. The seminar would stress on various aspects of 3G Mobile Broadband services and 3G spectrum auctions in Pakistan.

The subject of seminar is “Demand for 3G and beyond”. Secretary IT, Naguibullah Malik, would be the chief guest on this event. IT & telecom industry experts, CEOs of telecom companies, representatives of chamber of commerce and media men will also attend the event.

During the seminar speakers of national and international fame will focus on the benefits of 3G to: businesses, education, government, national economy, urban/rural public, local software houses and local contents development. They will also draw attention to the importance of high-speed infrastructure in accomplishing the benefits. Live Mobile –TV and 3G call scenarios would be demonstrated and a signing ceremony of MoU for infrastructure sharing between PTA and cellular operators of Pakistan will also take place during the event.

Introduction of 3G services would result in great reimbursement to the national economy. Pakistan’s exchequer is already earning more than Rs. 100 Billion a year in the form of taxes from Telecom sector. Improved usage will further increase tax figures.

  • It would be stupid for Pakistan to invest in 3G at this time.

    Even if they deploy an HSPA+ network, they would still have to upgrade the infrastructure few years later to go for 4G.

    It would be wiser to just auction the licenses for LTE so few years down the road, when operators would want to upgrade to 4G (LTE Advanced), only a software upgrade would be required.

    • Tz

      I agree. Was going to say the same

      • ashhar

        PTA pehlay 3g license ma paisay le gi phir 4G main.
        jab hum 4G laga rahay houn gae duniya 5G per ho gi.
        Hum us din bhi yehi kahay gae… India aur bangladesh bi tu 4G laga rahay hain.
        wah re wah be the followers not even imagine to be a example

    • raishma

      yes guys i agree wid 3G bcoz its popular in mobile phones, currently, there is no 4G LTE mobile phones avalible, and when it come to US or UK market it will be very costly more dan Rs 50,000, but 3G mobile prices r not more dan Rs 5000 or 6000, even chinese 3g mobiles are avalible in the market which costs Rs 4500, and remember that 3G support download speed upto 55mbps, and upload speed upto 22mbps on HSPA+ technology, which is enough for 10 to 15 years bcoz PTCL landline nowdays providing dsl speed of 8mbps, and 1 thing more we have 4G wimax networks, like wateen ,wi-tribe, qubee, mobilink 4g, and wateen will soon upgrade its speed to 4mbps, and there are so many hands of wimax avalible in the market like HTC EVO 4G, samsung Epic 4G, nokia n810 4G edition etc etc.., so thats y we dont need any 4g , so guys 1st get complete information about anything then give ur comments…bcoz guys like u hve made our country dull…

      • That’s a funny observation. You do realize that both handsets and networks are backwards compatible right?

        3G networks do work on 2G phones, and 3G phones do work on 2G networks. Similarly, the LTE E-UTRAN Air Interface is backwards compatible with GSM/EDGE as well as UMTS so most of our handsets automatically qualify.

        • ashhar

          will you try to walk with the world ?
          point 1) 4g phone cost…(jab 2g nahi thi tu phone k rates kitnay zaida thay ?

          point 2) Downloading speed… Japan ma average speed 64MBPS hai… tum 8MBPS per khush raho.(infact i dont have evidence of single user who proved this speed.) i am in johar town lahore … PTCL has refused to give me 4MBPS …baatain hain batain

          • Well I do have 4Mbps and its not on a Fiber line. Its not that much great of an experience either. But I think 4Mbps on a fiber connection would be good.

            • raishma

              people like Uzee just think for their ownself, they dont know that can the poor people will afford 4g lte technology, which will be not affordable dan 4000/month or 5000/month… 3g comming to Pakistan for business, not for some one who need 100mbps speeed 4g..n mostly people use 1mbps broadband in pakistan, 70% broadband users use 1mbps…

              • No one is forcing you to upgrade to 4G or 3G for that matter. 70% still use 1Mbps right? That’s because its their choice. That doesn’t mean operators shouldn’t offer better services for people who can afford them.

            • Ashhar

              yar fibre optics pata nahi kab lagay gae.
              what is your downloading speed ?

        • raishma

          oh my god! how ignorant u r Mr Uzee…those gsm phones which supports 3g, has a 3g chip of umts technology, but they dont have a LTE chip n currently no LTE 4G phone is avalible, guys dont beleive on Uzee…he is totally ignorant about Telecommunication…

          • Ashhar

            always use Mehran… Always dream BMW = PAkistani
            If BMW factory is coming to pakistan say

            ” We are happy with mehran” = Raishma like people

          • Whao can you even read? I mean work on your comprehension before trying to judge others. I clearly said:

            Similarly, the LTE E-UTRAN Air Interface is backwards compatible with GSM/EDGE as well as UMTS so most of our handsets automatically qualify.

            In simple words, it means 4G, 3G (if deployed), and 2G (EDGE and GPRS) networks work side by side. No operator in the world is that stupid to kill their old generation network while upgrading. And the upgrade process takes lots of (think 5+ years).

            So in case if I wasn’t clear before, 4G technologies like LTE work side-by-side with 3G/2G technologies. And besides LTE enabled phones are already in production and would start rolling out in Q3/Q4 2010 with mass production probably happening in late 2011/2012 which really isn’t far off.

            P.S. @Raishma If you start saving money now, maybe you’d have enough to buy one then.

  • umar

    Pta is too late for 3g,the world is fast enough to go for 4g.If they want to be in the top nations, think more wisely & smartly .The future of pakistan’s IT in their in nutshell leave 3g & go for 4g or 5g which the world is planning.

  • K.A.

    They are slow in everything, but very quick in recoevering your stolen cellphone if you are influencial or have links.

  • Asad @ Tech Blog

    How lazy PTA is. PTA is holding a seminar on 3G when 4G technology is on the rise.

  • Ahsan

    i already mailed amir . but apparently mobilink has launched motorolla milestone in pakistan. its running android 2.1 and will not be gettting the upgrade to 2.2

  • Mahar

    PTA wants to see 3G in Pakistan.Nahien toh bangladesh main 3G aane se PTA ki naak cut jaegi aur cut chuki hai aur china mobile main pakistan main LTE 4G lane ka dum hai

  • can any one telme 4G video call support krta hai???

    • ahsan

      those saying that we should go for 4g should read this comment and try to understand that majoirity of pakistan doesnt even need 3g . no offense adnan sorry i had to use you as an example and as for what you asked .

      3g means third generation its a general term used to represent some wireless technology which provides data at high rates around upto 5 mpbps .

      4g means fourth generation its a term used to represent newer tech than 3g . the only known 4g’s are lte and wimax .

      to answer your question video call depends upon the data speed if 3g can easily handle video call . you may get hd video with 4g xD in short it does support it lol

      • pro desi

        do you think majority of Pakistan needs cell phone?

        • ahsan

          nice question

          but how about i put it this way

          we only need something because we think we need it lol if cell phone’s never existed would we need em ? xD reverse questioning is funny

    • Tz


  • Ali Asghar

    This is great move by PTA, they should keep trying for 3G to lauch in Pakistan, u all are talking about 4G? Do u know that when 3g was on a rise, Pakistan failed to bring it, and till now we havent taste it, even 3G is difficult for them, People of our country have no awareness, first step is introducing it to them, if PTA forget 3g and start focusing on 4g, it will consume more years to bring it in our country and we will even lose 3g in search of 4G, we have to go upwards step by step, infact we need to, if Bangladesh is planed to launch 3g why they didnt go for 4g? Also shouldnt forget india

    • ayaz

      Yes your write first lunch 3g and then goto 4g

    • Asif Sajjad

      Agree with ali asghar
      Do you guys even know what the 3G is
      Talking about technology is easy
      But understanding it is a really tough thing though
      Its Pakistan buddy people have money but they dont know how to invest it
      We have to follow the path and technology is to be followed in a path too
      Tell me how many guys know about x86 and or x64
      And if we dont know about them then we have no right to talk about Quantum Computing or even 128 Bit OSs
      Its really shame !!!
      Sorry for my harsh words but it is Pakistan where our so called PTCL cant even handle 4 MBs and we are going to implement 8 MBs :)
      Ha ha ha …………… Nice joke (8MB on a copper line)
      Now, come towards the 3G, I think it has been years that only the telenor was offering EDGE and after so many years other companies lausnched it too
      Thanks ALLAH !!!
      Now, let firt 3G be implemented then HSPDA and then 4G…… Its a path buddies !!!
      Don’t blame Government or Companies blame ourselves !!!

      I think may moderator not allow this post but I have to give mine viewpoint


  • Pagli

    I hope that will be informative for pakistani students, by the way, anyone know, how to get into this seminar?

  • Yasir Latif

    I do agree, first lunch 3Ga nd then go for 4G.

  • Yasir Latif

    I do agree, first lunch 3G and then go for 4G.

  • hair transplant in pakistan

    I think its good move by the PTA

  • telecom hawk

    This seminar is actually organized by Huawie, not PTA. This is part of vendor’s efforts to pressurize authorities to launch 3G so that they can sell their equipments. The selfish vendor is not understanding that operators are not interested to invest in 3G.

  • sana

    Is PTA a charity (Kheraati) organization who can’t afford to organize seminar on its own money and resources?

    Hotel booking, Accommodation arrangement, 3G Experts and even tissue paper boxes are prepared by chinese.

    Shame on PTA ! Some one told after this seminar, top management of PTA is invited to visit Thailand and Macao.

    Modern form of bribery, huhh ????

  • azee
  • umer

    i appriciate this step, slow but gud progress!!

  • Its really good to know about pta’s plans regarding 3G.. i would disagree with people who are talking abt introducing 4G and that is why because we all should have proper understanding and usage of 3G before we move to 4G. Exception is there but do you really think people of Pakistan living in other small cities and areas know about 3G. So first step should be introducing 3G and after it is common in people than go for 4G. Everything should be done wisely and step wise otherwise 4G will completely a loss of investment.

  • observor

    Aamir, please ask your sources to verify facts before rushing in to break the stories. The seminar is being arranged by Huawei, fully sponsored by Huawei. PTA is there, just coz its PTA.

  • Saad Durrani

    WiMAX is a 4G technology as fas as I know and Pakistan was the world’s first country which implemented on mass-market scale.

    As far as I think, 3G is a stupid move as we don’t even use GPRS effectively. There are people who take phones as “dialing objects.”

  • Adeel Khan


    Those who think that 3G may not be used by the users should understand the reality that when the mobile operators were introduced, some claimed that they will not be successful. Now almost every person is having and using mobile phone.

    When ADSL was launched, some claimed that who will use expensive ADSL. We all using it!

    Therefore when 3G will be introduced i can assure you all shall use it.

    Regarding 4G i can assure you that even 4G will be successful. But there are benefits of adopting step by step approach as it will raise more money for PTA, less expensive for users and off course less risky.

    In my personal opinion when a technology is made, it is always made keeping in mind the target market. Therefore those who think that 4G users are not there, i can assure you let it be introduced and then analyse who use it!

    Pakistan should i think introduce 3G first then move up to 4G as soon as is feasible.

  • Adeel Khan


    When DVD were introduced, some thought that it may not be successful. Now CD is superseded by DVD technology.

    Now some users are thinking that Blue Ray will not be successful. Let it be 3 years from now, i can assure you that DVD will be superseded by Blue Ray technology.

    What all you think about 3D TV, HD TV? who thought that they will lead the market and Monitors, then flat monitors, then LCDs will be superseded?

  • hmmmmmmm