Khosa to Expose the Cheats of Billions at Right Time

Sardar Latif Khosa, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Information Technology who resigned recently and wrote in detail to the PM that he would reveal billions of rupees scams to President Asif Ali Zardari at the right time.

“At this stage I will offer no comment, however, I confirm that I have written letters to the PM with all the proofs,” Khosa told, when he was asked about the contents of his letters.

Sources close to him say he is waiting for the right time so that someone may listen to him.

In a recent tug-of-war between Khosa and Secretary IT, the former has written a few confidential letters to the prime minister alleging massive corruption in MoIT focusing on USF fund as grey traffic has been going on unabated there.

Sardar Latif Khosa told that he had written letters to the prime minister according to his conscience because it was the PPP, which would be blamed for inactions.

However sources close to Khosa say letters sent to the PM were loaded with annexure showing proofs but so far no response has been given by the PM.

Regarding grey traffic, billions of un-audited money of MoIT, the games being played by IT Board and the role of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Khosa in one of his letters to PM has written:

Projects worth billions and subsidies to his (secretary IT) credit were neither audited by AGP nor mandatory report submitted to the National Assembly, which I directed. No better were the affairs of the ICT R&D. Both of which Senate Standing Committee and National Assembly Committee on IT have advised enquiries and regarding which I had also done so but with no progress. The board members were themselves bidders and with their conflict of interests under all standards national/international they continued to be there. They are all defaulters to the tune of billions and even defaulted towards fulfillment of their contractual obligations. How could I shut my eyes, as ultimately government would be blamed for inactions and collusion? I thus acted and also inserted these in the rules to stem illegalities. Even the PTA, which is under the Cabinet Division, is dicey about loss of billions of MOIT monies and grey traffic goes unabated causing loss of billions to the national exchequer.”

PTA says that it has recently raided some 25 illegal gateways to curb grey trafficking and the success of raid was 100 percent and PTA is still searching for other illegal gateways.

The spokesman of PTA said that the billions of rupees for which PTA was being dragged into controversy were collected by PTA on behalf of MoIT and were submitted in the consolidated fund of MoIT in the Finance Ministry.

It is worth mentioning here that PTA has so far issued 14 Long Distance and International licenses to telecom operators, which could transfer the international calls landing in Pakistan and whosoever, apart from these 14, would operate, as a gateway would be charged under grey trafficking.

source: Telecom News Bulletin

  • Salman

    Waiting with baited breath for the revelations on the billions. Need someone ask the loss of over Rs. 400 Million by not agreeing to calling the meeting of the people who decide in which bank to put the money.

    On the illegal gateways: the trial is still hot if someone was really interested and it is the easiest thing in the world to catch and stop comoletely. No high tech tools needed. Only a will to do so transparently. Problem is that it will net some very important people…

  • ztauseef

    what a joke. Khosa will expose billions to Zardari.

    80% of those would be his own and his cohorts.

    thief is accounting the thief

  • Pagli

    Fun time is on,