Pakistan Text Messaging Growth Reaches 106 Billion


As we can observe that everyone around us is busy doing text messages. Due to the bulk of free SMS packages and their low rates offered by the Cellular companies, it is now in the access of every layman to send and receive text messages. According to the latest PTA report of December 2009, a total of 106 billion text messages were sent across the 5 cellular networks in Pakistan in 2009. If there are 95 million subscribers on average, it comes to 93 messages per person per month.

This rate is comparatively high than any other country. The reason may be that the youth tends to rely more on text messages. The dramatic SMS growth is good news for mobile operators in Pakistan. Most operators around the world continue to rely on text messaging as a critical source of data revenues.

SMS will continue to breed the highest share of global mobile data revenue through 2012 and will make a larger impact in emerging markets. However, SMS revenue as a percentage of mobile data revenue will turn down throughout the estimated period, as other data services made possible by the rollout of next generation networks will gain further toehold


  • Other countires and Mobile operators shifting to 4G aur pakistani awaam aur mobile opertaores abhi tab smses k rolay mein he paray huay hein

    Jagoooo Pakistanyooo

    • Jagoooo Pakistanyooo!!!!!!!
      munnu ko 4g chaye LOL

      bhai ,bat ye hai ke koi bhi company 3g kun launch kary? to make $$!
      this is for sure that only under 10% of total mobile phone user will use 3g,
      so way a company spend million of $$ investment on it when they cant make sufficient profit out of it

    • chalo farz karo 4G Pakistan mein agai hey…

      tm use karogay 4G k services??? :D

      3G ki sirf video call he tmko itni mehngi paregi :P

      Pakistan mein sabse sasti jo cheez hey wo hey S – M – S :D

  • YEh kom nahin jag sakti, JAhan Hafiz Quran ko mar diya jaye is kom ko to allah bhi panah mein nahin le ga azab niahin to aur kiya aye ga.

    Wasai 4G to choro 3G bhi nahin aye gi. yahan ke minister itne parhe likhe hote to 3G ke baray mein sochte woh to mobile sirf call ke liye istemal karte hein unhein is se kiya gharaz ke 3G kiya hai aur 4G woh to 3G ko Sprite 3G samajhte hein. yaqeen nahin to azma ke dekh lo.

    • is kom main insaneat naam ki koi cheez bachi hi nahi …. kitnay hi log pass kharay tamasha dekh-tay rahay …. aur 2 mahsoom bachaon ko ayse be-derdi se maar dia gia :-(( :-((

    • kaheen se insaneat milay to pehlay peh lay aao bhai …. 2050 kia 5000 tak bhee nahi aay gi …. insaano main aati hai insaneat … yeah to janwer ban chukay hain

  • 3G service is expected to be launched in Pakistan at the end of this year. PTA has said it will auction 3G licences by the end of this year

  • Bhaioo 3g bohot mangee perhay gee is ka infrastructure per bohot paisa lagay ga aur har service mangee hoo jahay gee yea bhi soonch loo

  • Wow the SMS Sending Ratio in Pakistan is highest as compared to other Countries Pakistan is the Best. pakistan Zinda Baad.

  • I know through my friends in India that one thing that is cheap in Pakistan as compared to India is cheap calls within country and cheap sms.

    While overseas Indians enjoy cheap calls back to their country, oversease pakistanis pay 10 times more cost.

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