Telenor Donates 100 Free Phones to Army

Telenor Pakistan has donated 100 mobile phones including free air time to the Pakistan Army.

The handsets with SIMs were handed over by Muhammad Farooq Shaikh, Regional Director Sales & Distribution, Central-3 to Maj-Gen Nadir Zeb, General Officer Commanding, 1st Armoured Division, Multan Cantt. on Aug 27, 2010.

The initiative comes on the heels of Telenor Pakistan’s earlier pledge of Rs. 100 million toward flood relief efforts’.

  • Munnu

    Very nice

  • Faisal Naik

    I am seriouly annoyed at people getting themselves snapped at such efforts.

    For God’s sake you are doing this Allah’s way.

    Charity for the sake of publicity should be boycotted by all types of media !

    • M.Fahad

      That’s western way of donation when they get themselves snapped then the show to the people on the blog or magazine etc. But according to islam if you are giving some for the sake of allah you should give in such way that your other hand which is just inches away shouldn’t know you are giving some thing. In other words should be given secretly without showing off .

  • sid

    and Amir, i could not understand the purpose of giving mobiles phones and free air time to flood survivors :|

    to talk to their loved ones who are in water or with Allah Mian ?


  • Telecom Specialist

    To communicate with each other as Soldiers too have hearts and Family with whom they like to talk through private number

    But the Regional Director is not much impressive
    I think after the resignation of four Directors the said RD is trying to impress the management or to show that he was not hired due to the close reference of Nayab (SEVP HR)

    • MF

      Is that true?

  • sid

    then i think the term “Donation” is wrong – pak Army is not supposed to be DONATED such things. Rather it should be a gift. anyhow

  • IUK

    Its a gift to have good relation with Army…

  • sk

    For the laudable relief work the Pak Army is doing, the handsets are bound to help as communication is essential for the workers. I guess these will supplement the Army’s own communication network.

  • uzma

    yes this time is not to donate to army but we should donate to flood victims