PTCL Introduces New Landline Packages

PTCL_Packages PTCL today launched four new landline packages aimed at customers with different telephony needs.

All packages come with with on-net minutes bundles and a monthly charge, however, if opted PTCL won’t be charging any line rent from subscribers.

Basic Budget (For Low end Users)

  • Package charges: of Rs. 249 per month
  • Free minutes : 200 On-Net minutes
  • Line rent: Zero
  • Package type: Opt In
  • Subscription: 1st of next month

Budget Plus (For Low to Medium Users)

  • Package charges: of Rs. 399 per month
  • Free minutes : 400 On-Net minutes
  • Line rent: Zero
  • Package type: Opt In
  • Subscription: 1st of next month

Family Budget (For Medium to High Users)

  • Package charges: of Rs. 699 per month
  • Free minutes : 750 On-Net minutes
  • Line rent: Zero
  • Package type: Opt In
  • Subscription: 1st of next month

Business Budget (For Business / Commercial users)

  • Package charges: of Rs. 1,999 per month
  • Free minutes : 3,000 On-Net minutes
  • Line rent: Zero
  • Package type: Opt In
  • Subscription: 1st of next month


    what is the procedure to activate any of these plans?

    • Farhan Ahmed

      Call 1236 followed by your language selection and then perusing the menus for packages and then talk to the customer service officer. Just wondering, will the Pakistan Plus option remain the same or will be substitute by these unfair packages?

  • Munnu

    Fazool tareen pakages 200rs mein Pakistan Plus pakage best hai

  • Is this monthly charges. I think no one stupid who pay per month Rs.249 instead of Rs.175 line rent. However, there is a slightly difference of Rs.75 and 200 on net free minutes.

  • fade

    “On-Net free minutes” is it for calling on V-ptcl

  • Faizan

    How can the minutes be “FREE” when the customer has to pay monthly charges.

    • imran

      very right.

  • softmedia

    PTCL Land line provided FREE minutes WOW!
    Is it True?

    • imran

      brother nothing is free in this world, they are injecting a syring of line rent in us.

  • Ali

    zero line ka kiya matlab?ke jo per month 174 Rs hum line rent dete hain wo nahi dena pare ga kiya???

    • imran

      yes instead of

      x = 174

      now it is

      y = 249, as simple as it is.

      so the new value of x = 0

  • BashiraBlade

    Guys I have a very serious question.

    If these minutes in every package are really “Free” then why prices of different packages are different ? Coz you don’t get anything else than “Free” minutes if you pay more, you get more “free” minutes. So how come they can call it “FREE” minutes ?

    Are they giving it in “Khairat” ?

    • Adeel

      This is also a problem with the mobile SMS packages.. They charge money and then call it “Free SMS”.!

      • imran

        you all are right,

        this is the simple way to make people,


  • Adeel

    USELESS!! They are just manipulating packages for maximum profitability, not for helping customer. I can’t understand why so far the Pakistan package minutes do not include local minutes… If one wants to get local as well as nationwide bulk minutes, they have to get the DSL bundled package which starts at 2,000+tax. So thats clever.. don’t know where they got such “harami-thinking” marketing minds…

    • imran

      i tell you adeel, if you work in these companies marketing dept, they make you think like this _______ approach, bcoz the heads needs these type of people who get them revenue by hook or by crook. they give damn shit to the customer. they wants to show a growing graph of sales to the directors, what is actually need of higher managment.

      [Comment Edited]

  • omer5

    baki sab to sahi hai is package mai b local aur nationwide wala chaker hai kia k nahin ?
    plus with these packages pakistan package apply ker saktay ahin k nahin ?

    • Aesthetic

      What’s the difference between monthly charges and line rent??? lolx,,

      Yet another attempt from PTCL to capture more fools in the market.. :p

  • Tanveer

    PTCL : jo naam hai dhokye bazi ka

    In May 09 i apply for a 4 MB DSL line. and PTCL start billing without installing DSL Modem and since then every i have to call and sometime visit to revenue office for correction in bill that DSL is not yet installed and billing is started. several time a complaint PTA but this practice is continue till last …. lets see what will happened this month :(

    • imran

      simple screw the PTA, then you’ll see the affect.

  • Samz

    So actually it is kind of fixed charges whether you use your “free” minutes or not

  • imran

    For everyone,

    i’ve confirmed,

    Pakistan Plus Package cannot be taken with these packages,

    kindly look before you go for these packages.


  • Samz

    And how about the taxes? if package charges are exclusive of taxes then i think nothing will make a big diff or will it?

  • Saad Durrani

    “FREE” here means “Unused”.

  • gumby

    These packages do make sense. On net minutes mean nationwide calls on PTCL and I believe on V fone as well.

    Currently we are paying Rs. 174 +tax as line rent and not getting any minutes against that, means that every minute you consume will be charged.

    Now with these packages you actually purchase minutes; like 200 minutes for Rs. 249 +tax which is economical cuz in a normal package one will have to pay Rs. 374 +tax to consume 200 on net minutes! So, there is definitely a benefit of Rs. 125 +tax in the basic budget package.

    Other packages carry more benefit and one can select the ideal package after reveiwing the usage from his last 6 months bills.

  • gumby

    These are kind off pre paid style packages as compared to the original post paid one!

  • Malik

    well i have two questions if any one can help

    first if i two numbers

    can i still use the old 175 line rent pkg/

    2nd on one of my no im using dsl and smart tv and i am paying zero line rent and i want to continue with that so what about smart tv users

    as i dont make a single call from this no and im not needed of any pkg

    • Tobserver

      Yes Malik the 174 rs. line rent is not replaced by these packages.

      On your second line, you dont need a package you dont get a package :)

  • Tobserver

    I agree with gumby’s views. These are discount packages very much aimed at reducing the burden of line rent on subscribers. 174 is what we pay for nothing and now just by paying 75 more Rs. we can get 200 minutes that could have been marketed as 0.38 per minute.

    It is a good move and makes a landline connection more affordable for lower and medium income category subs

  • Expensive!

    People dont have PTCL connections now :D and cant talk on ptcl with distortion noisy phone line :D

    PTCL must end line rent completely for those people too who are not going to get these new packages.

  • Hahaha.. Packages per zor hai. Jin ke phone dead pare hain, complaints pending hain un ko koi nahi pooch raha. Crazy marketing.

  • chinmin

    A discount is a discount and these packages offer discounts that make sense. We may or may not like ptcl but for a change this company has come out with some very interesting packages like double up that gives u unlimited on-net voice with unlimited dsl. Pak package and wow package are also interesting and even mobile buckets offer the cheaest per minute tariffs for all mobile networks.

    Yes ptcl must improve its customer services and make available its services in the newly developed areas.

    Just marketing and good ricing offers alone won’t help it if it can’t change it fault resolution and improvement of customer satisfaction

  • Muhammad Qasim Naeem

    Please give 100 free minute on any other mobile or network.




    i have applied for `ILAQAYEE PACKAGE` i.e.local calls on 249/- rupees and zero line rent but in the bill package charges are Rs;425/-,when i call on 1236 then told me that line rent is include in these 425/- amount.its very strange…….