Wateen to Announce New CEO Soon

Tariq Malik, CEO of Wateen Telecom is stepping down to focus on his entrepreneurial ventures, we have confirmed with sources in the company.

Tariq Malik had resigned earlier this year, however, at that time Wateen’s board of directors urged him to stay with the company.

When asked, Wateen confirmed that Mr. Malik’s resignation has been approved by the board of directors now. “company is looking for new chief, however no name has been finalized so far”, said Wateen’s spokesperson in a conversation with ProPakistani.

Wateen said the name for new CEO will be made public very soon.

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  • Another news confirmed by ProPakistani. Best of luck to Mr. Malik for the future. Lets hope the new CEO makes the future green for Wateen

  • although this is unrelated with the post but since it is related with Wateen I am posting here:

    ” I received a call from a person claiming to be a vendor of wateen and he needs my house for tower installation & i will be given 18 lacs in advance for ten years. then i contacted on email address provided on wateen website and they replied

    “Thank you for contacting Wateen Telecom. This email is to update you that Wateen does not have contract with any third party regarding tower installation. You are advised not to deal with any party who is contacting on behalf of Wateen Telecom to avoid any fraudulent activity.”

    so tell your friends & relatives of this new scam.

  • I’m a customer of Wateen. But I strongly regret on this. Wateen is doing very wrong with its customers. I used their service for just one month. man! they restrict your upload to just 1 kB. In such lowest uplink speed the browsing speed is as like a cycle. I wish new CEO should do something to remove uplink restriction otherwise I’m not recharging my account again.

  • hope the new ceo brings good new changes and uses this company, it’s resources to the actual capacity…. tariq malik was a BIG _______. anyways still best of luck Mr. Tariq Malik and most of all Wateen.

    [Comment Edited]

  • I think New CEO should not be within the Company
    And now Wateen and Its Board should hire someone from from its Competitors(Wi- tribe,Worldcall Or Qubee) who could execute Re- Engineering with Success
    Not Only the major policies/Promos change but the change in human resource with realistic approach.
    I wish Mr Malik for best of Luck

  • Yaar…aik baat hay..wateen ko ma bohat gehrae say janta hun..App yaqeen karo kuch change nahi hoga
    Mr. Tariq kay jany say..beco Mr. Tariq was not the problem. there are some more bitter thing. Or jahan tak Mr. Tariq kay kuch ersa pehly resign ki baat hay..ho sakta hay yeh sacch ho per unhoun nay jany say aik din phly tak bohat major decision liay hain..app samaghty hin kay jis banday nay resign ker dia hoo wo asay decisions lay sakta ..ma ger kuch sach bhi hay is khaber ma..hay?Aik or cheiz, Mr. Tariq was really good for his employees..i know you will laugh at me but it is…..

    ma kehra hun Real :-)!!!!

  • You Gain, Grow and Go in every organization.

    The contribution of Mr Tariq Malik to the group is great. He is a fair , non political, very intelligent person. Unfortunately those dont know him directly can talk all what is written above but having known him personally for few years I think is a wonderful human being. It was him who dreamt about a company with such a verstyle product profile.

    I am sure the new CEO will have his contributions to make and no doubt new propsoed CEO is a passionate and postive minded individual as well. Hopefully while Wateen bids farewell to Mr Malik with a heavy heart will welcome the new CEO with open arms.

    One thing is for sure the Mr Tariq’s gap would always be there !!

  • CYBERNET XCOO, is the right Choice, Ansar Ul Haq, has vision, expertise and Capabilities to turn around the Data Business, Ansar has a track record as well as he is one of the most seasoned person having deep knowledge for the Data Business.

  • I agree “Telecom Human”!

    We always search bad thing..-ve side of the picture, but there is alway a +ve side..
    I think even, we must respect those how left us..

    Perhaps he is the father of Wimax in Pakistan!!
    what a big concept he had given wimax in 22 cities in a one go, in a country like Pakistan..the biggest wimax network in the world.

    Prayers for you Mr. Malik.

    Ma kehta hun Real!!!!

  • Three candidates were interviewd, Naeem Zamindar, Mubashir Naqvi & Mustafa Paracha. Sources claim that Naeem Zamindar has been finalized as CEO.

  • Naeem Zamindar is taking Rs 15 lacs salary per month (oh my god what is the second highest salary in Wateen?).
    With such an enormous difference between his salary (which is public because Wateen is a listed company), and the salaries of everyone else, I wonder why people aren’t saying anything about that?
    My sources also tell me he was a paid a huge amount in US Dollars as joining fee.

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