Bible Goes mobile in Pakistan

bible_mobileChristians in Pakistan have praised the first-ever audio service of the Bible via mobile phones.

The project was launched by E-verses, a private telecommunication company. About 200 media workers listened as Christian project designer Philemon Joseph demonstrated the service by playing Qur’anic and Biblical verses on a loud speaker followed by quotations from Hazrat Ali, the fourth Islamic Caliph.

Joseph said he got the inspiration months ago while reading the Bible and came up with the idea of providing people “easy access” to the word of the God.

Mobile users can listen to the services by dialing 2121 and navigating through different options to access the holy verses voiced by renowned Pakistani actor Abid Ali. A new playlist of scriptures is uploaded daily, with telecommunication companies charging five rupees for each verse, little expensive.

Just to add here, downloadable copy of Holy Bible can be searched here