Don’t Forward SMS without Verification

Forward messages are essential part of our lives now a days. We receive all sort of forward messages, including but not limited to wishes, jokes, interesting information, anti-government, activism messages, Quaranic verses and hadiths.

Mostly, we forward these messages to a pre-defined list of friends, even without considering the authenticity of the content in the SMS.

This is a good use of technology to spread the knowledge, entertainment and religious values, however it is unfortunate that this social habit is misused by some people who have started spreading altered or even self made hadiths.

The time has come when we need to keep a check on all incoming SMS and must not forward Hadiths in particular, and all other SMS in general without verification and authorization.

Check following example (copied from here):


Thanks SAM for tipping us on the issue

  • AOA!

    Great work done by Mehwish Khan the author of the post.
    I really appreciate you for this. Kindly write more post about these kind of SMS and Emails so peoples do not forward any email or SMS with out proper verification. Also Include a post about the authenticity of Islamic websites

    Saqib Kahn
    Tech Blogger

  • Good Work by Propakistani by publishing this Letter. I read all of ur posts but may be its the 2nd time i am giving comment on a post of your’s. Well i also want to tell the prople that plz dnt forward these messages without fully reading it. Most of my friends forward msgs to me in which they have Written the Name of Hazrat Ali(R.A) and then instead of writing “R.A” they have written “A.S”(Nauzubillah). So all guyz plz watch what you are forwarding

    • Hazrat Ali (A.S) is correct from the Sect of Shia.
      Whereas Mr. Uzair there is no need to write the word “Nauzbillah”.

    • It is mandatory to say Hazrat Ali (A.S.)

      The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “Do I not have more right over the believers than what they have over themselves?” People cried and answered: “Yes, O’ Messenger of God.” Then Prophet held up the hand of Ali(A.S) and said: “Whoever I am his leader (Mawla), Ali is his leader (Mawla). O’ God, love those who love him, and be hostile to those who are hostile to him.”

      Sunni Sources:
      Sahih Tirmidhi, v2, p298, v5, p63
      Sunan Ibn Maja, v1, pp 12,43
      Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, v1, pp 84,118,119,152,330, v4, pp 281,368,370, 372,378, v5, pp35,347,358,361,366,419 (from 40 chains of narrators)Fada’il al-Sahaba, by Ahmad Hanbal, v2, pp 563,572

  • Assalam Alaikum,

    I have been always telling people to be Proud being a Muslim more than being a Pakistani.

    Muslims are Muslims First and than a Citizen. But here in Pakistan, people call themselves Pakistani, but sorry to say they do not adhere to Muslim Rulings (maybe incl. myself). But Truely speaking, i never feel proud being a Pakistani, because i feel that Pakistan is not a
    Passionate Muslim Country.

    So is the trend of SMS in Pakistan. People won’t believe their brothers when speaking in Real, and would believe more in these False “SMS” messages. This is a very bad trend, working in No-ones favour. Just wasting out each-others valueable time.

    I would really Appreciate (ProPakistani) team for Pointing out the Most Important Fact. This is truely truely appreciable, to Discourage False SMS created in the name of Islam and its Teachings.

    People should spread good messages of Islamic teachings, but should not go Offensive and create Stories out of their own. This is a SIN, and no one is permitted to spread such messages created out of nowhere.

    May Almighty shows Everyone the correct path.

  • Alahe Salam that’s what it means. Allah’s forever peace and salamti be upon this member of Ahle Bait.

    Uzair and Tunnu you should polish your religious skills before publically commenting on these matters.

  • itni informative post pe bhi larae(fighting) ho rahe hai ke Sahabi ke Naam ke aage kya lagta hai kya nahin

    Afsos jabhi hum Musalmaanun men koi Itehaad(Unity) nahin

  • rather prohibiting sending of ahadiths to ppl we should authenticate the hadith..
    i would be better if said only forward those hadiths with reference than saying dont forward any hadith..

    and to those who make fake hadiths i would like to quote a true and authentic hadith

    Muhammad PBUH said (which means)
    whoever lied on behalf of me willingly he should be ready for his destiny to be Jahanam

    may Allah forgive us all.ameen

  • dear frieds
    these types of sms mostly people made for ungoing their business sply the mobile company

    plz be avoid from him and when ever u got these types of sms Delete in immediatly

  • Asalamo Alakum to All Muslim brothers & sisters,

    the same behavior we have about shocking news, like if we get an sms with News info which create tension in the society, but we hyper after readying & starting sending our friends, family & official colleagues etc.

    like yesterday a Bomb blast in Karachi University, peoples started same behavior, we don’t care the receiver of this new is heart patient or ill & this news can effect him/her but we are used to for doing this kind of things.

    HADEES MUBARAK & QURAN AYAAT’s are also treat in same way, but we never re-confirm from HOLY QURAN (available at every Muslim Home) or HADEES books like BUKHARI & TIRMAZI.

    The most reason are Operators who, who making mess when floating a Free 5000 or One month’s SMS services after paying 100 or 150 rupees. But not thinking the Social duty.

    Be careful, while sending any sms, when you send an sms in Air but don’t think it can risk for any one life. While sending Religious sms, its pushing us more down, while we think we did a good Job.


    Remember in prays, your Brother Asghar Ali, STARCOM Pakistan.

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