Another Seminar on 3G Held in Lahore

3GZTE in collaboration with PTA held a seminar on 3G in PC Hotel Lahore today. The theme was “To be or not to be is not the question: 3G is coming”.

It was another effort from network vendors to make way for 3G in the country.

Sardar Aseff Ahmad, Minister for Telecom and IT was the chief guest. Other attendees included:

  • Mr. Peng Aiguang, CEO ZTE Pakistan
  • Mr. Abdul Aziz, CEO Ufone, Mr. Naveed Khalid Butt, Chief Officer Government & Regulatory Affairs
  • Mr. Muneer Farooqui, CEO Warid
  • Agha Qasim, VP Corporate Affairs, Mobilink
  • Mr. Zafar Usmani, COO Zong
  • Anujm Rahman, Director Communication Telenor
  • Top execs from telecom and IT companies

Dr. Mohammed Yaseen, Chairman PTA, on the occasion said there will be an estimated 5.3 billion mobile cellular subscriptions worldwide, including 940 million subscriptions to 3G services by the end of 2010.

He mentioned that the access to mobile networks is now available to 90% of the world population and 80% of the population living in rural areas people are moving rapidly from 2G to 3G platforms, in both developed and developing countries.

In 2010, 143 countries were offering 3G services commercially, compared to 95 in 2007 towards 4G: a number of countries have started to offer services at even higher broadband speeds, moving to next generation wireless platforms, he said.

PTA will also be organizing a conference on “Opportunity for all – Development of 3G” on January 11, 2011, he added. During the seminar Chairman PTA delivered also a compressive presentation to highlight the worldwide practices regarding 3G services and the case studies thereof.

Cao Long, of Wang Li Heng, Rahel Kamal, representative of Qualcom also made presentations highlighting impact of 3G services. During the seminar speakers of national and international fame focused on the benefits of 3G to: businesses, education, government, national economy, urban/rural populace, indigenous software houses and local contents development.

On this occasion all five cellular mobile operator signed MoUs to boost localized applications, content and services.

It may be mentioned that most of telecom operators world-wide have already embraced the 3G technology, enabling them to provide their customers with diverse and rich voice and data service, thereby sparking social and economic growth and increasing their revenues.

3G Mobile Broadband is an important step in modernization of mobile telephone system. With the launch of 3G, in future, Pakistani cell phone subscribers will be able to transmit and receive high speed data through their mobile phones.

High speed data means possibility of video calls, internet browsing and downloading at a much higher speed which also includes usage of data intensive applications.

  • oey tum log pehlay late ho, 3G 3G duniya 4G use kar rahi hai. Geesay pitay out dated logo. 2 saal baad tum 4 G k liya cheehkh rahay houn gae. duniya 5G ka soch rahee ho gi.

    some one want to earn money
    2G license fee
    now 3G license fee
    then 4G license fee

    Mulak Jay baahar main

  • There is something seriously wrong when vendors drive the move for 3G.

    3G will come when an operator from abroad or our very own operators sponsor such seminars.

    PTA is blinded by its lust for auctioning and vendors just want to sell…

    Mobile operators know there isnt much moeny given the market dynamics. PTA instead of providig the 3G spectrum on a risk sharing basis or some other creative model keeps drumbeating the importance without understanding the role it needs to play to bring in the 3G revolution.

    Broadband as an engine of economic growth requires much deeper understanding what our fickle headed policy-makers can imagine or comprehend.

    So here we have a sixth telecom minister telling us that 3G will be brought in very soon….

  • Biggest huddle in lauch of 3G in pakistan is once again Govt Of Pakistan ( its body PTA) the heavy license fee for govt officials pockets is not worth for Telcos since a common man cant afford to pay for internet price

  • Waiting for so long. PTA make promises but not fulfilling them. Believe when i see it in my cell.
    Why don’t they directly switch to 4g, it ll be best!

  • why not we have already 4G network ‘wimax’, we neeed 3g which supports 48Mbps speed n its enough for pakistani markets n mostly people havw 3g mobiles like nokia n70, n73,n95, e52, etc , recently TATA DOCOMO n Reliance starts 3G in india wiyh 21mbps speed so we should also

  • Wo0 finaly a good news, yes we are backward but it will be a great step to launch 3g, zong have already introduced excellent internet packages but because of gprs/edge people are not subscribing. I think we will get 3g in 2011.

  • 3G MOBILE TECHNOLOGY is availible in all south asian countries. INDIA: bsnl, tata, reliance etc.*** SRILANKA:mobitel, hutch, etc,*** NEPAL: nepal mobile.*** BANGLADESH: citycell. so these all countries are providing 3G for their people because they want that their people shoud be more informative, because of watching information YouTube videos on their cellfones as well as to attend the school clases through video calls from village or any place. so all south asian countries are enjoying even poor bangladesh is also providing 3G.

  • 3G is a big kiler of corrupt politicians.. you will say how? my friend cousin is employ in PTA and he told me that ZARDARI never want that 3G should be launch in Pakistan because Video call service can show their true faces to the people. because all News Reporter and spies can show every corrupt movement live on tv by video call as well as poor and ignorant people will see the NEWS on high quality mobile tv in villages where electricity and cable tv services are not available,so Zardari afraid of that, if poor people saw them that how big moneys are spending on Zardari visits and on every movement, so poor people will never let him alive.. thats they make LATIF KHOSA KHAN as IT minister who is a spoun of ZARDARI and GILLANI other

  • guys we should do stricks for our rights, 3g can change the life of every pakisatni, either they live in backward villages or in cities. we can watch educational videos on youtube, live tv with lot of channels, we can see every important scene by video call and much more. HADIS SHARIF: “jo insan zulaam kay khilaf awaz nahi utatha wohi sab sey bada zalim hain” or zalim par kabi Khuda ney raham nahi kia. so we are cruel in the view of ALLAH…wake up guys wake up

  • guys chill karo,
    ufone jesi company sms or call service to thek kar nai sakti 3g kia launch karegi .

    current companies in pakistan like ufone cant handle 3g .

  • WE should be realistic.India has recently launched 3G and have not gone for 4G.In China they issued 3G licenses in 2009 not 10 years ago.Thailand is yet to issue the license.We are a developing country in South east Asia and should live within our means and requirements.PTA should now finalize the 3G policy.

  • slam friends,
    yeh hunmari bed kismati hai yehan kbi b 3g nhin aye ga, mein jub b apan cell use krta hon tu mujhy pta per gusa ata hai k yeh akher 3g or 4g kiun muhay nhin kar rhy kash jaldi say a jaye 3g or 4g

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