Ufone MyMail: Manage Your Email on Phone Via SMS

mymailUfone has announced this MyMail, a service to check email via SMS, yes check your email on any handset without GPRS/EDGE.

Simply dial *88# from your Ufone and access your email account to send, read and reply to all your mails!

Ufone says that MyMail currently service supports Hotmail, Yahoo, G-Mail and MSN. MyMail allows you to send/receive emails from one or more specified email addresses and have them relayed as flash message to any mobile number. A reliable gateway (USSD) will be used to send and receive emails on mobiles phones screen in seconds.

  • Pre-paid and post-pay users can avail first month free subscription till 30th Jan 2011.
  • Subscription charges: Rs.5+Tax/Week for Prepaid, Rs.20+Tax/Month for Post-pay will be applicable once free trail period has elapsed.

How to use MyMail

To configure MyMail, just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Dial *88# to subscribe

Step 2: Select which email you want to configure first

Step 3: enter your Gmail, Hotmail, MSN or Yahoo account ID and password, Example [email protected]. System will also accept the ID only for instance 545454.

User ID and password will be kept confidential at all times.

Step 4: Use your email account!

Emails will be displayed in the following format, MyMail will display new emails only once the account is configured.

Setup Menu: you can configure more emails addresses and unsubscribe from service through setup menu.

Other Service Rules:

  • Email validity in MyMail is 30 days; once mentioned time has elapsed system will automatically remove old emails from the Inbox.
  • Service is not available on international roaming.
  • Only one email account can be configured against one MSISDN. Users have the option to change the email address from setup menu.
  • Accounts available: MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo & Gmail. More accounts will be added in the near future.
  • Service is available for both Prepaid & Post-pay customers.
  • 179 Characters can be sent in an email (Compose) however no limitations for incoming emails. Images cannot be displayed.


  • Pre-paid users will be charged Rs.0.05+Tax for dialling *88#. For post-pay users initiation request will be free. No menu browsing charges are applicable for both Pre-paid and Post-pay users.
  • Pre-paid and post-pay users can avail first month free subscription till 30th Jan 2011.
  • Subscription charges: Rs.5+Tax/Week for Prepaid, Rs.20+Tax/Month for Post-pay will be applicable once free trail period has elapsed.

  • Altaf

    Keeping the ethical values of releasing confidential information of Telecoms, I hope they’ll genuinely not store / share password and emails of any users.

    Those who have access to the serve which is keeping copies of emails, will hopefully not hack / release user / passwords / email contents of the users.

  • Irfan

    I just tried to avail the service but its unavailable.


  • I Just tried it! ITs fantastic!! You can check emails on ussd menu! its fast and easy to use, maybe you just dialed an invalid code!

  • H.

    Good luck to those who use it. The user names and passwords are bound to get exposed at one time or the other by some miscreant within.

    What’s surprising is that the like of MSN, Google and Yahoo! haven’t picked up such a security glitch.

  • Ahmed

    I will never subscribe to this service even if I m in middle of a jungle (I m in Pakistan currently) & need to see my inbox…why:

    1- I live in a country where every 2nd person claims to have contacts in telecoms & infact gets your personal info & history to harrase you,
    2- where Investigation agencies like FIA, IB & even ISI are used for personal goals by individuals, by governments, where “might is right” prevails.
    3- Where privacy is still not a concern yet.
    4- Where every individual is doubted as terrorist or their allie. I can expect I may be caught, my telecom asked for my usage details (which they will provide without

    any court orders or on orders of a migistrate even) including my inbox ID and password.

    5- I am not a Ufone customer ;-) (this will make many of us laugh & will give up the effect of what they read in above 4 points…sadly this is our national psychi, we

    love to laugh immediately after serious things)

    Better option for everyone using email, get a cheap java phone if you can’t afford expensive, a GPRS bucket thing in 10-20 Rs & check your email on move.

    For Ufone, get a life with a privacy policy on this.

    • zahid

      same would go for all mobile banking services as well…

    • MAK

      Totally Agreed!

      Love Pro Pakistani for step by step illustrations!

  • Well this service can be better used in Blacberry.

  • Muhammad Arif

    How to ufone my mail service unsubscribe?
    plz reply me! Mob.: 0333-6155549

  • jack

    how to unsubscribe ufone mymail service ? I dialed *88# but I am getting incorrect password and no other option is shown….plz help me in unsubscribing it…..

  • sonia

    yah mail service bohat he ache ha.is say out of country bhe mails bajhe jate ha.

  • M.Nafees

    Aslam Alekum ye num intarnatinal karwana he g 03346298933

  • mudasir hamidraza

    how to unsubscribe my mail service ?