Must Have iPhone Apps for Students


There’s no doubt that the largest number of Mobile phone applications are being developed for the iPhone – this brilliant gadget from Apple has revolutionized the way we use a mobile phone.

While the BlackBerry may have the highest worldwide sales, but when it comes to students, the iPhone rules!

If a student can afford a smartphone, you can bet that he or she is going to buy iPhone, if not for its cool looks and utility value, then at least for the many mobile applications that are designed exclusively to make a student’s life more exciting and productive.

Lets take a look at a few iPhone mobile applications for students:

Jott: This mobile application allows you to voice record your lectures and then transcribe them to your notepad. This is surely a great way to take note. You can email these files to yourself, in order to have a whole set of notes ready to study when the examination time is near.

Stay Organized with ‘iStudiez Pro’: A college student’s life is haphazard with all that’s going on with them, they find it hard to stay organized. This smashing mobile application allows you to organize your classes, homework, exam schedules, assignment due dates and your social calendar in one place – now you don’t have to carry all this information in your head and kick yourself for forgetting that important date or having to rush to meet that assignment deadline.

Wikipanion: Wikipedia on the web is brought to your mobile phone. This mobile application makes a quick reference that much easier when you’re on the go. This mobile application is free; however, if you want one with more features, you can buy it for $4.99. With this mobile application you don’t have to worry about finding the right spelling or meaning of a word anymore – it provides access to more than 275,000 definitions and 80,000 synonyms.

eTextbooks for iPhone: Buying textbooks when you’re in college is not a joke – you seem to be shelling out all your money for the huge tomes that you must have. With your iPhone you have the chance to buy eTextbooks – which are not only easy to carry around on your mobile phone, but you can also read them wherever you are and raise your productivity.

iTalk Recorder: This app will let you record notes or anything else you want to remember.

Margins: This iphone application is an ideal tool for students or researchers. It allows users to jot down notes about books, indicating the page and quote as well as your note.

Assignments: Assignments is an application that, as the name implies, allows you to keep track of your assignments and classes. This is perfect for both teachers and students that need to keep track of assignments in each class. Not only can you add an assignment with a due date/time and importance, but you can also add recordings.

Being able to make a voice recording of your assignment is a quick way to make a reminder, etc. The “Overview” tab allows you to see anything upcoming or due. You can sort by “All” or “Due Soon.” You can also search through your assignments.

In the “Assignments” tab, you can view all assignments sorted by class. The “Notes” section allows you to quickly jot a note, add a title, and add a date/time. Overall, this mobile application performs smoothly and works well when adding/deleting assignments and classes. Assignments sells for $5.99 (US) at the iTunes App Store.

ezMemorize: Improve your memorization skills with this app that allows you to make and store class notes.

iBlueSky: This mind-mapping tool can help you get your thoughts organize and decide what to do next.

SnapTell: This is a very useful mobile application when it comes to finding cheap and affordable textbooks (or any other book or CD or DVD) – just take a photo of the cover and it provides a list of prices and sellers along with their location.

Accela Study Vocab Builder: Students studying for the GRE or GMAT will appreciate this tool that allows them to study anywhere and anytime.

Sugar Sync: With this application you’ll be able to sync up your files on your computer and your iPhone.

Wi-Fi Finder: This free mobile application enables you to find Wi-Fi hotspots, thus saving you money on your data plan and allowing you to browse the internet for free.

Instapaper: Many students run out of time when they have to browse the internet in search of some information for their assignment or examination. This mobile application allows you to save websites in a format that is easy to read on your mobile phone. This mobile application also facilitates offline browsing and bookmarking.

WordPress: With this mobile app you’ll be able to blog from anywhere, share your ideas and make sure your site stays updated. Great for students and web workers alike.

Urban-spoon: This mobile application helps you find cost-effective food outlets within a half-mile radius of your college/university campus. So now, with this mobile application you can eat to your heart’s content without the worry of your wallet getting lighter!

Melodies Voice Dialer: Using this application you won’t need to dial your phone anymore, just say the name of the person you want to call and you’re good to go.

VoiceNotes: VoiceNotes is a plain and simple way to quickly record a quick note, or even a lecture (just make sure you have enough space on your iPhone). Tapping on “Quick Voice Note” will start recording immediately, but is limited as to the length of the recording.

If you tap on the + button at the top, you will be given more recording length. Voice-notes allows you to sync notes back to your computer using some additional software provided by the developer. Overall, this is a solid app and can definitely be used for the quick “remember to bring these books to class tomorrow” voice notes. You can download Voice-notes for free from the iTunes App Store.

A2ZPro: A2ZPro is a super-converter of an application, perfect for anyone in the math or science fields- or just anyone who needs to figure out how many cups are in a quart after all. There are 154 things between which you can convert, and you can add any one that’s not already included. You can customize the list to your liking, and all the converting you could need is right in front of you.

iClckr: PowerPoint Remote: Whether you’re presenting for school or work, this tool can help make the process seamless with slide changing capabilities right on your iPhone.

LockBox: Don’t let your personal information get out to identity thieves. This mobile application helps make sure info like passwords and credit card numbers stays secure.

Remember The Milk: This iPhone application lets you add, edit, and manage your tasks either on or offline. The best part, particularly for students, is the “Nearby” feature- you can view all the tasks, errands, etc. that take place near wherever you currently are. It’s perfect for anyone who’s mobile, but still needs to be able to get things done.

Stanza: With Stanza, you’ll have an e-book reader available right on your iPhone. You can download books, either for a fraction of their print price or often nothing at all, and read them at your leisure, right from your iPhone. There is a huge, and growing, list of books to read- both school-like and otherwise. With Stanza, you might not need a Kindle, an eReader, or anything else!

More Apps: Studenstcan get the apps from here too

Besides these mobile applications, there are many other mobile applications for the iPhone which are specially designed for students. So of you want more mobile applications for your iPhoneyou can browse the iTunes store or even to find what you need.

  • Aik MS OXFORD dict. K liye Iphone lena lazmi hai ? LoL im having al these Dict. Even urdu to english in my symbian mObile.

  • istudies pro great software…. . now u cant miss any asinment or class and can have all ur academic record and time table

  • “There’s no doubt that the largest number of mobile phone applications are being developed for the iPhone” This is wrong, iPhone has more applications available at the moment, but Android applications are increasing faster than iPhone, meaning the largest number of mobile phone applications are being developed for Android.

  • Can any one please tell me what are free radio recording iphone apps? especially pakistani radio? I’ve been searching like mad but failed to find any that can record Pakistani fm channels. please do respond.

  • Guys I just found iPhone and iPad free application for Pakistani channels its update automatically , I am sure u guys will enjoy specially the people who are living in abroad , it’s free application the name of the application is “Dekho Pakistan ” !!!!!!!

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