Jazz Brings Apni Call: Receiving Party to Pay for Call

Just like we anticipated 2 weeks ago, Mobilink Jazz today announced Jazz Apni Call service that offers its customers to get connected even if they are out of balance or have insufficient balance to call.

With Jazz Apni Call, the call will be paid by the person who is receiving the call rather than the one who is making the call.

Just to add, Jazz’s Apni Call service is a replica of Zong’s Yari Call and Ufone’s Collect Call service.

How to Use Jazz Apni Call:

To use the service, Dial *131* before the desired number e.g. *131*03001234567#, If the other party accepts the users Jazz Apni Call their call will be connected right away and the charges will be given by the receiving party.


  • Monthly subscription: Rs. 9.99+Tax/Month
  • Call will be charged as per recipient’s package plan

How to Subscribe:

To subscribe this service you can dial *131*1#


  • To unsubscribe from the service user will dial *131*2# from his/her mobile screen

Important Commands:

  • *131# To receive a generic information that tells the customer how to subscribe
  • *131*<030XXXXXXXX># To make “Jazz Apni Call”
  • *132*0*2*030XXXXXXXX# To add a number in Black List
  • *132*0*3*030XXXXXXXX# To delete the number from Black List
  • *132*0*1# To view the Black List
  • *132*1*2*030XXXXXXXX# To add a number in a White List
  • *132*1*3*030XXXXXXXX# To delete the number from White List
  • *132*1*1# To view the White List

Important Points:

  • Party B (recipient) will be intimated through IVR message before receiving the call as “you will be charged for this call, press 1 if you want to receive the call.”
  • White list is the list of those numbers from whom the subscribers can receive the reverse call (Apni Call) without any confirmation.
  • Black List is the list of numbers through which the recipient can block reverse call (Apni Call) from an unwanted numbers.
  • Customer will be able to add maximum 20 numbers in white or black list at one point in time.
  • This offer is available for Mobilink pre-paid customers on on-net calls only.

Terms & Conditions

  • Standard Government taxes apply
  • This Service is available to calls from Mobilink to Mobilink only. Party A & B both should be Mobilink subscribers
  • Call will be charged to B party as per their base package plan (If connected)
  • All Prepaid users can initiate Jazz Apni call request (as A party)
  • All Post-Paid & Prepaid users can receive Jazz Apni call request (as B party)
  • Subscribers on international roaming will not be able to initiate Jazz Apni call request
  • If B party is on international roaming then Jazz Apni Call request will not be sent to him
  • Prepaid subs will be able to initiate Jazz Apni Call request even if they have zero balance in their account
  • White & Black list cannot be maintained simultaneously
  • This is a limited time offer

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