NayaTel Ranked Number 2 in Pakistan 25

nayatelNayatel has been ranked at number two among top fast growing companies in Pakistan, called Pakistan 25.

This ranking was done by Allworld Network, released today and available at

AllWorld Network was established in 2007 by Deirdre M. Coyle, Anne Habiby and Professor Michael E. Porter of the Harvard Business School, USA and they’ve done such ranking in Pakistan for the first time.

A total of 100 companies from Pakistan in various sectors applied for this ranking and 25 were selected by the panel of experts. Only the fastest growing private companies make the list, and each company is credentialed by AllWorld based on strenuous international standards.

Established in 2004 and now with over 500 employees, Nayatel is the number one telecom and IT company in this ranking with 1076 percent growth rate.  Company launched South Asia’s first fiber to the home (FTTH)/fiber to the user (FTTU) network in Islamabad in 2006.

This state of the art fiber wiring now serves 6,000 home and company users, and is key to providing the country’s capital city with a robust telecom infrastructure.

Sofizar, i2c, Corvit Networks, Miltilynx and Rozee also made to the Pakistan 25 list.

  • I knew that this company has something and look how fast they are prospering in these turmoil times.

    Great work Nayatel, but when are you expanding in other areas?

  • Great time to exit the market (before the growth slows). I heard they are in talks with PTCL to be acquired? Any comments?

    Incidentally 6000 customers in Islamabad isn’t that small? Witribe has grown from nothing to 60,000 customers in a year. Augere has grown to 40,000 customer. PTCL rumored to be 500,000 broadband DSL customers?

    Any comments?

    • It’s the growth rate they measured. Like if they had 1 customer at the end of 2009, at the end of 2010 they had 6000, enormous growth… They measure in something like that.

    • @ Mutual Fund Baby

      No “Baby” No :-)…….they are currently in talks with “NO ONE” to be acquired. In fact, they are expanding and expanding and expanding; offering the services, PTCL currently can currently only dream of.

    • Well …..
      The diffrence is customer base.
      1. Consumer Market-Home Customer
      2. Corporate Market-Businesses

      Now the pic will be drawn as:
      80% of corporate market is in the hands of Nayatel
      20% is shared between the rest.

      Nayatel is concentrating on Corporate market and even 4000 corporate customers Means…!!! GG !!!

      Need i say more please !!! :D

  • i wish that they grow further. but its very difficult in country where people just look for cheap infact FREE

  • @Rameez: i think they measured the revenue growth or something…

    @Adnan: there are people looking for quality even at a comparatively higher price…

    • Ya! That’s a nice point. I think it was revenue growth, but they did mention user base so that’s why I said that.

  • @MFB

    The study looks like it was conducted for revenue growth from 2007-2009. They may have 6000 customers but their revenue growth must have been out of this world. Nonetheless very impressive.

    I do agree that continued growth will be challenging. Now PTCL is also coming into GPON and they are not small. Also Nayatel has dominated Islamabad and is expanding into some parts of Rawalpindi. But they only have a local loop license for Islamabad region only. With hold situation on LL licenses till 2013 they don’t have licenses to expand to other cities. This is what I was told by my friend working at PTA but maybe somebody can confirm. If this information is true they should sell to PTCL or some other big company like Multinet or Mobilink.

  • hahaha! I was expecting someone to say that :P
    yaar from the last two days most of the articles are of my interest ;) and it’s not trolling its positive discussion & information/idea exchange :p

  • I heard a few years ago that “Nyatel” is coming to Faisalabad…But all gone with the wind probably…No expansion. Probably limited to Islamabad only…?

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