Warid GLOW Brings ‘Bombay Dreams’ To Karachi

Over the years, English theater in Pakistan has experienced tremendous growth. Warid has become a leader in promoting arts in the community. Greatly supporting the young talents, Warid GLOW has become synonymous to quality theater in Pakistan.

The much hyped and awaited play ‘Bombay Dreams” is now staged at the Karachi Art Council for 25 days consecutively, starting from 27th, January to February, 20th, 2011.

Originally, the play was an Andrew Lloyd Webber production, created by famous Indian music director A R Rahman. Directed by Shah Sharabeel, it is an adaptation of the original one in accordance with the local scenario. The play beautifully hints at the identity issues confronting human beings.

GLOW and Center Stage Productions staged an array of successful plays over the years in the cities of Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi including; The Phantom of the Opera’, Tom, Dick and Harry, Home Is Where Your Cloths Are, You Only Marry Twice, Moulin Rouge and Bombay Dreams. These are the largest plays of this magnitude in the region and believed to be the most expensive stage shows in Pakistan.

The long association between Warid and CSP has not only set a precedent of quality stage for dramatic presentations in Pakistan but has also groomed the audience which comes to appreciate quality theater. Center Stage Productions is the most recognisable figure in Pakistan theater that is rewriting the rules of commercial theater for our entertainment starved society for over 10 years. Back in 2010, Sharabeel brought ‘Moulin’ Rouge’ to Karachi with this promise that he will return to Karachi again in 2011 to stage Bombay Dreams.

Commenting on Warid’s backing of the play Mr. Suhail Jan, General Manager Commercial, Warid Telecom said‚  “We greatly support theater in the country because it is a way for us to foster the local talent of Pakistan and help our young leaders to pursue passion and also cultivate enthusiasm for arts and entertainment in the community. These plays are the biggest showcase of performing arts in Pakistan.  In a country where talent is in abundance but finances can be a hurdle‚ Warid is proud to be a leader in promoting arts in the country.”

Director of the play Shah Sharahbeel said, “On behalf of Centre Stage Productions, I am deeply grateful to Warid Telecom and its team for supporting Center Stage Productions. I am sure we as a Nation have all the guts and the talent to become a truly progressive Nation. We don’t just do plays but we are building a norm, driven by our philosophy of being faithful to our talents. We demonstrate our best and that’s what makes Center Stage Productions the finest and the most disciplined theatre production company in the country. Once again I am extremely grateful to Warid Telecom for all their generous support”

“The play is known for its rhythmic tones composed by A R Rahman and will definitely cheer the audience of Karachi” added Shah Sharabeel the director of the play.

















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