Hosni Mubarak Resigns: Internet Revolution 2.0 Prevails

The world is witnessing the jubilation, the joy and the achievement of the protesting citizens of Egypt as Egypt’s Ex-President Hosni Mubarak was reported to have left earlier for Sharam-El-Sheikh with his family and finally handed over his resignation over to the Supreme Council of Armed Forces.

The regime collapsed only a hour ago at around 9.00PM Pakistan Standard Time after a revolution ignited with the Internet and World Wide Web swept Egypt originally as a peaceful demonstration call against lawlessness through a Facebook page setup by Egyptian.

Soon the Egypt became the stage for the world, when internet, wired and wireless telephone networks went down, the world protested over Twitter. All around the globe the “Jan25“, “Egypt” and “Mubarak” hashtags were being put in use abundantly.

This is a unique example and the full fledge demo of the power internet 2.0 has got with-in itself. It can turn down any thing coming its way, even the 30 years of Hosni Mubarak rule couldn’t bear the thrust.

Sysomos, a social media intelligence firm, has analyzed a number of the Egypt-related tweets using keywords and location data.

Below is an infographic of a summary of 14,642 Twitter users in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen.


Via Internet Governance

  • in my opinion, its the power of unity. Internet was just a tool. I hope Pakistanis shall stand united one day. Unity is need of the hour. I am just enjoying Fox News foxes going haywire today :)

  • O bhai political news bhe publish karna shuru kar di hain kya..?? internet revolution k name pe Egypt k revolution ko discuss kar dia :P … keep it up.. sara din news channels pe bhe same news suno, aur ab propakistani pe bhe lolz

  • ahahahahaha @ Faisal 101% agree wid u yar.. They somehow try to relate everything wid IT & Telecom.. I noticed many many times..

  • @Faisal and Inam,

    The Egypt revolution was started by a Fanpage on facebook.

    The aim or the article is “IT and Telecom doing wonders for you”, which is a lesson for us Pakistani who are just wasting their time here and there on interent and doing nothing constructive. There’s also a good use of the interent and Egyptians have shown this to us that you can even use it for getting rid of your tyrant dictators, who knows we may get rid of Zardari and Co like this in the near future.

    There’s is also a fanpage exist on Pakistan revolution too…

  • @Asim.. sakar mujhay bhe pata hai kay Egypt main revolution kis tarhan aya hai aur kis tarhan nahi.. Print media and television pe sara din story sun li sab nay k kya ho raha hai egypt main. Masla sara yeh hai k ab sab ager yeh chahain k egypt ki tarhan facebook se revolution a jai tu its not possible. Revolution lanay k aur bhe tariqay hotay hain. Facebook ka bycott kar do aur office main kaam apna pora karo yeh bhe tumharay boss k liye revolution hoga k uska employee kaam kar raha hai instead of using facebook :P

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