This is Why Facebook Sucks: Dozens of Pakistani Pages with Millions of Fans Got Deleted!

facebook-zucks-blue-640x361Some of you might argue that title of this post is too rude and ill-mannered, but believe me this company called Facebook is actually a failure when it comes to policies.

These are not my words, in fact those Facebook admin who spent thousands of rupees and years of time to populate their Facebook Fan pages are saying this.

This week, while we were monitoring all this, at least a dozen Facebook pages – with millions of Fans, started getting deleted.

Let’s have a look at those pages and their stats:

  • PTI: 200,000 Fans
  • KoolMuzone (Got deleted twice in 2 days): 33,500 Fans
  • Pakium: 22,700 Fans
  • Happy Club: 10,00,000 Fans
  • Apni ISP: 43,676 Fans
  • Pak Media Revolution: 20,000 Fans
  • Amanat Ali Khan: 100,395 Fans
  • Annie Khalid: We don’t know her fan count
  • Top Pops: 207,000 Fans
  • Engro Rupiya: 7,000 Fans
  • And many others

As its apparent, the music blogs/celebrities are primarily under attack, which gives us an impression that this is targeted deletion.

Based on conversation we had with admins of above mentioned Facebook pages, we are quite sure that this massacre is happening due to a flaw in Facebook’s policy.

I am intentionally not disclosing the technique by which you can get any Facebook page deleted in minutes – but believe me anyone can get any Facebook page deleted with just few clicks. This flaw in Facebook’s policy is going to ruin the businesses (if not fixed soon) who are depending and investing with Facebook.

So all those corporations, relying on Facebook pages (Ufone, Telenor, Mobilink, Zong) – think again, as this company can ditch you any day. Its time to roll out a backup plan.

This is why (because of Facebook Policies) we stopped using Facebook on May 20th, 2010 and are happily living a life without it.

Check Following screenshots of pages – they are no more now!

Amanat Ali Khan




Apni ISP


Pak Media Revolution:


Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

  • That site belongs to Hamad, who is a genuine guy who works hard and puts his best into delivering good and relevant conetnt. I saw, some of emails and it is pretty naive of Facebook to fall for this scam, the way it has been pulled and way Facebook go about it, it at times gives the vibe that it might be an insider job. When the accounts get deleted, FB asks to deal with fake names/ids they provide and when you contact them, they ask for heavy sums!

  • facebook did not respect my faith i dont use it anymore … and i’ve also learned that it has some sickness in it call it aids or whatever!

  • Thanks for mentioning our name as well. We are also one of the victims. Have sent them a notice, hoping to get the page back soon :(

  • There should be some alternate to facebook which has respect for social values, any belief, and ethics. Facebook doesn’t promote any of these , in fact in many cases it is being used as a tool to promote intolerance, hate.

    One more thing where they have probably tried to be very “positive” is “Like” button. There is no “Dislike” button.

  • agreed with this post ,facebok pages are no more secure and this technique of deleting the fb pages is quite .anybody can delete any of fb page with this technique and this technique is used by many peoples .

    Hope that facebook will consider this .

  • I still don’t get it. Why have these pages been deleted? what is the flaw in their policy?

  • well its not that big of a deal
    i guess its time for Pakistani to come up with something innovative to get socially connected with each other with the talents we have lying in the dumpsters it would be a matter of minutes to come up with something much better then facebook, orkut or any other social network operating currently awl we need is a pissed programmer to put an end to such nonsense

  • Pakistani,s should maker their own facebook like china to get ride problems like these.

  • I found a pakistani social network rest got closed coz of either slow speed or may be some problem its luk is kinda facebook n its fast i will use from now on to avoid these prblemz

  • My facebook ID and my facebook page is also got disabled twice time in 10 days. I contacted facebook before and they reactivated my page saying that the page was disabled due to an error. Lets see this time facebook reactivates or not.

          • point maine yehe raise kiya tha k mairi id disable kar di hai for no reason, main itna use bhe nahi karta fb, tou they investigated and resolved the issue. Ager unki koi terms and condition violate ki ho jo k serious type ki ho tou woh phir reactivate nahi kartay, respond kar k bol daingay k ap nay yeh violation ki hai. thats it

  • my facebook page is also deleted i wil use just found its gr8 alternative for fb. aamir make a post so tht ppl use ths promote pakistani stuf

  • Facebook is like a Bad boy senses it’s starting
    his Co-Founder left the company and start Paypal

    Facebook facing charge of stolen idea (maybe in Pakistan u think it’s joke)

    and It’s true Facebook popularity is little bit dramatically?? 70% members non-USA

  • — his Co-Founder left the company and start Paypal

    Wow, his co-founder went back in time? Paypal started 2000, Facebook 2004

  • its true facebook has dual faced policy…..

    when in march muslim countries especially pakistan protested not even a singal page was deleted on plea of freedom of expression…… later in 2011 fan pages of abdul qadri were made and they were deletd witn in no time…….. where is feedom of expression now???

  • moreover its not only facebook its whole westren world is double faced….. why always use freedom of expression in hurting someone????

  • Have your pages hosted on your own servers rather than in the hands of Kuffars as they can easily destory your business and you can easily waste your hard work time and money. Never spend your efforts building your stuff on free servers like facebook and free blogging services like blogger, wordpress,livejournal,xanga etc.

    • Hee hee where do you think people host their servers? Not in Pakistan — too expensive!

  • The level of stupidity amazes me.

    Ok so the pages have been deleted, but do you really think that facebook is out to get pakistani users? lol, the paranoia in our society is amazing

    If the owners of these pages contact facebook and give them proof that they were not breaking to TOS in any way, i am 100% sure that all the pages will be revived.

    • I wrote this in above post:

      “I am intentionally not disclosing the technique by which you can get any Facebook page deleted in minutes – but believe me anyone can get any Facebook page deleted with just few clicks”,

      We did not reveal the whole details, purposefully. Otherwise you could have seen many other popular facebook pages going down.

      For now, i can tell you that owners/admins of these pages can’t get back their pages (according to facebook), no matter what they do/prove.

  • So let me get this clear, according to you, there is a technique that can get ANY facebook page deleted in a manner of minutes and only a select few know about it over the interweb?

    Sorry but i find this too far fetched to believe, i have interacted with facebook support a couple of times and they are very friendly and helpful, and solve problems in hours.

    I doubt that if something like this happens and a page or account is deleted by some mistake or misunderstanding, facebook doesn’t do anything. The world’s fastest growing company wont jeopardize their plans of being the best website on the web by taking stupid decisions.

    • ask the admins of these pages – they may explain you better. I ve provided you above screeshots to make sure that these pages did exist

      • Oh no i never doubted that. I know that the pages existed. Its just too hard to believe that facebook has such a big loop hole and the entire dev team is indifferent to it

  • Well, this may be bug but its not so, then what can we do ? we have already seen that not All Pakistanis did boycott facebook when it was banned in Pakistan. People use to browse using proxies etc.

    We should have alternatives, facebook is neither a luxurious thing nor necessity of life.

  • The title is seriously awry..If you violate the policy then you page is definitely going to be deleted..This is just insane and childish to say Facebook is targeting Pakistani celebs..hahaha..Come on guys, GROW UP! Facebook does NOT give a SHIT to Pakistani celebs neither do they have any time to specifically delete these pages…

    This is anonymous to saying that Rahat Fateh got into problems because he was being targeted and he did not do any wrong altogether!

  • My fan page was deleted when I had 10,000 fans. Even my profile was deleted too. Then I have to made my new account and someone made my fan page again.

    • That news story is fake and humorous.

      Read the story at its original source At the end they have disclaimer: “Sunday Humour” (Sunday Humor article at are meant to humor our readers. They may or may not be the truth.)

  • Well i seriously think that these pages might not be following the policy for incentivizing promotions or even announcing winners on facebook fanpage wall….most of the pages are always about like to win, like our post win this which is against the fb fanpage policy

  • Isn’t it a pity after seeing disrespect for our Lord, Holy Book and Prophet (PBUH) we still are using this crap? This is one of the websites which americans themselves are hesitated to use for its poor security. Now after capturing RD red handed, please get some shame and do something on your own.

    China has uncompromised policy toward their sovereignty and stopped all such fitna websites despite pressure from these dajjalis. They duplicate websites for their own people which are really doing extra ordinary business.

    If our government does not do anything then why can’t we on indivisual basis resist? I had quit fitna book last year and condemn my family members for using it whenever I see them.

  • @Aamir Attaa
    don’t say that only fb is responsible for the deletion but also some spammers from pakistan.You left fb after its banned in may not for that reason u r mentioning here.I also have some fb pages with more than 65K fans and I know some guys who are in spamming business and not mentioning that how they done their work to delete your page.
    I’m giving you an example of Happy club with 1000000 fans.I know how they deleted this page and get back from fb but not owned by previous admins instead those spammers take back the page from fb and those guys doesn’t need the log in mail ID of page owner.Try to explain this fact also that some guys are involve in spamming and they will make fb system to delete your page and after this they get back the page from fb.
    Pakistan cricket team – PCT page
    Top Pops page
    and Happy Club
    what actually happened with these pages I know this personally and the guys who done all this.

    • we wud love to hear more details on this, in public or in private aamir [at]

  • Any SW product (Be it MS Windows, Apple MAC or Linux) or a web platform (Be it WordPress, Drupal or something else) might contain loopholes and the dvelepers can only fix them once they appear during testing or reported by someone else and then they release the PATCHES to fix these.

    So we should not doubt their intentions just because some ill minded people (spammers) have exploited these loopholes.

  • agr koi b page ko delete kia ja skta hai f.b se to wo phir wo pages delete q nahi hote jo islam k khilaf hain?

    • bilal bhai jo log aisa kerte hain..wo just apne pupose k liye kerte hain.mean un ke personal interests hote hain un pages ko delete kerne main.but unko aisa kerna chahye.
      2nd thing boht se anti islamic pages fb khud run kerti hai.thats why wo delete ya remove ho bi jaen to fb unko retrieve ker leta hai

  • i think it will be better to join forums vbulletin or other atleast ur profile page will be save there and all ur hardwork.

  • This happens because the content in the pages is not your may post or someone else post a banned link or spams or the content that is copyrighted strongly.

  • lolz. i dont buy this story about pages getting deleted all by themselves for no reason. And incase any page did got deleted, there has to be a genuine reason behind it that might have conflicted with the facebook usage policy.

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