This is Why Facebook Sucks: Dozens of Pakistani Pages with Millions of Fans Got Deleted!

facebook-zucks-blue-640x361Some of you might argue that title of this post is too rude and ill-mannered, but believe me this company called Facebook is actually a failure when it comes to policies.

These are not my words, in fact those Facebook admin who spent thousands of rupees and years of time to populate their Facebook Fan pages are saying this.

This week, while we were monitoring all this, at least a dozen Facebook pages – with millions of Fans, started getting deleted.

Let’s have a look at those pages and their stats:

  • PTI: 200,000 Fans
  • KoolMuzone (Got deleted twice in 2 days): 33,500 Fans
  • Pakium: 22,700 Fans
  • Happy Club: 10,00,000 Fans
  • Apni ISP: 43,676 Fans
  • Pak Media Revolution: 20,000 Fans
  • Amanat Ali Khan: 100,395 Fans
  • Annie Khalid: We don’t know her fan count
  • Top Pops: 207,000 Fans
  • Engro Rupiya: 7,000 Fans
  • And many others

As its apparent, the music blogs/celebrities are primarily under attack, which gives us an impression that this is targeted deletion.

Based on conversation we had with admins of above mentioned Facebook pages, we are quite sure that this massacre is happening due to a flaw in Facebook’s policy.

I am intentionally not disclosing the technique by which you can get any Facebook page deleted in minutes – but believe me anyone can get any Facebook page deleted with just few clicks. This flaw in Facebook’s policy is going to ruin the businesses (if not fixed soon) who are depending and investing with Facebook.

So all those corporations, relying on Facebook pages (Ufone, Telenor, Mobilink, Zong) – think again, as this company can ditch you any day. Its time to roll out a backup plan.

This is why (because of Facebook Policies) we stopped using Facebook on May 20th, 2010 and are happily living a life without it.

Check Following screenshots of pages – they are no more now!

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