Pakistanis Enjoy 1.70 Mbps Broadband Internet on Average

Pakistani internet users enjoy an average speed of 1.70 Mbps (regardless of technology), across the country, which is ranked 133rd in the world.

This average speed for Pakistani Internet users is derived from speed tests carried away by SpeedTest.Net, from 646,494 unique IPs (from Pakistan) and for 5,983,459 total tests in total, between Feb 6, 2011 and Mar 7, 2011.

Average Speed for Various Pakistani Cities:


  • Graph Period: Sep 5, 2008 – Mar 7, 2011
  • City ranking requires at least 1,000 unique IP addresses for a given city.

Average Speed for Various Pakistani ISPs

Below graph shows average speeds for various ISPs. Stars mentioned with ISPs is based on positive review from customers.


  • Graph Period: Sep 5, 2008 – Mar 7, 2011
  • Top ISP ranking is a list of the 20 largest ISP with at least 100 tests in the current index.
  • ISP ratings (up to 5 stars) are based on over 13 million results collected at They tell how happy customers are with the ISP.

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  • Its good to see the figures, but the fact that really pisses me off is that reliability of Internet services are extremely unpredictable.

    Just today unfortunately I was trying to update smartphone. I had ensured that UPS and smartphone battery are charged lest electricity should fail.

    It was when the update process was half way through at 8:00 pm , internet stopped working and the update failed. Fortunately my mobile is atleast running with some errors, but the internet is still not working, 1 and a half hour has passed. Tried to call 1218, but its not working.
    Finally I have lodged a complaint online.

    The worst part of this is that I’am away from home now and I was doing all this remotely. I rely on internet too much for communication with family at home, and such outages really cause a hell lost of headache.

    I have, with the help of my brother at home confirmed that this is not a local problem at home. Is anyone else having an outage of PTCL Broadband in Lahore area ???

  • Thats not *accurate* it shows client-isp speed only.

    Since most content is hosted outside Paksitan, we are oversubscribed to pipes that connect pakistan to outside world..

    This is why although having 4 mbps connection..we cant watch videos on internet without buffering.

    • Very very true…. These stats are not correct & have nothing to do with actual internet speed. Internet bandwidth of almost all ISPs has been choked & QoS is really questionable but thanks to no cyber laws in our country….

  • DSLAM Infrastructure North?
    DSLAM Central Infrastructure?
    An internet service provider??
    Akhter Group plc?
    Metro Ethernet Network?
    Mpls Infrastructure?
    Cable internet service provider?

    can anyone elaborate the above???????

    and why PTCL has 3 different ISP names?
    Paknet Limited, Pakistan Telecommunication, PTCL Triple Play

    • Paknet Limited,
      Pakistan Telecommunication,
      PTCL Triple Play
      DSLAM Infrastructure North?
      DSLAM Central Infrastructure?
      Mpls Infrastructure

      These are all used by PTCL…
      i get one from these three… i have 4mb ptcl dsl
      DSLAM Infrastructure North?
      DSLAM Central Infrastructure?
      Mpls Infrastructure

  • I am using this Service from half month i had like 1MBps download speed & upload 100KBps all the time………but now I am only getting under 120KBps and upload rate is still 100KBps………help me out what to do?

    I Have normal internet connection on Fiber line..which is 1Mb I think ….thanks

    • Well you can’t do anything except complaining your ISP & wait for your response. Because if you have fiber link then there is no question of lastmile media problem at all. Problem lies in your service providers overall bandwidth which is most probably exhausted so the contention is being applied. I have pointed out exactly the samething in my above posts that International internet BW of almost all ISPs in pakistan is exhausted

  • Its so saddening to see a majority of population connected to sub 1 Mbps bandwidth. Upload speeds are terribly slow specially on PTCL which should have been enchanced too just like the download speeds. They should realize web 2.0 is here. Its no longer about dialing through a modem on 131-xxxxxx number. The Era has changed and it has changed for good.

  • Too bad 1.70Mb is very low. In other countries it is more than 3MB like in INDIA. India have 3G technology also.

  • WiTribe average is shown as > 2 Mbps.

    How can it be true, most WiMax packages are < 1 Mbps

    So someone from inside is essentially connecting from within the NOC where connections are higher bandwidth and skewing the averages?

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