No Life For Fresh Grads!

The imbalance between our academic institutions and industry is growing stark with passing time. Much has been written and said about it; both sides claim to be vigorous and honest in taking measures to safeguard the young minds that leave their universities with ambitious plans and resolute determinations.

For some reasons, however, nothing substantial has risen to surface. In terms of number of graduate students, universities have long gone crossed the threshold that industry can accommodate. In any eco-system where entrepreneurship is alienated in talks (and behaviors) of high profile intellectuals, such a scenario only becomes embitter for the economic future of that country.

A high official from Aircom Pakistan comments on this matter “we do want to hire youngsters with no or little experience so that we can mould them our way. But for the past few years, we have been experiencing that those with 5 to 6 years of experience apply for low level jobs and because of the joblessness in the market, they accept packages that are not meant for their skillset. Such experiences have warmed us the wrong way. Management now seeks to fit veterans (at low cost) and save themselves from training and grooming freshers.”

Huawei’s Senior Account Manager said on behalf of the world’s second biggest vendor that Huawei is not hiring fresh graduates anywhere in Pakistan these days. There are vacancies, no doubt, but those are for middle level experienced people. (I hold my reservations on this comment as I know a few of my young fellows being accepted and embraced in the Chinese giant)

If you would swim across any local job portal, you would figure it out easily that there are openings for engineers with 2 to 3 years of experience on relevant equipment. Mobilink South currently has openings in Optimization department but they don’t want to hire youngsters too.

In an article I wrote last month, which was later removed from the website it was published at, I talked about how telecom companies try being at the forefront of all youth driven activities end up hiring relatives of Governors in place of potential and transparent fresh applicants. However, in such cases you cannot blame the internal administration too.

Note: Names of the respective officials of Aircom and Huawei have been blotted out on account of anonymity.