Mobilink Launches Blackberry Playbook in Pakistan!


Mobilink has announced that it will be exclusively launching RIM’s iPad rival tablet Blackberry Playbook in Pakistan.

We are yet to ascertain the availability of Blackberry Playbook on Mobilink stores, for now we know that Mobilink is accepting pre-orders at its sale and service centers or contact your account manager in case you are club Indigo Member.


Mobilink retail price of Blackberry Playbook is PKR 62,000/- inclusive of all taxes.

Pre-Order & Delivery:

Currently Mobilink is accepting pre-order requests through Business Centers (Customer Care Centers, excluding franchises). Corporate customers can contact their account managers for pre-booking

Mobilink said that delivery of Blackberry Playbook will be made in 10 days after order confirmation.


  • Size and Weight
    • Height: 5.1” / 130 mm
    • Width: 7.6” / 194 mm
    • Depth: 0.4”/ 10 mm
    • Weight: 0.9 lbs / 425 g
  • Display
    • 7” LCD HD 1024×600 pixel color display
    • Multi Touch Capacitive
  • Camera & Video Recording
    • 3 MP high definition forward facing camera
    • 5 MP high definition rear facing camera
    • Video recording
  • Voice Input & Output
    • 3.5mm stereo headset jack
    • Built-in speakers
  • Media Player
    • Video formats: 1080P HD Video; H.264, MPEG4, WMV
    • Video Output: HDMI video output Micro USB and Micro HDMI ports
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & GPS
    • 802.11 b / g
    • Bluetooth® v2.1
  • Web without limits
    • Games, media, apps and everything that real internet offers
    • Full Adobe ® Flash ® 10.1 enabled
    • Built-in support for HTML 5
    • Un-parallel rendering of text, graphics and video
  • Memory
    • 1 GB RAM
    • 6 GB onboard memory (32 GB & 64 GB)

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  • Awesome and shocking! But too damn good, mobilink boys and girls. you people are rocking with new phones and tablets.

      • this tablet is made in China too ..
        specify that if you want cheap tablet then go for unbranded chinese tablet ..

          • PlayBook 80,000 units are being distributed freely by RIM in their upcoming developer conference for FREE,

            Mobilink is just another GREEDY BUSINESS UNIT asking too Much , See Amazon Store for its Price , better go attend the conference in 60k in Bankok and Get Tablet Free!!!!!!!

    • lol i have a Galaxy Tab (samsung), and it crashes when i open 3-4 websites in browser. [what i mean is the Browser crashes as soon i open 3-4 sites supporting Flash]. ANDROID is buggy and sucks.

      iPad is way better and so seems the play book :)

      • I have used Galaxy tab .. and it never crashed on me like that ..
        are you sure you have not installed any virus infected app ?

        I do agree that it is not as stable as iOS though ..

  • 500$=500×85=42500PKR

    42500×46%=62000 PKR

    46% tax? Itna tax lagta hai? Ya ye mobilink ka “jagga tax” hai?

  • is it any good ?
    I am not really fan of blackberry outdated UI ..
    promo videos for pllaybook seems promising though ..

  • yaaar ,,, whr can we order this ..?? and $116 r widshipping or widot shipping charges..???

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