Riphah University Introduces Webpreneurship as a Regular Course

clip_image001[7]In Pakistan where job situation is getting miserable, there is a big need to utilize skills of our young in the right direction and don’t let them wasted by just waiting for the turn to get the right job.

Eyeing the scenario, Riphah International University has introduced ‘Webpreneurship’ as a three credit hours regular course in their BS Software Engineering.

It is a very positive sign in terms of all the efforts being made by Webpreneur University (Dubai) and Riphah International University for spreading entrepreneurial mindset in students.

Our very own, Zunnurain Khalid of UltraSpectra is teaching and more like mentoring the first batch of 28 students in ‘Webpreneurship’ there.

Just to give you an idea, students are not given any notes or presentations in order to get rid of the mindset of ‘Rattalization’ rather they come up with their ideas on which they have to work throughout the semester under the mentor so that by the end of semester they are be able to pursue it on their own.

The idea of this course is to encourage the entrepreneurial activities in students by mentoring them, giving the right grooming environment where their brain starts functioning like an entrepreneur, presenting different case studies in front of them to get inspiration and take a leap of faith in themselves to get into entrepreneurship as well.

We hope that the process continues and more and more universities take up the model to promote entrepreneurship in our young lot which is 60% of all our population more importantly the future of Pakistan.

We should join hands to promote such activities collectively. If you are a university and need to talk to to Zunnurain Khalid for more information on the course – or you want to get it started in your university, simply leave your message in the comments below or your contact details on this page.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK