Is Social Media Ruining Students?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Social Media’? Few might have got the idea, but for those who are still wondering, here you are: What come to your mind when you hear the word ‘Social Networking’.

One single word, apart from the grammatical errors, The Facebook!

We are surely living in a Facebook integrated life where from the kid who hardly learns to make sentences to the other extreme who hardly are able to hear the sentences, yes the old ones, are connected. Along with Facebook, Twitter has also played it’s role. Both the platforms can  easily be termed as The Social Media, with others in the list as well but at minor level, compared to them.

Apart from the other ethical issues, Facebook, with the history of “Built for Students” and other social media are really effective for the students? The alarming question, “Is social media ruining students?”

On an open note, deeper the students venture into social networks, the greater the risks. It’s hardly a shock to learn that the more students uses Facebook, the more their grades tend to drop. At the same time, the public platform of social networks will see some personalities thrive in healthy attention, while others may become depressed or arrogant.

We are not going to decide here, whether to leave Facebook or not, but just have a slight idea on how can you manage between the studies and the facebook.

Following infographic clearly reveals how grades are shifted from one extreme to the other. Comments are welcomed, what you think about the issue.


  • i think excessive use of social media are harming the studies of pakistan, girls and female are very few who uses social media or internet ,but they are showing very good result in different educational boards and universities.they took almost two positions out of three pisitions in educatioal institutions.

  • The visual presentation is highly appreciated! The contrasting points of view between good and bad influence of social media to students are thoroughly evaluated and seen. I must agree, social media can make or break your one’s study habits but with proper guidance from parents and teachers and a great ton of discipline, I think its not bad to engage in such online socializing trend.

  • Sixty years ago on “Are telephones ruining students?”

    Fifty years ago on “Are television programmes ruining students?”

    • Forty years ago, Shahid Saleem was______ born.
      Thirty years ago, he was in matriculation
      Twenty years ago, he was in College
      Ten years ago, he was in university.
      (Took 30 years to reach university. Point to be noted)
      This year, he is on propakistani.

      [Comment Edited]

      Propakistani only highlighted a debate which was started by those who brought up social media. Do you have a habit to diss?

      • — Propakistani only highlighted a debate which was started by those who brought up social media.

        The above post did not “highlight a debate”, it took an obvious stance AGAINST social networking sites — or rather just one of them: fb. We all know propakistani’s bias against fb.

        • I never wanted to say that, but the fact is, you just come here to criticize, and the negative actually. :-)

          We didn’t finalized something rather it was left for readers to opine. Also you cannot compare Twitter with Facebook, since the effect as well as usage are totally different.

          If ProPakistani was biased,which infact isn’t, there was a genuine reason.

          I am not here to start a debate with you, but just to answer your anxiety.

          Criticism is always welcomed, but personal grudges.. :-)

          • I have no personal grudge against you or any other writer. Also, I do not work for any social media site or make money off any site, so It is not like i feel “attacked” by posts like this.

            But you know after reading the articles for two years or so, it is obvious that there is a bias. Have you heard saying “if it bleeds, it leads?” It’s for newspapers but it works for this site, too…

            — Also you cannot compare Twitter with Facebook, since the effect as well as usage are totally different.

            The fact is, if you look at the majority of your post, it does compare Twitter with Facebook (the onlineeducation infographic). Perhaps to generalise you can say it compares social networking with microblogging, but it does decide against social networking.

  • i’m unable to open standard version of propakistani on my Opera Mini. Plz add that switching to pc site option, earlier it was there right at end of the page but it is not.

  • This looks like a post by the twitter marketing team :) on the same note, FB is a time hog for sure, but to be honest, so is propakistani, youtube, cnn, yahoo movies and watever it is that you spend time doing on a computer!!

  • i dont think so , yeh may be its true to some extent but the real problem for the new generation is mobile and late night packages and sms bundles given by mobile carriers..

  • I also condemn with excessive use of Social Media in studying hours reduced the progression towards studies. Facebook is popular social networking website which kept students to spend valuable time and abide studies

  • Desi kids always find an excuse for their bad grades. Telephone, cricket, TV, cell phones, movies and now FB

    • Well, I reconnected with someone people I hadn’t met or interacted with in 10-15 years. I’d say that is a good thing.

      One friend who was in Saudi Arabia found me and another local friend when he visited Pakistan to get married a few years ago. Without Facebook he would not have found either of us.

      Plus, there are all the people making money writing social apps (on fb, on other sites). People using social media to sell or advertise things. Developers who use social media sites to attract users to their own sites (and help with SEO).

      It is like knife, you can use it for good, you can use it for bad. No one joins fb and starts drinking alcohol the next day because of fb.

  • yes there is!
    i got some material for my sociolinguistics assignment from social networking sites. Including a few useful .doc and pdf files from a fb app homework when it was in its early years.
    here is nothing bad in it – its just how one uses it!

  • definitly each and every thing depend on us but would u like to answer that how many time u interact with our relatives as u interact with ur friends and cyper pal?now a days people are talking about there missing one but no one care of thier relatives how many time u talk with your mom and dad and even with ur sibling in a week?

    • I definitely interact more with some relatives (relatives on facebook or twitter).

    • Blunt is absolutely right 101%. And one of the sentence i-e ” Missing You” well they actually do not care, i think like 80%

  • @samia
    if we are habitual of reading and going libraries then there is no need of transcrbe and forgery

  • everything has got a certain positive limit. If that limit is crossed, the same thing becomes a source of disaster. Same is the case with social media webs….

  • Well we can’t blame social media for ruining students its on us how we use them. I have 250 friends on fb most of them are urdu poets or journalists so tbh i learn alot from them.

    Even i am thinking of creating a plateform for students/teachers where they actually can discuss various topics, (every thing including idea/straightgy (aaah can’t spell it properly don’t have spell checker on lol) is set just getting delayed due to some personal reasons, wish me luck.)

  • Its not the social media ruining the students but it is the lack of sex education. Parents and teacher should give sex education to their children and teacher to their students especially to males and boys. Because boys and males thinks sex is good. They are wrong sex is good after marriage. so the answer is that lack of sex education. we should give sex education no meter we are muslims, hindu, or christas. Education is education. Education males the man prefect.

  • Asalaam-o-Alekum Dear friends!
    Actually I noticed one in Grade section of the info graphic don’t you think it’s a promotion from twitter..??
    Just put a consideration on Logos and how wonderfully it used..!!

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