Beware! Osama’s Death Video on Facebook is a Scam

Soon after the death news of Osama Bin Laden went online, black sheep started to find their way out of the scenario to use the situation.

And they succeeded once again. Since people were already excited as well as sentimental enough about the news and wanted to see something from inside, and here the trick worked.

“Osama Death Video” and “Osama execution Video” were the search term used to trap the poor victims.  The scam mainly worked on facebook, showing the picture of dead Osama with a link to the video.

Following are two examples taken from facebook.

When you click on the link, it redirects you to some other page asking for the human verification by solving out the simple mathematical question. But that is also a fake verification since you cannot enter any value to the text field provided.

Everyone who shares this news gets a victim and auto messages are sent to their entire friend list.

Possible Harms:

  • This fake page could be coded to steal cookies from your browser leaving you with the password theft
  • Can harm your computer with virus
  • Can leave a bot-net in your computer which may be used by the attacker later
  • Your personal information, friend list, emails has been dispatched to the attacker. He/She/They may use it as per their will now (most probably for spamming)

It is better to take some necessary measures to be safe than to be in wrong hands. Let you friends and those people  know about the issue who are insanely sharing this and other in the same category and ask them not to share any link before verification.

Moreover if you are one of those who have already clicked it, take the following precautions to be safe:

  • Clear your browser cache and all stored password
  • Get your computer scanned with some good anti-virus
  • Better change your important passwords if they were saved in your browser