Beware! Osama’s Death Video on Facebook is a Scam

Soon after the death news of Osama Bin Laden went online, black sheep started to find their way out of the scenario to use the situation.

And they succeeded once again. Since people were already excited as well as sentimental enough about the news and wanted to see something from inside, and here the trick worked.

“Osama Death Video” and “Osama execution Video” were the search term used to trap the poor victims.  The scam mainly worked on facebook, showing the picture of dead Osama with a link to the video.

Following are two examples taken from facebook.

When you click on the link, it redirects you to some other page asking for the human verification by solving out the simple mathematical question. But that is also a fake verification since you cannot enter any value to the text field provided.

Everyone who shares this news gets a victim and auto messages are sent to their entire friend list.

Possible Harms:

  • This fake page could be coded to steal cookies from your browser leaving you with the password theft
  • Can harm your computer with virus
  • Can leave a bot-net in your computer which may be used by the attacker later
  • Your personal information, friend list, emails has been dispatched to the attacker. He/She/They may use it as per their will now (most probably for spamming)

It is better to take some necessary measures to be safe than to be in wrong hands. Let you friends and those people  know about the issue who are insanely sharing this and other in the same category and ask them not to share any link before verification.

Moreover if you are one of those who have already clicked it, take the following precautions to be safe:

  • Clear your browser cache and all stored password
  • Get your computer scanned with some good anti-virus
  • Better change your important passwords if they were saved in your browser

  • Yes all videos and Pictures are fake. 5 or 6 may US release Pictures and Videos of Osama’s Death.

  • our politicians and our army and all intelligence agencies are ____.y we pay tax,our army isnt able to ____.we shud thx india to _______ us else we mite says: sorry our radar system was hacked.they take 70 prcent of tax nd in return cnt handle security of borders. Plz think wat we r doing…?

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  • Well i know him who did this, he attached cpa lead with that viral script and earned 40k+ Us $ with that in one day. Such a genius.

  • Multiple Faces Of Usama’s Killing

    The US forces conducted Geronimo (name of operation to kill usama), since then international media and political governments around the world are criticizing Pakistan, its Government and its Army. WHY?

    1) Pakistan is the only Islamic country having nuclear power.
    2) Strongest army that can fight fearlessly in any circumstances.
    3) Making people of Pakistan and Muslims feel shame on one of the strongest Muslim intelligence network i.e. ISI.
    4) Disgrace Pakistan Army and make nation distrustful on their skills.
    5) To intervene and operate foreign intelligence agencies within Pakistan.

    What if the US is lying?

    The US itself lets the world to ask so many questions regarding this operation: –

    Why did not they inform Pakistan intelligence agencies before conducting the operation?

    They say they don’t trust ISI/Pakistan Army or some of the people work for those organizations.

    WHAT IF? We say that the US forces brought usama dead or alive with them and just making drama of operation (Geronimo) to create reasons getting closer to our (and only Muslim’s) nuclear resources, can they prove us wrong, NEVER, they could only if they had involved Pakistani security forces in the operation.

    WHAT IF? We say usama is still alive can they prove us wrong, NEVER, they could only if they would still have the body and let international (neutral) doctors to take his DNA tests, they did it themselves leaving no authenticity and legitimacy for anybody.

    Why they buried usama’s body at sea so quickly while they could do it later?

    Because their think-tank was on vacation and remaining idiots thought NO DEADBODY NO QUESTIONS? This was not some ordinary criminals death, GUYS! He was the most wanted (top of the list) for the US, how could they sea buried him so quickly than a normal case of street shootout in New York? Answer – leave no room for evidences (such as postpartum, DNA test and etc), which could easily reveal that the operation (Geronimo) was just a drama.

    Why they are not providing death proofs of usama to the rest of the world?

    They say showing images/footages of the deadbody or operation could bring their BABY soldiers’ lives in danger – SO CARING – MR. PRESIDENT :) Obviously pictures and videos of the operation or deadbody are only things that can satisfy some people (who are not so familiar with latest photo and video editing software available) but for rest of us photos and videos are nothing but idiocy.

    Why criticizing only Pakistan intelligence agencies and army?

    World knows that the biggest intelligence failure was 9/11, no one from the security and intelligence departments was blamed or punished, Why? Were there – no laws – no courts – that could bring guilty intelligence officials to the justice? Weren’t the people died on 9/11 human? They did not do it, MAY BE because it was planed by them (government, intelligence & security agencies). Similar incident happened when Mumbai was attacked, quite surprisingly, no one was found guilty (too) for such a big security failure, Why? Because they put another allegation on Pakistan and made political and social environment b/w two nations apprehensive again, which was quite friendly and productive for last couple of years. Why criticizing Pakistani intelligence agencies and army ONLY? Weren’t American intelligence agencies after usama? Weren’t they operating in Pakistan since 9/11 or I should rather say since we became nuclear power? PLEASE DON’T SAY NO, b/c we all know that THEY ARE.

    If the US intelligence agencies in Pakistan and Afghanistan together with the intelligence of other allies were failed to locate usama in Abbotabad then they should watch some investigative drama-series or films to learn how this work is done. People who are criticizing Pakistan army/intelligence agencies, and still unable to understand this whole drama, must at least realize that usama wasn’t a 12 years old kid. Having such limited resources, he was successively and quite easily making these up-to-date intelligence agencies and arm forces from the most powerful countries FOOL for almost past decade. Usama was sharp, intelligent and cunning person, but with evil approach.

    Please forward this email to your friends, relatives, colleagues and share it with others on different social network websites. DO YOU BIT to unveil the barbarous thinking of the western governments against all of us (Muslims).

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