PTCL Online Complaint Management #FAIL [Updated]

It’s 6th of May today, which means its almost 5 months since PTCL got its website redesigned.

This new design was very much puffed up by the visitors and it indeed is a professional as well as captivating one. But still one important section, PTCL is ignorant of, is Online Complaint Form.

You can find this almost at the bottom of every page; visit this link to have a look

And when you try to register a complaint by clicking the button, nothing happens. Rather it is just a button with no value (in terms of coding, where you need to give certain link as value to the button where user will land after clicking on that).

Surely it is there since the website got redesigned and seems like PTCL administration is ignorant enough about this that even after 5 months, the issue is still there.

Note that PTCL’s website is developed by XOR Logics and the Theme is designed by O3 Interfaces. It merits mentioning here that there was earlier an issue with the meta tags which was fixed after ProPakistani’s post, where the developers were using meta tags of their personal benefits in website’s description.

This time there is another glitch in the website and infact a bigger one. As this section, if works, will surely add ease to life where you can simply register as well as manage your complaints online.

So let’s wait and see when the action is taken. Will we be able to have a functional online complaint management system or the “section” will be there as it is.


PTCL has fixed the issue after ProPakistani’s post and it is working now. Thumbs Up PTCL guys, you did it in one day while it was pending for months.

PTCL has added three modes to interact:

  • Complains
  • Suggestions
  • General Inquiries

Complaint system is now fully working and you can file your complaints as well as give your suggestions. But still the system is not a management one, since you can just submit a complain without any post-control or record, rather PTCL could have add a login based system to make it fully “Online Complaint Management System”.

Whatsoever, the good point is, PTCL has given another facility to file the complaints against your problems, without calling  helplines and waiting for the long periods.